January 22, 2022

New Complete Index (in process)

I am currently reorganizing the Index to the PIP Blog, The Project for International Poetry archive. I hope this new listing will be clearer to read and easily to access than the listings I’ve provided in the past. This will take some long time to accomplish, so please bear with me as I proceed.

I also invite all poets to send me up-dates and corrections on their own entries or those of other poets. This archive will work only with the help of the entire poetry community. I cannot do it totally alone.

Send corrections and additions to the PIP Archive creator Douglas Messerli (douglasmesserli@gmail.com)

Endre Ady (Hungary) 1887-1919

Risto Ahti (Finland) 1943

Will Alexander (USA) 1948

     "Interview: Sofi Thanhauser with Will Alexander" | interview by Sofi Thanhauser with Alexander [link]

Bruce Andrews (USA) 1948

David Antin (USA) 1932-2016

    "Answering the Sphinx" | essay by Douglas Messerli on Antin's I Never Knew What Time It Was

     "A Cultural Icon" | essay by Douglas Messerli on David Antin's life and work

Edda Armas (Venezuela) 1955

John Ashbery (USA) 1927-2017

    "Late Indulgences: John Ashbery's Breezeway" | essay-review by James Gibbons [link]

Gennady Aygi (USSR / Russia) 1934-2006 [writes in Chuvash and Russian]

    "And All Is Only This" | review essay by Douglas Messerli on Gennady Aygi's Child-and-Rose

Ece Ayhan (Turkey) 1931-2002

Amiri Baraka (USA) 1934-2014

     "Save Our Stanzas--Selecting Amiri Baraka" | review/commentary by A. L. Nielsen [link]

Charles Bernstein (USA) 1950

     "Pitching Poetry" | essay by Douglas Messerli on Bernstein's Pitch of Poetry 

Robin Blaser (b. USA / Canada) 1925-2009

     "Robin Blaser in Conversation with Leonard Schwartz" | Interview [link]

The Blind Man (see DADA)

Régis Bonvicino (Brazil) 1955 

     Régis Bonvicino's Beyond the Wall: New Selected Poems | review by Marcelo Lotufo

Bob Brown (USA) 1886-1959

     "Operating on Words" | essay/review by Douglas Messerli (on three books by Bob Brown)

Francesco Cangiullo (Italy) 1884-1977

Andrée Chedid (Egypt/France) 1920-2011

     “Andrée Chedid and the Alchemy of Poetry” | essay by Marci Vogel [link]

José Santos Chocano (Peru) 1875-1934


     "An Eye for Words: Concrete Poems at the Getty" | essay by Douglas Messerli on Concrete Poetry


        "New York Dada: The Blind Man, rongwrong, and The Ridgefield Gazook" | essay by Douglas Messerli

      "We Need a New Skin Color': The Racial Imagination of Dada" | essay-review by Barry Schwabsky on Jed Rasula's Destruction Was My Beatrice: Dada and the Unmaking of the Twentieth Century [link]

Tina Darragh (USA) 1950

Doi Bansui (Tsuchii Rinkichi) (Japan) 1871-1952

Michael Donhauser (Austria / b. Liechtenstein) 1956

Henri Droguet (France) 1944

Robert Duncan (USA) 1919-1988

George Economou (USA) 1934-2019

José María Eguren (Peru) 1874-1942

The Epic of Gilgamesh (in its original language, selection) [link]

Léon-Paul Fargue (France) 1876-1947

Robert Fernandez (USA) 1980

The Floating Bear | magazine (USA) 1961-1971

Corsino Fortes (Cape Verde) 1933-2015

Michael Gizzi (USA) 1949-2010

      "What Was He Supposed to Do, Submit to a Shivering World?: The Collected Poems of Michael Gizzi" | essay by Magdelena Zurawski [link]

Angel González (Spain) 1925-2008

Ted Greenwald (USA) 1942-2016

     "A Critic of Our Failures" | essay by Douglas Messerli on Ted Greenwald's Common Sense (2006)

Ferdinand Hardekopf (Germany) 1876-1954

Marsden Hartley

  "On the Outside Looking In: The Poetry of Marsden Hartley" | essay by Douglas Messerli

Lee Harwood (England) 1939-2015

Julio Herrera y Reissig (Uruguay) 1875-1910

Susan Howe (USA) 1937

     “Intertextual Depth in Susan Howe’s Debths | essay by Douglas Messerli

Jerzy Illg (Poland) 1950

     "Two Publishers: A Conversation between Polish Publisher Jerzy Illg and Douglas Messerli in Korea" | essay by Douglas Messerli on his discussion with Illg

Peter Inman (USA) 1947

David Kinloch (Scotland/England) 1959

     David Kinloch | Poems (Scottish Poetry Library) [link]

Alfred Kolleritsch (Austria) 1931-2020

José Kozer (Cuba, lives USA) 1940

     "José Kozer Stylistics" | essay by Peter Doyle, with three poems translated in English [link]

