August 28, 2023

New Complete Index (in process)

I am currently reorganizing the Index to the PIP Blog, The Project for International Poetry archive. I hope this new listing will be clearer to read and easily to access than the listings I’ve provided in the past. This will take some long time to accomplish, so please bear with me as I proceed.

I also invite all poets to send me up-dates and corrections on their own entries or those of other poets. This archive will work only with the help of the entire poetry community. I cannot do it totally alone.

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ACMEISM (Russia)

Helen Adam (b. Scotland / USA) 1909-1993

      Helen Adam's | "The Cheerless Junkie's Song" [link]

 Adonis [Ali Ahmad Sa'id Esber] (b. Syria / lives in France) 1930  

     Adonis | reading his poetry at the 92ndStreet YMCA, New York City [link] 

     "Syrian-born poet Adonis on President Assad of Syria" | letter by Adonis [link]

Endre Ady (Hungary) 1887-1919

James Agee (USA) 1909-1955

     "Knoxville: Summer of 1915" | prose poem by James Agee 

Demonsthenes Agrafiotis (Greece) 1946

Delmira Agustini (Uruguay) 1886-1914

Risto Ahti (Finland) 1943

Ilse Aichinger (Austria) 1921-2016

     "A Werldly Country: Ilse Aichinger's Prose Poems" | essay by Uljana Wolf || "Bad Words" and "Hemlin" | two short pieces by Ilse Aichinger

Naja Marie Aidt (b. Greenland / Denmark) 1963

Anna Akhmatova (Russian / USSR) 1889-1966

Rafael Alberti [Merello] (Spain) 1902-1999

     "Poet to Painter" | essay by Douglas Messerli (on Rafael Alberti's poetry) [link]

Anne-Marie Albiach (France) 1937-2012

     Anne-Marie Albiach | obituary by Charles Bernstein

    "In Memory of Anne-Marie Albiach, 1937-2012" | essay by Robin Tremblay-McGraw [link]

George Albon (USA) 1954

Vicente Aleixandre (Spain) 1898-1984

     untitled | review-essay by Art Beck (on Vincente Aleixandre's Poems of Consummation) [link]

Will Alexander (USA) 1948

     "Interview: Sofi Thanhauser with Will Alexander" | interview by Sofi Thanhauser with Alexander [link]

Maxime Moses Alexandre (Alsace / writes in French and German) 1899-1976

Nazik al-Mala'ka (Iraq) 1922-2007

Pierre Alféri (France) 1963-2023

Francisco Alvim (Brazil) 1938

Yehuda Amichai (Israel) 1924-2000

Mário de Andrade (Brazil) 1893-1945

[Jose] Oswald de [Souza] Andrade (Brazil) 1890-1954

     "Cannibal Manifesto" | manifesto by Oswald de Andrade

Bruce Andrews (USA) 1948

     "Bruce Andrews Interview" | interview with Dan Thomas-Glass [link]

David Antin (USA) 1932-2016

    "Answering the Sphinx" | essay by Douglas Messerli on Antin's I Never Knew What Time It Was

     "A Cultural Icon" | essay by Douglas Messerli on David Antin's life and work

     "Fractures of Self" | essay by Douglas Messerli on David Antin's Radical Coherency

Arnaldo Antunes (Brazil) 1960

Guillaume Apollinaire [Wilhelm-Apollinaris de Kostrowitski] (France) 1880-1918

Louis Aragon (France) 1897-1982

Lindita Arapi (Albania) 1972

     "The Unshackling of Albanian Poetry" | essay  by John Taylor

Braulio Arenas (Chile) 1913-1988

Walter Arensberg (USA) 1878-1954

Rae Armantrout (USA) 1947

     "Rae Armantrout Interview" | interview by Amy King [link]

    "Nobody Can Bear to Watch" | review essay by David Wheatley (on Susan Howe's That This and Rae Armantrout's Money Shot) [link]

Edda Armas (Venezuela) 1955

Tammy Armstrong (Canada) 1974

Céline Arnauld (b. Romania / France) 1885-1952

H.[ans] C.[arl] Artmann (Austria) 1921-2000

John Ashbery (USA) 1927-2017

     "Late Indulgences: John Ashbery's Breezeway" | essay-review by James Gibbons [link]

      "The Irony of Fate: On the Mystery of John Ashbery's Posthumous Work" | review by Ryan Ruby (on Ashbery's Parrallel Movement of the Hands) [link]

Nelson Ascher (Brazil) 1958



W. H. Auden (England / USA) 1907-1973


Carlos Ávila (Brazil) 1955

Kofi Awoonor (Ghana) 1935-2013

Gennady Aygi (USSR / Russia) 1934-2006 [writes in Chuvash and Russian]

    "And All Is Only This" | review essay by Douglas Messerli on Gennady Aygi's Child-and-Rose

Ece Ayhan (Turkey) 1931-2002

Thérèse Bachand (USA) 1953

     "Don't Ask Me What I Do Exactly" | essay by Thérèse Bachand

Ingeborg Bachmann (Austria) 1926-1973

Krzystof Kamil Baczyński (Poland) 1921-1944

Manuel Banderia (Brazil) 1886-1968

Gastón Baquero (Cuba) 1916-1997

Amiri Baraka (USA) 1934-2014

     "Baraka in 2010: 'To understand it as a worker and understand it as an intellectual" | interview with Amiri Baraka and Dennis Bűscher-Ulbrich [link] 

     "Amiri Baraka Interview" | interview by Aaron Winslow [link]

    "Essential Dichotomies" | essay by Douglas Messerli (on Amiri Baraka's death, poetry, and his short play "The Toilet")

    "The Poet with a Razor in His Vest" | essay/review by Douglas Messerli (on Amiri Baraka's SOS)

    "Save Our Stanzas--Selecting Amiri Baraka" | review/commentary by A. L. Nielsen [link]

Károly Bari (Hungary) 1952

     "On Károly Bari" | note by Gabor G. Guykics [link]

Djuna Barnes (USA) 1892-1982

     “Sleeping with the Dogs: Djuna Barnes's Collected Poems; with Notes Toward the Memoirs | review by Douglas Messerli

David Barnett (England / lived Wales) 1929-2022

Todd Baron (USA) 1956

Konrad Bayer (Austria) 1932-1964

Samuel Beckett (Ireland/France) 1906-1989

     "Dread States: Samuel Beckett's Poems" | essay by Douglas Messerli (on Beckett's Collected Poems)

John Beecher (USA) 1904-1980

Bei Dao [Zhao Zhenkai] (China / USA, lives Hong Kong) 1949

     Bei Dao | four new poems translated into English

Guy R. Beining  (b. England / USA) 1938

     "The Reluctant Surrealist" | review-essay by Douglas Messerli (on Guy R. Beining's The Silence of My Room) [link]

Molly Bendall (USA) 1961


Gottfried Benn (Germany) 1886-1956

Guy Bennett (USA) 1960

Steve Benson (USA) 1949

Tobias Berggren (Sweden) 1940-2020

Bill Berkson (USA) 1939-2016

       "The Education of Poetry" | interview with Bill Berkson by Thomas Devaney [link]

     "Recovery of the Stolen Words: Bill Berkson's Sudden Address: Selected Lectures 1981-2006" | essay by Murat Nemat-Nejat [link]

Irving Berlin [Israel Isidor Baline] (b. Russia / USA) 1888-1989

J. Bernlef [Hendrik Marsman] (Netherlands) 1937-2012

Charles Bernstein (USA) 1950 

     Charles Bernstein and Susan Bee | The Nude Formalism [book in PDF format]

     "Charles Bernstein Interview" | interview by Eric Denut [link]

     "Nina Zivancevic's 1983 interview with Charles Bernstein and Douglas Messerli, with a postscript by Messerli" | interview [link] 

     "Sixty-six Writing Experiments" | list by Charles Bernstein

  "Introduction to The Salt Companion to Charles Bernstein" | essay by William Allegrezza [link]

   "In Imploded Sentences: On Charles Bernstein's Poetic Attentions" | essay by Enikö Bollobás [link]

   "Micro-Review: On Charles Bernstein's 'Recalculating'" | essay by Adam Fitzgerald [link]

  "Making the Mind Whole" | essay by Douglas Messerli (on Charles Bernstein's Controlling Interests) [link]

    "Pitching Poetry" | essay by Douglas Messerli (on Charles Bernstein's Pitch of Poetry)

   "The Possibility of Rectitude" | essay by Douglas Messerli (on Charles Bernstein's Let's Just Say) [link]    

   "Rethinking Language" | essay by Douglas Messerli (on Charles Bernstein's Near / Miss) [link]

   "The Rhythms of the 'Language' Poets" | essay by Douglas Messerli (on works by Charles Bernstein and Ted Greenwald)

     "Talking in Circles" | essay by Douglas Messerli (on Charles Bernstein's Attack of the Difficult Poems) [link]

Mei-mei Berssenbrugge (b. China / USA) 1947

Attilio Bertolucci (Italy) 1911-2000

Hayim[Chaim] Nahman Bialik (Russia / Ukraine) 1873-1934

Elizabeth Bishop (USA) 1911-1979


     "New Audio of Robert Creeley discussing Black Mountain College" | audio discussion [link]

Paul Blackburn (USA) 1926-1971

      Introduction to The Collected Poems of Paul Blackburn | essay by Edith Jarolim 

      "A Pre-Face for Paul Blackburn" | essay by Jerome Rothernberg [link]

Lucian Blaga (Romania) 1895-1961

Robin Blaser (b. USA / Canada) 1925-2009

     "Robin Blaser in Conversation with Leonard Schwartz" | Interview [link]

Blätter für die Kunst | magazine (Germany)

The Blind Man (see DADA)

Thomas Boberg (Denmark) 1960

Johannes Bobrowski (DDR / now Germany) 1917-1965

Maxwell Bodenheim (USA) 1892-1954

Paul Bogaert (Belgium / writes in Dutch) 1968

J. Karl Bogartte (USA) 1944

Christian Bök (Canada) 1966

Klavs Bondebjerg (Denmark) 1953-2004

Yves Bonnefoy (France) 1923-2016

Régis Bonvicino (Brazil) 1955 

     Régis Bonvicino | Poems [link]

     Régis Bonvicino's Beyond the Wall: New Selected Poems | review by Marcelo Lotufo

Raul Bopp (Brazil) 1898-1984

Daniel Bouchard (USA) 1969

Michael Boughn (b. USA / Canada) 1946

Kay Boyle (USA) 1902-1992

Coral Bracho (Mexico) 1951

     BOOKS FOR READERS | Coral Bacho : It Must Be a Misunderstanding [link]

Paul Braffort (France) 1923-2018

Kamau Brathwaite (Barbados) 1930-2020

      (Edward) Kamu Brathwaite | selection of poems [link]

     POETRY FOR READERS: Kamau Brathwaite : The Lazarus Poems [link]


Rolf Dieter Brinkmann (Germany) 1940-1975

David Bromige (b. England / USA) 1933-2009

   "Changing Hands" | essay by Douglas Messerli (on the poetry and death of David Bromige)

Nicole Brossard (Canada / writes in French) 1943

     "Negotiation" | review by Douglas Messerli (on Nicole Brossard's' Shadow Soft et Soif)

Bob Brown (USA) 1886-1959

     "Operating on Words" | essay/review by Douglas Messerli (on three books by Bob Brown)

Valery Bryusov (Russia / USSR) 1873-1924

Ivan Bunin (Russia / USSR) 1870-1953

Basil Bunting (England) 1900-1985

     "Comment on Basil Bunting" | brief piece by Jonathan Williams [link]

Paolo Buzzi (Italy) 1874-1956

Jorge Cáceres [Sergio Luis Cáceres Toro] (Chile) 1923-1949

Omar Cáceres (Chile) 1904-19 43

Nanni Cagnone (Italy) 1939

Martin Camaj (Albania) 1925-1992

      "The Unshackling of Albanian Poetry" | essay  by John Taylor

Dino Campana (Italy) 1885-1932

Remco Campert (Netherlands) 1929-2022

     "A Simplicity of Saying" | review by Douglas Messerli (on Remco Campert's This Happened Everywhere)

Francesco Cangiullo (Italy) 1884-1977

Marcos Canteli (Spain) 1974

Jorge Carrera Andrade (Ecuador) 1903-1978

Age de Carvalho (Brazil) 1958

Miguel Casado (Spain) 1954

Peter Cater (England) 1955

C[onstantine] P. Cavafy (Greece) 1863-1933

Paul Celan (Bukovina, The Kingdom of Romania / now Ukraine) 1920-1970

     "The Poetry of Osip Mandelstam" | radio play by Paul Celan

Blaise Cendrars [Frédéric Sauser] (Switzerland) 1887-1961

      "Blaise Cendrars" | essay by Kenneth Rexroth [link]

Joseph Ceravolo (USA) 1934-1988

       Joseph Ceravolo | reading his poems andvideos of discussions of his poetry [link]

       "Letter to David Shapiro 6/29/65" | letter by Joseph Ceravolo [link]

      "Poetry As Music: A Different Way of Thinking" | discussion by Anselm Berrigan, Phong Bui, Vincent Katz, Kimberly Lyons, and Trace Peterson (on Joseph Ceravolo's poetry) [link]

      "Reading Joe Ceravolo's 'Migratory Noon' with Ron Silliman" | essay by Thomas Fink [link]

       "Poems from '6x6' vis a poem by Joe Ceravolo" | essay by Vincent Katz [link] 

    "Closer to Everything: An Appreciation of Joseph Ceravolo" | essay by Kimberly Lyons [link]

     "The Complex and Passionate Poems of Joseph Ceravolo" | essay by Douglas Messerli (on Collected Poems: Joseph Ceravolo)

     "Wild Provoke of Endurance Sky" | review by Charles North (of Joseph Ceravolo's Spring in This Poor World of Mutts) [link]

Aimé Césaire (Martinique) 1913-2018

     “Notebook of a Return to the Native Land” | by Aimé Césaire (29-37,  from the original version, 1939) [link]

Ana Christina César (Brazil) 1952-1983

Andrée Chedid (Egypt / France) 1920-2011

     “Andrée Chedid and the Alchemy of Poetry” | essay by Marci Vogel [link]

     "Andrée Chedid and the Contradictions of Translation" | essay by Marci Vogel [link]

     POETRY FOR READERS | Andrée Chedid :Fugitive Suns: Selected Poems [link]

Maxine Chernoff (USA) 1952

Luis Cernuda (y Bidon) (Spain) 1902-1963

José Santos Chocano (Peru) 1875-1934

Inger Christensen (Denmark) 1935-2009

     "The Danish 'It' Girl" | essay by Douglas Messerli (on Inger Christensen's det)

Georgy Chulkov (Russia / USSR) 1879-1939

CIRCUMCONTENTIVE POETRY (India and elsewhere in the Bengali language)

     “Off-White Paper” | statement of "Circumcontentive" poetics by Raad Ahmad, Mesbah Alam Arghya, Subhro Bandopadhyay, Santanu Bandyopadhyay, Sukanta Ghosh, Aryanil Mukerjee, and Sabyaschi Sanyal [link]

Grant Clarke (USA) 1891-1931

Hugo Claus (Belgium / writes in Dutch) 1929-2008

     "Sparse Song Dark Thread" | review by Douglas Messerli of Hugo Claus' Greetings)

Gentian Çoçoli (Albania) 1972

Wanda Coleman (USA) 1946-2013

     "Wanda Coleman, 1946-2013" | short memory of Wanda Coleman by Juan Felipe Herrera

Antonio Colinas (Spain) 1946


Danielle Collobert (France) 1940-1978


     "An Eye for Words: Concrete Poems at the Getty" | essay by Douglas Messerli on Concrete Poetry

LOS CONTEMPORÁNEOS (Mexico) 1928-1931

Clark Coolidge (USA) 1939

     "Crystal Gazing: Clark Coolidge's The Crystal Text" | essay by Jason Miller [link]

Stephen Cope (USA) 1970

Kelvin Corcoran (England) 1956

Cid Corman (USA)1924-2004

     Cid Corman | "Fifteen Poems" [ed. by Jim Dunn and Kevin Gallagher] [link]

     "The Man Who Always Was" | essay by Bob Arnold (on Cid Corman) [link]

     "Reclaiming Corman: Cid Corman's Dorchester Past" | essay by Kevin Bowen [link]

     "Cid Corman" | obituary essay by Michael Carlson

     "Bashō’s Pheasant: Cid Corman and Kyōto" | essay by George Evans [link]

     "The Poetry of Cid Corman" | essay by Lorine Neidecker [link]

Julio Cortázar (Argentina) 1914-1984 

     "On Julio Cortázar's Save Twilight" | essay-review by Gregory J. Racz

Jayne Cortez (USA) 1934-2012

Corrado Costa (Italy) 1929-1991

Horácio Costa (Brazil) 1954

Eva Cox (Belgium / writes in Dutch) 1970

Hart Crane (USA) 1899-1932

Stephen Crane (USA) 1871-1900

Robert Creeley (USA) 1926-2005

     "New Audio of Robert Creeley discussing Black Mountain College" | audio discussion [link]

MTC Cronin (Australia) 1963

       MTC Cronin | Poems, from The Law of Poetry [link]

Harry Crosby (USA) 1898-1929

Elizabeth Cross (USA) 1966

Robert Crosson (USA) 1929-2001

     “Finding It Hard to Navigate” | essay by Douglas Messerli (on Robert Crosson)