Herta Kräftner (Austria) 1928-1951

Johannes Kühn (Germany) 1934

Oskar Loerke (Germany) 1884-1941

Nathaniel Mackey (USA) 1947

       "Requiem so sweet we forgot what it lamented" | talk by Nathaniel Mackey (on          his poem "Day after Day of the Dead" [link]

Clarence Major (USA) 1936

    "Riding Backwards to See What You Missed” | essay by Douglas Messerli on Clarence Major's From Now On

Bernadette Mayer (USA) 1945

       "Thirteen Poems by Bernadette Mayer"| edited by Michael Ruby and Sam Truitt [link]

      "On the Move" | essay by Douglas Messerli on Bernadette Mayer's Eating the Colors of a Lineup of Words

Nicholas Moore (England)1918-1986

     "Nicholas Moore, Touched by Poetic Genius" | essay by John Yau [link]

Uche Nduka (Nigeria / lives USA) 1963

      "The Flame in the Grate: Uche Nduka's Surrealism" | essay by Joyelle McSweeney [link]

      "Poetry as Path, as Weapon" | essay by Norman Fischer on Nduka's Ijele [link]

Lorine Neidecker (USA) 1903-1970

     "Rhetoric of the Everyday" | essay by Dale Smith on Lorine Neidecker's "Lake Superior" [link]

Charles North (USA) 1941

Frank O'Hara (USA) 1926-1966

John Olson (USA) 1947

Gil Ott (USA) 1950-2004

     "The Body in Pain" | essay by Jenn McCreary, Frank Sherlock, and Pattie McCarthy, with Al Filreis on Gil Ott's poem "The Forgotten" [link]

Rochelle Owens (USA) 1936

Néstor Osvaldo Perlongher (Argentina / lived Brazil) 1949-1992

  "Néstor Perlongher Conjures the Disappeared and the Dead" | essay by Douglas  Messerli on Perlongher's Cadavers

Charles Péguy (France) 1873-1914

Décio Pignatari (Brazil) 1927-2012

Anne Portugal (France) 1949

Ezra Pound (USA) 1885-1972

      "The Severity and Sympathy of Ezra Pound: A New Translated 1928 Letter to Rene Taupin" | essay and translation by Jared Speers (on a letter by Ezra Pound concerning the roots of Imagism) [link]

The Ridgefield Gazook | magazine (see DADA)

Kit Robinson (USA) 1949

rongwrong | magazine (see DADA)

Jerome Rothenberg (USA) 1931

     "The Madness of the Tongue" | essay by Douglas Messerli on a Jerome Rothenberg reading for his anthology Barbaric Vast & Wild

Lev Rubinstein (USSR/Russia) 1947

     "Time Passes" | Poem by Lev Rubinstein [link]

   "House of Cards: The Poetry of Lev Rubinstein" | essay by Douglas Messerli (on Rubinstein's Compleat Catalogue of Comedic Novelties)

Peter Rühmkorf (Germany) 1929-2008

Armando Romero (Columbia) 1944

Sandra Santana (Spain) 1978

Aram Saroyan (USA) 1943

     "Going Electric: One Poet's Beginnings--and Interruptions" | essay by Aram Saroyan [link]

Aaron Shurin (USA) 1947

Elizabeth Smart (Canada) 1913-1986

      "One Writer's Impassioned Journey" | review by Sarah Weinman (of Elizabeth Smart's By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept) [link]

Adriano Spatola (Italy) 1941-1988

      Archive of Adriano Spatola [link]

Jack Spicer (USA) 1925-1965

     "A Brilliant Poetry Star Who Burned Out Too Quickly" | review/essay by Mark Scroggins (on Daniel Katz' To Be Brave to Things: The Uncollected Poetry and Plays of Jack Spicer) [link]

Gertrude Stein (USA/lived France) 1874-1946 

  Gertrude Stein video of her reading "If I Told Him a Completed Portrait of Pablo Picasso" [link]

    Gertrude Stein's "As a Wife Has a Cow" | sung by Karin Krog [link]

Meary James Thurairajah Tambimuttu (b. Ceylon, now Sri Lanka / England) 1915-1983

Arseny Tarkovsky (USSR / Russia) 1907-1989

Brian Teare (USA) 1974

   "Illness, lyric, and total contingency: Brian Teare in conversation with Jaime Shearn Cohn" [link]

Teixeira de Pascoaes (Portugal) 1877-1952

Christian Uetz (Switzerland) 1963

César Vallejo (Peru) 1892-1938

Paul Violi (USA) 1944-2011

Marjorie Welish (USA) 1944

Mac Wellman(USA) 1945

John Wieners (USA) 1934-2002

     “Between Visions” | essay by Douglas Messerli on John Wieners' poetry

Herbert Zand (Austria) 1923-1970

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