Countee Cullen (USA) 1903-1946

E. E.Cummings (USA) 1894-1962

     "Rethinking E. E. Cummings: An Appeal for a New Reading [redux]" | essay by Jerome Rothenberg [link]

Nancy Cunard (England / lived France) 1896-1965

      "The Woman Most Likely to Raise Dogs" | essay by Douglas Messerli (on Lois Gordon's Nancy Cunard)

Wystan Curnow (New Zealand) 1939


        "The Importance of Being 'Dada'" | essay by Marsden Hartley

       "New York Dada: The Blind Man, ron[liwrong, and The Ridgefield Gazook" | essay by Douglas Messerli

     "We Need a New Skin Color': The Racial Imagination of Dada" | essay-review by Barry Schwabsky on Jed Rasula's Destruction Was My Beatrice: Dada and the Unmaking of the Twentieth Century [link]

      "A Study of Wartime Poems of Takahasi Shinkichi: Writing Between Dada and Zen" | essay by Masataka Matsuda [link]


Sigfús Daðason (Iceland) 1928-1996

Visant Abaji Dahake (India / writes in Marathi) 1942

Stig Dalager (Denmark) 1952

Rubén Darío [Félix Rubén García Sarmiento] (Nicaragua) 1867-1916

Tina Darragh (USA) 1950

Davertige [Villard Denis] (Haiti) 1940-2004

Michael Davidson (USA) 1944

     Michael Davidson | five new poems [link]

Christopher Davis (USA) 1960

     POETRY FOR READERS | Christopher Davis : A History of the Only War [link]

Milo De Angelis (Italy) 1951

Connie Deanovich (USA) 1960

Henri Deluy (France) 1931-2021

     "Poem for Henri Deluy (‘the silence no body had ever given’)” | by Douglas Messerli (written upon Deluy's death in 2021) [link]

Robert Desnos (France) 1900-1945

Arnold de Vos (b. Netherlands / Italy) 1937-2020

Mohammed Dib (b. Algeria / France) 1920-2003

     “A Quiet Man in the Vast and Chattering Desert” | essay by Douglas Messerli (on Mohammed Dib)

Alexander Dickow (USA) 1979

Eliseo Diego (Cuba) 1920-1996

     "The Captivating Poetry Prose of Versionies by Eliseo Diego" | review-essay by Miguel Darío García Porto [link]

The Difficulties | magazine (USA) 1980-1989

Kiki Dimoula (Greece) 1931-2020

Linh Dinh (b. Vietnam / USA) 1963

Doi Bansui (Tsuchii Rinkichi) (Japan) 1871-1952

Sharon Dolin (USA) 1956

Hilde Domin [Hildegard Löwenstein Palm] (Germany) 1909-2006

Joseph Donahue (USA) 1954

       Joseph Donahue | Poems [link]

     "'Red Flash on a Black Field': What There Is In It" | essay by Albert Mobilio (on Joseph Donahue) [link]

     "The Art of the Unanswerable Question" | essay by Geoffrey O'Brien (on Joseph Donahue)  [link]

       "Joseph Donahue's 'Bowls of Memory'" | essay by Marjorie Perloff [link]

Michael Donhauser (Austria / b. Liechtenstein) 1956

Ed Dorn (USA) 1929-1999

Arkadii Dragomoshchenko (b. Germany / USSR / Russia) 1946-2012

        Arkadii Dragomoschenko | poems (in Russian and English) [link]

        "Arkadii Dragomoschenko At Home" | memoir / essay by Douglas Messerli

     "Arkady Dragomoshcenko: Poet and photographer" | essay by Stephanie Sandler [link]

Ulrike Draesner (Germany) 1962

Henri Droguet (France) 1944

Charles Ducal [Frans Dumortier] (Belgium / writes in Dutch) 1952

Mark DuCharme (USA) 1960

Paul Laurence Dunbar (USA) 1872-1906

     "Sudden a Vista Peeps" | Essay by Douglas Messerli (on Tyshawn Sorey's musical setting of Paul Laurence Dunbar's poem "Death")

Robert Duncan (USA) 1919-1988 

     "My Mother Would Be a Falconress" | poem by Robert Duncan [link] 

     "All Duncan, All the Time" | essay by Joshua Corey [link]

Rachel Blau DuPlessis (USA) 1941

     POETRY FOR READERS | Rachel Blau DuPlessis: Selected Poems [link]

Jorge Gaitán Durán (Columbia) 1924-1962

George Economou (USA) 1934-2019

Oswald Egger (b. Italy / Austria) 1963

José María Eguren (Peru) 1874-1942

Gunter Eich (Germany) 1907-1972

Gunnar Ekelöf (Sweden) 1907-1968


Jan G.Elburg (Netherlands) 1919-1992

T. S. Eliot (USA/England) 1888-1965

     "Tradition and the Individual Talent" | essay by T. S. Eliot

     "The Avant Garde" | essay by Marjorie Perloff (on T. S. Eliot) [link, PDF] 

    "Avant-Garde Eliot" | by Marjorie Perloff (a second essay on T.S. Eliot by Perloff) [link]

   "Phantom of the Arts" | review by Douglas Messerli (on Timothy Materer's Vortex Pound, Eliot, and  Lewis)

Kenward Elmslie (USA) 1929-2022

Paul Éluard [Eugène Émile Paul Grindel] (France) 1895-1952

The Epic of Gilgamesh (in its original language, selection) [link]

Elaine Equi (USA) 1953

Elke Erb (DDR / Germany) 1938

Seyhan Erözçelik (Turkey) 1962-2011

Faiz Ahmad Faiz (b. British India / Pakistan) 1911-1984

Gerhard Falkner (Germany) 1951

Léon-Paul Fargue (France) 1876-1947

Forugh Farrokhzad (Iran) 1935-1967

Hans Faverey (b. Surinam / Netherlands) 1933-1990

     "Standstill" | review / essay by Douglas Messerli (on Hans Faverey's Against the Forgetting:  Selected Poems)

Robert Fernandez (USA) 1980

Jerzy Ficowski (Poland) 1924-2006

Ian Hamilton Finlay (Scotland) 1925-2006

     "Ian Hamilton Finlay: the concrete poet as avant gardener" | essay by James Campbell [link]

Ronald Firbank (England) 1886-1926

      "Ronald Firbank as Poet" | essay by Douglas Messerli [link]

Roy Fisher (England) 1930-2017

        "Hard Against Time" | review-essay by Ange Mlinko (on Roy Fisher) [link]

        "Roy Fisher's Language Book" | essay by Marjorie Perloff [link]

The Floating Bear | magazine (USA) 1961-1971

J. V. Foix (Spain / writes in Catalan) 1893-1987

THE FOLIO GROUP (Washington, D.C.)

Tua Forsström (Finland / writes in Swedish) 1947

Corsino Fortes (Cape Verde) 1933-2015

     "Corsino Fortes: The Poetics and Politics of Seduction" | essay by Douglas Messerli (on Selected Poems of Corsino Fortes)

Graham Foust (USA) 1970

Niels Frank (Denmark) 1968

Kathleen Fraser (USA) 1935-2019

Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven (Germany / USA) 1874-1927

Erich Fried (Austria / England) 1921-1988

Robert Frost (USA) 1874-1963

Fuck You: A Magazine of the Arts | (magazine) (USA) 1962-1965

Robin Fulton (see Robin Fulton Macpherson)

Fumiko Hayashi (Japan) 1903-1951

     "Forget Fugi!" | review/essay by Douglas Messerli (on Fumiko Hayashi)

Antonio Gamoneda (Spain) 1931

Pedro García Cabrera (Canary Islands) 1905-1981

Federico García Lorca (Spain) 1898-1936

      POETRY FOR READERS | Federico García Lorca : Suites [link]

Olvido García Valdés (Spain) 1950


Claude Gauvreau (Canada / writes in French) 1925-1971

Stefan George (Germany) 1868-1933

Eva Gerlach (Netherlands) 1948

Roger Gilbert-Lecomte (France) 1907-1943

Abraham Lincoln Gillespie, Jr. (USA) 1895-1950

     "Expatracination" | essay/manifesto by A. Lincoln Gillespie, Jr.

Maurice Gilliams (Belgium / wrote in Dutch) 1900-1982

Allen Ginsberg (USA) 1926-1997

     "The Making of Allen Ginsberg" | review by Douglas Messerli (on Ginsberg's Journals)

Zinaida Nikolaevna Gippius (Russia/USSR) 1869-1945

Liliane Giraudon (France) 1946

      "Spotlight on...Liliane Giraudon Fur 1992" | commentary by Gilbert Alter Gilbert and interview by Serge Gavronsky (short essays, videos, and interview with Giraudon) [link]

Oliverio Girondo (Argentina) 1891-1967

Alberto Girri (Argentina) 1919-1991

Alfredo Giuliani (Italy) 1924-2007

     I NOVISSIMI (The New Ones) (Italy)

     POETRY FOR READERS | Alfredo Giuliani,ed. : I Novissimi

Michael Gizzi (USA) 1949-2010

      "What Was He Supposed to Do, Submit to a Shivering World?: The Collected Poems of Michael Gizzi" | essay by Magdelena Zurawski [link]

Peter Gizzi (USA) 1959

Robert Glück (USA) 1947

John Godfrey (USA) 1945

      Two poems by John Godfrey [link]

Dmitry Golynko (Russia) 1969

      "Interview with Dmitry Golynko" and a poem in English [link]

      "As It Turned Out by Dmitry Golynko" | review by Eric Dickey [link]

    "Now Poet: Dmitry Golynko and the New Social Epic"| essay by Kevin M. F. Platt (on Golynko and his poetry) [link]

Angel González (Spain) 1925-2008

Enrique González Martínez (Mexico) 1871-1952

Dieter M.Gräf (Germany) 1960

Green Integer On Net

Jonathan Greene (USA) 1943

Ted Greenwald (USA) 1942-2016

     "A Critic of Our Failures" | essay by Douglas Messerli on Ted Greenwald's Common Sense (2006)

    "The Rhythms of the 'Language' Poets" | essay by Douglas Messerli (on works by Charles Bernstein and Ted Greenwald)

Luuk Gruwez (Belgium / writes in Dutch) 1953

Durs Grünbein (DDR / Germany) 1962


Barbara Guest (USA) 1920-2006

     "The Countess of Berkeley" | essay / memoir by Douglas Messerli (on Barbara Guest) [link]

Katrine Marie Guldager (Denmark) 1966

Jorge Guillén (Spain) 1893-1984

Nicolás Guillén (Cuba) 1902-1989

Nikolai Gumilev (Russia / USSR) 1886-1921

Albert-Paris Gutersloh (Austria) 1887-1973

Hagiwara Sakutarō (Japan) 1886-1942

Alan Halsey (England) 1949-2022

Mihal Hanxhari (Albania) 1930-1999

     "The Unshackling of Albanian Poetry" | essay  by John Taylor

Ferdinand Hardekopf (Germany) 1876-1954

Marsden Hartley (USA) 1877-1943

     "The Importance of Being 'Dada'" | essay by Marsden Hartley

     “Whitman and Cézanne”| essay by Marsden Hartley

  "On the Outside Looking In: The Poetry of Marsden Hartley" | essay by Douglas  Messerli

     "How I Got It: Marsden Hartley's Portraits of Love" | essay by Douglas Messerli (on Hartley's Berlin paintings and his time in Berlin)

Lee Harwood (England) 1939-2015

     "Lee Harwood Interview" | interview with Andy Brown [link]

Helmet Heissenbüttel (Germany) 1921-1996

     "The Dilemma of Being High and Dry" | text by  Helmut Heissenbüttel

     "Schematic Development of Tradition" | text by Helmut Heissenbüttel

Lyn Hejinian (USA) 1941

     "The seeds of its own unfolding" | poem talk by Thomas Devaney, Al Filreis, Tom Mandel,and Bob Perelman (on Lyn Hejinian's "constant change figures") [link]

Michael Heller (USA) 1937

Zbigniew Herbert (Poland) 1924-1998

Julio Herrera y Reissig (Uruguay) 1875-1910

Georg Heym (Germany) 1887-1912

Miguel Hernández (Spain) 1910-1942

Stefan Hertmans (Belgium / writes in Dutch) 1951

     Selection of poems by Stefan Hertmans [link]     


Leland Hickman (USA) 1934-1991

Dick Higgins (b. England / USA) 1938-1998

     "A Taxonomy of Sound Poetry" | essay by Dick Higgins [link]

Christian Ide Hintze (Austria) 1953-2012

     "Christian Ide Hintze 1953-2012" | short obituary by Anne Waldman [link]

Hirato Renkichi (Japan) 1893-1922

     "The Black Shadow-Man Illuminated by a Strong Light" | essay by Douglas Messerli (on Hirato Renkichi's Spiral Staircase: Collected Poems)

H. L. Hix (USA) 1960

Jóhann Hjálmarsson (Iceland) 1939-2020


Xi Murong (Hsi Muren) (b. China / Taiwan) 1943

Anselm Hollo (b. Finland / USA) 1934-2013

     Anselm Hollo | poems [link]

   Anselm Hollo | brief obituary by CharlesBernstein and a small selection of poems [link]

Peter Holvoet-Hanssen (Belgium / writes in Dutch)

Paul Hoover (USA) 1946

Ranjit Hoskote (India) 1969

     Ranjat Hoskote | four poems ("Clock," "Miramar," "Gravity," and "Title") [link]

    "Cultivating Mirages" | essay by Douglas Messerli (Essay on Ranjit Hoskote's Central Time

     POETRY FOR READERS | Ranjit Hoskote : Icelight [link]

Fanny Howe (USA) 1940

Susan Howe (USA) 1937

     "WHOWE: On Susan Howe" | essay by Rachel Blau DuPlessis

     “Intertextual Depth in Susan Howe’s Debths | essay by Douglas Messerli

     "Keeping History a Secret" | essay by Douglas Messerli (on Howe's Secret History of the Dividing Line)

     "Poetry as History Revised: Susan Howe's 'Scattering As Behavior Toward Risk'" | by Ming-Qian Ma

   "Nobody Can Bear to Watch" | review essay by David Wheatley (on Susan Howe's That This and Rae Armantrout's Money Shot) [link]

Peter Huchel (DDR / Germany) 1903-1981

Langston Hughes (USA) 1902-1967

Peter Hughes (England) 1956

     POETRY FOR READERS |Peter Hughes : A Berlin Entertainment [link]

Vicente Huidobro [Vicente García Fernández) (Chile) 1893-1948

William Hurtado de Mendoza (Peru / writes in Quechua) 1946

Jerzy Illg (Poland) 1950

     "Two Publishers: A Conversation between Polish Publisher Jerzy Illg and Douglas Messerli in Korea" | essay by Douglas Messerli on his discussion with Illg

Gyula Illyés (Hungary) 1902-1983

Peter Inman (USA) 1947

Mark Insingel (Belgium / writes in Dutch) 1935


Kenneth Irby (USA) 1936-2015

     "On Kenneth Irby's 'The Intent On: Collected Poems 1962-2006'" | essay by Robert Bertholf [link]

Ishii Tatshuiko (Japan) 1952

     Three Tankas | poetry by Ishii Tatshuiko ("A Man's Tongue," "About the Glove, and the Pockets," and "The Night I Slept with My Father")

Itō Hiromi (Japan/ USA) 1955  

     Itō Hiromi | “Cooking, Writing Poetry" (poetic response to the 2011 Japanese earthquake) [link]

Philippe Jaccottet (Switzerland / writes in French) 1925-2021

     "Three Poems by Jaccottet" | poems by Philippe Jaccottet [link]


Francis Jammes (France) 1868-1938

Hatif Janabi (Iraq) 1952

     "Somewhere Between Gesticulation and Thought" | essay review by Douglas Messerli (on Hatif Janabi's Questions and Their Retinue: Selected Poems)

Laura (Riding) Jackson (USA) 1901-1991

Alfred Jarry (France) 1873-1907

Robinson Jeffers (USA) 1887-1962

James Weldon Johnson (USA) 1871-1938

     James Weldon Johnson | “Preface to The Book of American Negro Poetry

David Jones (England) 1895-1974

Patricia Spears Jones (USA) 1951

Roland Jooris (Belgium / writes in Dutch) 1936

Pierre Joris (b. Luxembourg / lives USA) 1946

Susanne Jorn (Denmark) 1944

Andrew Joron (USA) 1955

Attila József (Hungary) 1905-1937

Nuno Júdice (Portugal) 1949

Roberto Juarroz (Argentina) 1925-1995

Pia Juul (Denmark) 1962-2020

Mark Kanak (USA / lives Germany) 1965

Wassily Kandinsky (Russia / France) 1866-1944

Orhan Kanik (see Orhan Veli)

Frigyes Karinthy (Hungary) 1887-1938

Violet Kazue de Cristoforo (USA) 1917-2007

       "On Alien Land" | essay by Douglas Messerli (on Violet Kazue de Cristoforo and her death)

Robert Kelly (USA) 1935

     "The Language of Eden" | long poem by Robert Kelly [link]

Sandro Key-Åberg (b. Germany / Sweden) 1922-1991

Velimir Khlebnikov (Russian Empire) 1885-1922

     "Velemir Khlebnikov and 'Displacement' as Poetics" | essay by Angelina Saule [link]

Ger Killeen (b. Ireland / USA) 1960

     POETRY FOR READERS | Ger Killeen : JuárOz: A Poetic Fiction [link]

Myung Mi Kim (b. South Korea / USA) 1957

     "Penury by Myung Mi Kim" | review John Herbert Cunningham [link]

Kim Soo-Bok (South Korea) 1953

Kim Su-Young (South Korea) 1921-1968

David Kinloch (Scotland) 1959

     David Kinloch | Poems (Scottish Poetry Library) [link]

   "Journey to the House of Shaws" | review essay by Douglas Messerli (on David Kinloch's In My Father's House)

John Kinsella (Australia) 1963

Sarah Kirsch (GDR / Germany) 1935-2013

Joanna Klink (USA) 1969

Ko Un (South Korea) 1933

     "At the Edge of the Continent" | essay by Douglas Messerli (on Ko Un's visit to Los Angeles)

Edvard Kocbek (Austria-Hungary / Yugoslavia / now Slovenia)

Janas Kodal (Denmark) 1968

Gerhard Kofler (Italy / Austria) 1949-2005

Alfred Kolleritsch (Austria) 1931-2020

Rutger Kopland [R. H. van de Hoofdakker] (Netherlands) 1934-2012

Srečko Kosovel (b. Gorizia and Gradisca / Slovenia) 1904-1926

Gerrit Kouwenaar (Netherlands) 1923-2014

José Kozer (Cuba, lives USA) 1940

     "José Kozer Stylistics" | essay by Peter Doyle, with three poems translated in English [link]

Alfred Kreymborg (USA) 1883-1966

Herta Kräftner (Austria) 1928-1951

Michael Krüger (Germany) 1943

     "German Angst" | essay by Douglas Messerli (on Michael Krüger's At Night, Beneath Trees)

Ryszard Krynicki (Poland) 1943

Johannes Kühn (Germany) 1934

Günter Kunert (DDR / Germany) 1929-2019

Reiner Kunze (DDR / Germany) 1933

Kusano Shinpei (Japan) 1903-1988

Pär Lagerkvist (Sweden) 1891-1974



    "'Language' Poetries" | essay by Douglas Messerli (on the anthology "Language" Poetries and the history of the group)

Doug Lang (b. Wales / USA) 1941-2022

     POETRY FOR READERS | Doug Lang : In theWorks [link]

Else Lasker-Schüler (Germany) 1869-1945

Ignacio Lasso (Ecuador) 1911-1943

John Latta (USA) 1954

     POETRY FOR READERS | John Latta : Some Alphabets [link]

Jan Lauwereyns (Belgium / writes in Dutch) 1969

Sarah Law (England) 1967

D. H. Lawrence (England) 1885-1930

     "D. H. Lawrence's Poetry Saved from Censor's Pen" | essay by Dalya Alberge (The Observer, 2013)

Katy Lederer (USA) 1972

     POETRY FOR READERS | Katy Lederer : The Bright Red Horse -- and the Blue [link]

Eino Leino [Armas Einar Leopold Lönnbohm] (Finland) 1878-1926

Paolo Leminski (Brazil) 1945-1989

Michael Lentz (Germany) 1964

Ben Lerner (USA) 1979

Francesco Levato (USA) 1968

Wyndham Lewis (England) 1882-1957

     "Phantom of the Arts" | review by Douglas Messerli (on Timothy Materer's Vortex Pound, Eliot, and  Lewis)

José Lezama Lima (Cuba) 1910-1976

Alfred Lichtenstein (Germany) 1889-1914

Enrique Lihn (Chile) 1929-1988

     POETRY FOR READERS |Enrique Lihn : Figures of Speech [link]

Juhan Liiv (Estonia) 1864-1913

Mikhl Likht (b. Ukraine / USA [wrote in Yiddish]) 1893-1953

     "Louis Zukofsky and Mikhl Likht, A Test of Jewish American Modernist Poetics, Part One" | essay by Ariel Resnikoff [link]

     "Louis Zukofsky and Mikhl Likht, 'A Test of Jewish American Poetics,'" Part II | essay by Ariel Resnikoff [link]

Vachel Lindsay [Nicholas Vachel Lindsay] (USA) 1879-1931

Henriqueta Lisboa (Brazil) 1901-1985

Timothy Liu (USA) 1965

Oskar Loerke (Germany) 1884-1941

Tony Lopez (England) 1950

     "Tony Lopez Interview" | by Scott Thurston [link]

Ramón López Velarde (Mexico) 1888-1921

Kito Lorenc [Christoph Lorenz] (DDR / now Germany / writes in Sorbic) 1938-2017

Amy Lowell (USA) 1874-1925

      "On Imagism" | manifesto/essay by Amy Lowell

Mina Loy (England / USA) 1882-1966

     "Vorticist Portraiture in Mina Loy's Anglo-Mongrels and the Rose" | essay by Urvi Majumdar [link]

Rupert M. Loydell (England) 1960

       "Ruppert M. Loydell Interview" | by Jeffrey Side [link]

Lisa Lubasch (USA) 1973

Leopoldo Lugones [Argüello] (Argentina) 1874-1938

Artur Lundkvist (Sweden) 1906-1991

     "From Pan to Panic: The Poetry of Artur Lundkvist" | essay by Richard B. Vowles (on Lundkvist's poetry)

Oleh Lysheha (Ukraine) 1949-2014

Antonio Machado (Spain) 1875-1939

Duda Machado (Brazil) 1944

Nathaniel Mackey (USA) 1947

       "Requiem so sweet we forgot what it lamented" | talk by Nathaniel Mackey (on his poem "Day after Day of the Dead" [link]

Archibald MacLeish (USA) 1892-1982

Jackson MacLow (USA) 1922-2004

      “On Jackson Mac Low, Stanzas for Iris Lezak: Mac Low As a Shadow Beatnik” | essay by Chris Funkhouser [link]

      POETRY FOR READERS | Jackson Mac Low : From Pearl Harbor Day to FDR's Birthday [link]

Robin Fulton Macpherson (b. Scotland, Isle of Arran / lives Norway) 1937

Jayanta Mahapatra (India) 1928

Osip Mandelshtam (Russia) 1891-1938

LA MANDRAGORA (The Mandrake) Group (Chile)

Clarence Major (USA) 1936

    "Riding Backwards to See What You Missed” | essay by Douglas Messerli on Clarence Major's From Now On

Barbara Maloutas (USA) 1945

Osip Mandelshtam (Russia / USSR) 1891-1938

     "Three Translations of Osip Mandelstam's 'Stalin's Epigram'" | essay by Ian Probstein (with translations) [link]

F. T. Marinetti (Italy) 1876-1944

      "Futurist Synthesis of the War" | manifesto-poem by F. T. Marinetti and other Futurists [link]

         "Technical Manifesto of Futurist Literature" | manifesto by F. T. Marinetti [link]

         "Dramatic Disproportionment" | essay by Douglas Messerli (on F. T. Marinetti: Critical Writings)

Pierre Martory (France) 1920-1998

Maruyama Kaoru (Japan) 1899-1974

Carlos Marzal (Spain) 1961

Edgar Lee Masters (USA) 1868-1950

Harry Mathews (b. USA / lived France) 1930-2017

Bernadette Mayer (USA) 1945

       "Thirteen Poems by Bernadette Mayer"| edited by Michael Ruby and Sam Truitt [link]

      "On the Move" | essay by Douglas Messerli on Bernadette Mayer's Eating the Colors of a Lineup of Words

Josef Mayer-Limberg (Austria) 1911-1992

Aaron McCollough (USA) 1971

Campbell McGrath (USA) 1962

Medbh McGuckian (Northern Ireland) 1950

Claude McKay (USA) 1889-1948

David McLean | Poems [link]

Deborah Meadows (USA) 1956

     "Sound Matters" | review by Jill Magi (of Deborah Meadows' Translation, the brass accompaniment: Selected Poems) [link]

João Cabral de Melo Neto (Brazil) 1920-1999

     "A Knife All Blade" | poem by Cabral de Melo Neto (in Portuguese and English) [link]

Catherine Meng (USA) 1975

Douglas Messerli (USA)1947

      Poem ("Stars Offer the Trees Their Confident Shade" | by Douglas Messerli [link]

     "Poem for Henri Deluy (‘the silence no body had ever given’)” | by Douglas Messerli (written upon Deluy's death in 2021) [link]

     "Statement on Poetry" | by Douglas Messerli (Messerli's 1980 response to Tom Beckett)

     "Nina Zivancevic's 1983 interview with Charles Bernstein and Douglas Messerli, with a postcript by Messerli" | interview [link]

     "A Space of Poetry: Interview with Douglas Messerli" | interview by Martin Nakell [link]

     "The Future of Poetry Publishing" | interview by Jeffrey Slide with Douglas Messerli

     "Giving Poetry 'Back to People'" | essay by Douglas Messerli (a response to Neil Astley's essay, "Give Poetry back to people")

     “Douglas Messerli"s Dinner on the Lawn and Some Distance | review by Peter Inman

     "NEW! Review of Douglas Messerli" | review by Richard C. Scheiwe (of Messerli's First Words in Verse magazine)

     "Transforming History" | essay by Douglas Messerli (on the Russian Anthology From "Black Mountain" to "Language Writing": Anthology of the Newest Poetry of the USA)

     "What Is to Be Done?" | essay by Douglas Messerli (on contemporary reviewing and US poetry, intended as an introduction to the 2005-2006 Gertrude Stein Awards)

Jean Méttellus (Haiti /France) 1937-2014

Tove Meyer (Denmark) 1913-1972

Henri Michaux (Belgium) 1899-1984

Christopher Middleton (England / lived USA) 1926-2015

O[scar] V[ladislas] deL[ubicz] Milosz (Lithuania / France) 1877-1939

Ange Mlinko (USA)

Eugenio Montale (Italy)1896-1981

Marianne Moore (USA)1887-1972

Nicholas Moore (England)1918-1986

     "Nicholas Moore, Touched by Poetic Genius" | essay by John Yau [link]

Els Moors (Belgium /writes in Dutch) 1976

Dom Moraes (India /writes in English) 1938-2004

Christian Morgenstern (Germany) 1871-1914

Félix Morisseau-Leroy (Haiti) 1912-1998

Rusty Morrison (USA) 1956

César Moro [Alfredo Quíspez Asín] (Peru) 1903-1956

Jelly Roll Morton [Ferdinand Joseph LaMothe] (USA) 1890-1941

     "The Murder Ballad" | by Jelly Roll Morton (Ferdinand Joseph LaMothe)

Antônio Moura (Brazil) 1964

Erin Mouré (Canada) 1955

Sandra Moussempès  (France) 1965

Jennifer Moxley (USA) 1964

Harryette Mullen (USA) 1953

Sheila E. Murphy (USA) 1951

George Murray (Canada) 1971


Martin Nakell (USA) 1945

Ágnes Nemes Nagy (Hungary) 1922-1991

Nakahara Chūya (Japan) 1907-1937

     “Nakahara Chuya: Four Poems NewlyEnglished by Jerome Rothenberg and Yasuhiro Yotsunmata” | poems [link]

Gellu Naum (Romania) 1915-2001

Uche Nduka (Nigeria / lives USA) 1963

      "The Flame in the Grate: Uche Nduka's Surrealism" | essay by Joyelle McSweeney [link]

      "Poetry as Path, as Weapon" | essay by Norman Fischer on Nduka's Ijele [link]

Lorine Neidecker (USA) 1903-1970

       "The Poetry of Cid Corman" | essay by Lorine Neidecker [link]

    "Rhetoric of the Everyday" | essay by Dale Smith on Lorine Neidecker's "Lake Superior" [link]

Gale Nelson (USA) 1961

Murat Nemat-Nejat (b. Turkey / USA) 1939

     "Questions of Accent (What Is Then Accented Writing?)" | essay by Murat Nemet-Nejat [link]

Pablo Neruda (Chile) 1904-1973

Amado Nervo (Mexico) 1870-1919


The New Review of Literature | magazine (USA) 2003-2008

Vítĕzslav Nezval (Czechoslavakia / now Czech Republic) 1900-1958

Giulia Nicolai (Italy) 1934

A. L.Nielsen (USA) 1950

Paul Niger [Albert Béville] (Guadeloupe) 1915-1962

Nishiwaki Junzaburō (Japan) 1894-1982

     POETRY FOR READERS : Nishiwaki Junzaburō : The Modern Fable [link]

Mostafa Nissabouri (Morocco) 1943

     "It Is a City" | poem by Mostafa Nissabouri (translated by Addie Leak) [link]

Yone Noguchi (Yonejirō Noguchi) (Japan / USA) 1875-1947

     "The Queer Affairs of Yone Noguchi: An Interview with Amy Sueyoshi--Part 1" | interview by Andrew Way Leong with Amy Sueyoshi (on Yone Noguchi) [link]

     "The Queer Affairs of Yone Noguchi: An Interview with Amy Sueyoshi--Part 2" | interview by Andrew Way Leong with Amy Sueyoshi [link]

Leonard Nolens (Belgium / writes in Dutch) 1947

Cees Nooteboom (The Netherlands) 1933

Henrik Nordbrandt (Denmark) 1945-2023

     POETRY FOR READERS | Henrik Nordbrandt : The Hangman's Lament [link]

Charles North (USA) 1941

Helga M. Novak (b. German Democratic Republic / Iceland / Poland) 1935

     "Melancholy Is Mandatory" | interview with Helga M. Novak by Uta Uta Beiküfner

I NOVISSIMI (The New Ones) (Italy)


Frank O'Hara (USA) 1926-1966

Andreas Okopenko (b.Czechoslavakia / Austria) 1930-2010

John Olson (USA) 1947

Toby Olson (USA) 1937

George Oppen (USA) 1908-1984

     George Oppen's "Of Being Numerous" | essay by Marjorie Perloff

Carlos Oquendo de Amat (Peru) 1905-1936

     "An Outsider Poet of the No, Carlos Oquendo de Amat" | essay by David-Baptiste Chirot [link]

OR (Magazine) (USA) 2008-2014

Origin and Origin Press | magazine and literary press (ed. by Cid Corman)

Olga Orozco (Argentina) 1920-1999

Eugene Ostashevsky (b. USSR / USA) 1968

Maggie O'Sullivan (England) 1951

     "Regarding Maggie O'Sullivan's Poetry" | essay by Lawrence Upton (on O'Sullivan) [link]

Gil Ott (USA) 1950-2004

     "The Body in Pain" | essay by Jenn McCreary, Frank Sherlock, and Pattie McCarthy, with Al Filreis on Gil Ott's poem "The Forgotten" [link]


Rochelle Owens (USA) 1936

Jorge-Enrique González Pacheco (Cuba / USA) 1969

José Emilio Pacheco (Mexico) 1939-2014

Ron Padgett (USA) 1942

Herberto Padilla (Cuba) 1932-2000

Elio Pagliarani (Italy) 1927-2012

Michael Palmer (USA) 1943

     "To Speak Out of Difference" | review by Vincent Katz (of Michael Palmer's Active Boundaries: Poetry at the Periphery) [link]

     "Against Elegy: Michael Palmer's Book of the Dead" | essay by Patrick Pritchett (on Palmer's Thread) [link]

Aldo Palazzeschi [Aldo Giurlani] (Italy) 1885-1974

Clément Pansaers (Belgium) 1885-1922

Ethan Paquin (USA) 1975

Pier Paolo Pasolini (Italy) 1922-1975

Joaquin Pasos (Nicaragua) 1914-1947

Oskar Pastior (b. Romania / Germany | writes in German) 1927-2006

Octavio Paz (Mexico) 1914-1998

Okot p'Bitek (Uganda) 1931-1982

Sandro Penna (Italy) 1906-1977

Bob Perelman (USA) 1947

Néstor Osvaldo Perlongher (Argentina / lived Brazil) 1949-1992

  "Néstor Perlongher Conjures the Disappeared and the Dead" | essay by Douglas  Messerli on Perlongher's Cadavers

Charles Péguy (France) 1873-1914

Marjorie Perloff (b. Austria / USA) 1931 

     "Marjorie Perloff Interview" | interview by Jeffrey Slide [link]

      "Ways of Reading: Marjorie Perloff and the Sublimity of Pragmatic Criticism" | essay by Charles Bernstein [link]

     "Davy Crockett's Hat" | essay by Douglas Messerli (on Marjorie Perloff's The Vienna Paradox)

John Perreault (USA) 1937-2015

Saint-John Perse [Alexis Saint-Leger Leger] (b. Guadeloupe / France) 1887-1975

Anthony Phelps (Haiti) 1928

Dennis Phillips (USA) 1951

Francis Picabia [Francis-Marie Martinez de Picabia] (France) 1879-1953

     "In Order to Be Nothing" | essay by Allan Graubard (on Picabia's I Am a Beautiful Monster)

Décio Pignatari (Brazil) 1927-2012

     "Décio Pignatari (1927-2012)" | short obituary by Charles Bernstein [link]

János Pilinszky (Hungary) 1921-1981

Nick Piombino (USA) 1942

Arshi Pipa (Albania) 1920-1997

     "The Unshackling of Albanian Poetry" | essay  by John Taylor

Marcel and Gabriel Piqueray (Belgium) 1920-1997 / 1920-1992

Sybren Polet [Sybe Minnema] (Netherlands) 1924

Francis Ponge (France) 1899-1988

Vasko Popa (Yugoslavia / now Serbia) 1922-1991

Antonio Porta [Leo Paolazzi] (Italy) 1935-1989

Bern Porter (USA) 1911-2004

     "The Sciart Origins of Bern Porter’s Found Poems" | by Joel Lipman (Introduction to Porter's Found Poems)

Cole Porter (USA) 1891-1964

     "Pure Poetry" | essay by Douglas Messerli (on the lyrics of Cole Porter's Anything Goes)

Anne Portugal (France) 1949

     "At Point Zero" | review by Douglas Messerli (on Anne Portugal's Nude)

Obe Postma (Frisian Islands, Netherlands / writes in Frisian) 1869-1963

Ezra Pound (USA) 1885-1972

       "A Retrospect" | statements on poetry by Ezra Pound

      "The Severity and Sympathy of Ezra Pound: A New Translated 1928 Letter to Rene Taupin" | essay and translation by Jared Speers (on a letter by Ezra Pound concerning the roots of Imagism) [link]

     "Phantom of the Arts" | review by Douglas Messerli (on Timothy Materer's Vortex Pound, Eliot, and  Lewis)

      “A World Detached” | essay by Douglas Messerli (on William Carlos Williams and Ezra Pound)

Antonia Pozzi (Italy) 1912-1938

Frances Presley (England) 1952

     "Interview with Frances Presley" | Edmund Hardy interviewing Frances Presley [link]

Jacques Prévert (France) 1900-1977


The Project for Innovative Poetry (USA)

Meredith Quartermain (Canada) 1950

Raymond Queneau (France) 1903-1976

Jacques Rabemananjara (Madagascar) 1913-2005

Henrikas Radauskas (Lithuania / USA) 1910-1970

Miklós Radnóti (Miklós Glatter) (Hungary) 1909-1944

Sándor Rákos (Hungary) 1921-1999

Carl Rakosi (USA) (1903-2004)

     Celebration of Carl Rakosi's 99th birthday at Kelly Writers House at the University of Pennsylvania (tapes, biography and introduction)

José Antonio Ramos Sucre (Venezuela) 1890-1930

Carter Ratcliff (USA) 1941

Stephen Ratcliffe (USA) 1948

 Tom Raworth (England) 1938-2017

Man Ray [Emmanuel Radnitzky] (USA) 1890-1976

     Man Ray | poems from his 1914 book Adonism [link]

Reality Studios | magazine (England) [complete listing of Ken Edwards’ publications] [link]

W. S. Rendra [Willibrordus Surendra Broto / Wahyu Sulaiman Rendra] (Indonesia) 1935-2009

Kenneth Rexroth (USA) 1905-1982

     Kenneth Rexroth | reading from "Married Blues" with a jazz combo [link]

    "Kenneth Rexroth (Part 1, 1958)" | interview by Jerome Rothenberg and David Antin (at the Five Spot) [link]

Alfonso Reyes (Mexico) 1899-1959

The Ridgefield Gazook | magazine (USA) (see DADA)

Denise Riley (England) 1948

Monika Rinck (Germany) 1969

Joachim Ringelnaatz [Hans Bötticher] (Germany) 1883-1934

Yannis Ritsos (Greece) 1909-1990

Lisa Robertson (b. Canada / lives in France) 1961

Edwin Arlington Robinson (USA) 1869-1935

Elizabeth Robinson (USA) 1961

Kit Robinson (USA) 1949

Matt Robinson (Canada) 1974

Paul Rodenko (Netherlands) 1920-1976

Gonzalo Rojas (Chile) 1917-2011

Armando Romero (Columbia) 1944

rongwrong | magazine (see DADA)

Martha Ronk (USA) 1940

Roof | magazine (USA) 1976-1979

     "Looking Over My Shoulder: Roof at 35" | essay by James Sherry (on his Roof magazine) [link]

Claudia Roquette-Pinto (Brazil) 1963

Peter Rosei (Austria) 1946

Mirta Rosenberg (Argentina) 1951

Jean-Pierre Rosnay (France) 1926-2009

Joe Ross (USA / lives France)

     Joe Ross' Wordlick | short review by Jennifer Dick [link]

Amelia Rosselli (Italy) 1930-1996

Jerome Rothenberg (USA) 1931

     "The Madness of the Tongue" | essay by Douglas Messerli on a Jerome Rothenberg reading for his anthology Barbaric Vast & Wild

     "A Vigorous Medley of Voices" | essay by Douglas Messerli (on Jerome Rothenberg's and Jeffrey C. Robinson's anthology The University of California Book of Romantic and Post Romantic Poetry)

     "On Jerome Rothenberg at 80" | essay by Jeffrey Robinson (celebrating Rothenberg's 80th birthday) [link]

     POETRY FOR READERS | Jerome Rothenberg : A Book of Witness: Spells & Gris-Gris [link]

Michael Rothenberg (USA) 1951-2022


Jacques Roubaud (France) 1932

Lev Rubinstein (USSR/Russia) 1947

     Lev Rubinstein | Poems "Index of Poetry" and "For It Is Said" [link]

     Lev Rubinstein | Poem “Time Passes” [link]

   "House of Cards: The Poetry of Lev Rubinstein" | essay by Douglas Messerli (on Rubinstein's Compleat Catalogue of Comedic Novelties)

    "Installing Lev Rubinstein's 'Farther and Farther On': From Note Cards to Field Walks" | essay by Philip Metres [link]

Gerhard Rühm (Austria) 1930

Peter Rühmkorf (Germany) 1929-2008

Jaime Sabines (Mexico) 1926-1999

Nelly Sachs (Germany) 1891-1970

Míltos Sahtoúris (Greece) 1919-2005

Said (b.Iran / Germany) 1947-2021

     "I Have Defended My Piety against the Islamic Republic" | interview with Said by Eren Güvercin [link]

     "Shout Your Names" | obituary essay by Stefan Weidner (on the death of Said) [link]

Valentine de Saint-Point (France) 1875-1953

Edna St. Vincent Millay (USA) 1892-1950

Frank Samperi (USA) 1933-1991

     Frank Samperi | three books (The Prefiguration, 1971; Lumen Gloriae, 1973; Day, 1998) [links]

 Juan Sánchez Peláez (Venezuela) 1922-2003

Carl Sandburg (USA) 1878-1967

Håkan Sandell (Sweden) 1962

Sandra Santana (Spain) 1978

Severo Sarduy (Cuba) 1937-1993

Aram Saroyan (USA) 1943

     "Going Electric: One Poet's Beginnings--and Interruptions" | essay by Aram Saroyan [link]

Leslie Scalapino (USA) 1944-2010

     "Spatial Motion: On Leslie Scalapino's 'How Phenomena Appear to Unfold / The Hind'" | essay by Laura Hinton [link]

Standard Schaefer (USA) 1971

     POETRY FOR READERS | Standard Shaefer : Nova [link]

Bert Schierbeek (Netherlands) 1918-1996

Sabine Scho (Germany) 1970

Susan M.Schultz (USA) 1958

James Schuyler (USA) 1923-1991

Rocco Scotellaro (Italy) 1923-1953

Semana de Arte Moderna (Modern Art Week) (Brazil) February 18, 1922

Leopold Sedar Senghor (Senegal) 1906-2001

Ian Seed (England) 1956


Jaroslav Seifert (Czechoslovakia / now Czech Republic) 1901-1986

Zafer Şenoak (b. Turkey / Germany) 1961

David Shapiro (USA) 1947

Alix Anne Shaw (USA) 1972

Shin Kyong-Nim (South Korea) 1935

Shinkichi Takahasi  (Japan) 1901-1987

     "A Study of Wartime Poems of Takahasi Shinkichi: Writing Between Dada and Zen" | essay by Masataka Matsuda [link]

Peter Jay Shippy (USA) 1961

Azem Shkreli (Yugoslavia / Kosova) 1938-1997

     "The Unshackling of Albanian Poetry" | essay  by John Taylor

Farhad Showghi (Czech Republic / Germany) 1961

Aaron Shurin (USA) 1947

Ron Silliman (USA) 1946

     "Ron Silliman Interview" | interview with Thomas Vogler [link]


Ivan Slamnig (Croatia) 1930-2001

Elizabeth Smart (Canada) 1913-1986

      "One Writer's Impassioned Journey" | review by Sarah Weinman (of Elizabeth Smart's By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept) [link]

Rod Smith (USA) 1962

Edith Sodergran (Finland / writes in Swedish) 1892-1923

Gilbert Sorrentino (USA) 1929-2006

     POETRY FOR READERS |Gilbert Sorrentino : New and Selected Poems 1958-1998 [link]

Roberto Sosa (Honduras) 1930-2011

Phillipe Soupault (France) 1897-1990

     Interview (1959) | with French poet Phillipe Soupault [link]

Sjoerd Spanninga [Jan Dijkstra] (Netherlands / wrote in Frisian) 1906-1985

Adriano Spatola (b. Yugoslavia / Italy) 1941-1988

      Archive of Adriano Spatola [link]

Maria Luisa Spaziani (Italy) 1924-2014

Jack Spicer (USA) 1925-1965

      "Summoning Spirits: Spicer's Lorca" | essay by Douglas Messerli (on Spicer's After Lorca) [link]

     "A Brilliant Poetry Star Who Burned Out Too Quickly" | review/essay by Mark Scroggins (on Daniel Katz' To Be Brave to Things: The Uncollected Poetry and Plays of Jack Spicer) [link]

Nichita Stănescu (Romania) 1933-1983

George Stanley (USA / Canada) 1934

Rob Stanton (England / lives USA) 1977

     "Writing in Place: A Poetry of the Gulfstream" | review/essay by Lytton Smith (on Rob Stanton's The Method) [link]

Gertrude Stein (USA/lived France) 1874-1946 

  Gertrude Stein video of her reading "If I Told Him a Completed Portrait of Pablo Picasso" [link]

     "From Habit to Maxim: Eccentric Models of Reality and Presence in the Writing of Gertrude Stein" | essay by Adam Katz [link]

     "A Fiction Requiring History and Faith" | essay by Douglas Messerli (on Gertrude Stein's Mrs. Reynolds) [link]

      "The Making of Tender Buttons" | essay by Joshua Schuster [link]

     "Why the Witch-hunt Against Gertrude Stein" |  essay by Renate Stendhal (link)

    Gertrude Stein "As a Wife Has a Cow" | sung by Karin Krog [link]

    Gertrude Stein "Patriarchal Poetry" | performance by high school students [link]

  "Setting the Record Straight" | anthology and note by Charles Bernstein (on commentaries and essays concerning Gertrude Stein's war-time residence in France) [link]

Giuseppe Steiner (Italy) 1898-unknown

     Drawn States of Mind | book by Giuseppe Steiner (full book on pdf film by the Italian Futurist writer) [link]

Wallace Stevens (USA) 1879-1955

Ulf Stolerfoht (Germany) 1963

Alfonsina Storni (Argentina) 1892-1938

August Stramm (Germany) 1874-1915

David Levi Strauss (USA) 1953

Sun & Moon: A Journal of Literature & Art (USA) 1976-

     "Sun & Moon: A Journal of Literature & Art--A Youthful Reflection" | essay by Douglas Messerli (on his journal Sun & Moon)

Sun & Moon Press Literary Salons | 1986-2004

Jules Supervielle (b. Uruguay / France) 1884-1960

Avrom Sutzkever (Russian Empire [now Belarus] / Lithuania) 1913-2010 

  "Avrom Sutzkever: 'Green Acquarium,' a poem newly translated from Yiddish by Zackary Sholem Berger" | [link] 

     "Hush and Travail" | essay by Douglas Messerli (on Abraham Stuzkever)

Cole Swensen (USA) 1955

     Cole Swensen | reading at Brown University10/8/13 [link]

Tada Chimako (Japan) 1930-2003

John Taggart (USA) 1942

      "On John Taggart's 'There Are Birds'" | essay by Robert Bertholf [link]

      "'This poem is a song an act a work of love': Taggart and Repetition" | essay by Peter O'Leary [link]

    "Taggart: Sound and Vision" | essay by Mark Scroggins (on the poetry of John Taggart) [link]

      "That Taggart: 'Grey Scale/Zukofsky,'" | essay by Marjorie Welish [link]

Rabindranth Tagore (India / writes in Bengali and English) 1861-1941

Takahashi Mutsuo (Japan) 1937

Jüri Talvet (Estonia) 1945

Meary James Thurairajah Tambimuttu (b. Ceylon, now Sri Lanka / England) 1915-1983

Tamura Ryūichi (Japan) 1923-1998

Tanka (mainly Japanese form of poetry]

     "The Japanese Tanka" | note by Hiroaki Sato [link]

Arseny Tarkovsky (USSR / Russia) 1907-1989

     "I Am a Candle: The Poetry of Arseny Tarkovsky" | essay by Douglas Messerli (on I Burned at the Feast: The Selected Poems of Arseny Tarkovsky)

Brian Teare (USA) 1974

   "Illness, lyric, and total contingency: Brian Teare in conversation with Jaime Shearn Cohn" [link]

   POETRY FOR READERS |Brian Teare : The Empty Form Goes All the Way to Heaven [link]

Teixeira de Pascoaes (Portugal) 1877-1952

Toon Tellegen [Antonius Otto Hermannus] (Netherlands) 1941

Jorge Teillier (Chile) 1935-1996

Habib Tengour (b. French Algeria / France) 1947

     "Maghrebian Surrealism" | essay and manifesto by Habib Tengour [link]

     "Habib Tengour's Exile Is My Trade" | review by Laurie Price [link]

Jeet Thayil (India / writes in English) 1959

Susana Thénon (Argentina) 1937-1991

Jeroen Theunissen (Belgium / writes in Dutch) 1977

Umar Timol (Mauritius / writes in French) 1970

Jean Toomer [Nathan Eugene Toomer] (USA) 1894-1967

Rodrigo Toscano (USA) 1964

Tomas Tranströmer  (Sweden) 1931-2015

     "Rowing Up Through the Silence" | essay by Douglas Messerli (essay on publishing Tomas Tranströmer)

John Tranter (Australia) 1943-2023

Christian Uetz (Switzerland) 1963

Anja Utler (Germany / lives Austria) 1973

Turgut Uyar (Turkey) 1927-1985

THE XUL GROUP (Argentina)

     "XUL" | review by Douglas Messerli (of The XUL Reader)

César Vallejo (Peru) 1892-1938

Dirk van Bastelaere (Belgium / writes in Dutch) 1960

     "The Last to Leave" | note by Pam Brown (on the poetry of Dirk van Bastelaere) [link]

Tom Van de Voorde (Belgium / writes in Dutch) 1974

Mark van Tongele (Belgium / writes in Dutch) 1956

Paul Vangelisti (USA) 1945

     POETRY FOR READERS | Paul Vangelisti : Motive and Opportunity [link]

Orhan Veli (Kanik) (Türkiye) (1914-1950)

Caetano Veloso (Brazil) 1942

     "The Sung Word: Caetano Veloso in 1979" | interview between Caetano Veloso and Régis Bonvicino [link]

Pasquale Verdicchio (b. Italy / Canada / USA) 1954

Tarjei Vesaas (Norway) 1897-1970

Vietnamese poetry

     The League of Independent VietnameseWriters [link]

VIJFIGERS (the "Fiftiers") (Dutch Poetry Group)

José Garcia Villa (the Philippines / USA) 1908-1971

Simon Vinkenoog (Netherlands) 1928-2009

Paul Violi (USA) 1944-2011

Jan Erik Vold (Norway) 1939

Karen Volkman (USA) 1967

Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven (see Freytag-Loringhoven)

Vort (magazine) (USA) 1972-1976


    "Phantom of the Arts" | review by Douglas Messerli (on Timothy Materer's Vortex Pound, Eliot, and  Lewis) 

     "Vorticist Lewis/Vorticist Pound" | essay by Douglas Messerli

Alexander Vvedensky (Russia/ USSR) 1904-1942

Anne Waldman (USA) 1945

G. C.Waldrep (USA) 1968

Keith Waldrop (USA) 1932-2023

Rosmarie Waldrop (b. Germany / USA) 1935

Mark Wallace (USA) 1962

Diane Ward (USA) 1956

Lewis Warsh (USA) 1944-2020

     Lewis Warsh | two poems ("On Johnson Road" and "Show of Hands") [link]

Tom Weatherly (USA) 1942-2014

Marjorie Welish (USA) 1944

Mac Wellman (USA) 1945

     Mac Wellman | poem ("Three Egegious Errors")

Sándor Weöres (Hungary) 1913-1989

Walt Whitman (USA) 1859-1928

     "Preface to Leaves of Grass" | essay by Walt Whitman (on 1855 edition of Leaves of Grass)


John Wieners (USA) 1934-2002

     John Wieners reading | a video of his last public reading [link]

     John Wieners | typescript of his poem "[And if to die is to move]"

     “Between Visions” | essay by Douglas Messerli on John Wieners' poetry

Menno Wigman (Netherlands) 1966

      Menno Wigman |"3 Poems by Menno Wigman" [link]

Nachoem M.Wijnberg (Netherlands) 1961

    Nachoem M. Wijnberg | Three Poems ("First This Then That," "Politics as a Profession, Says Max Weber," and "Su Dongpo") [link]


John Wilkinson (England) 1953

William Carlos Williams (USA) 1883-1963

      “A World Detached” | essay by Douglas Messerli (on William Carlos Williams and Ezra Pound)

Elizabeth Willis (b. Bahrain / USA) 1961


Terence Winch (USA) 1945

     POETRY FOR READERS | Terence Winch : The Ship Has Sailed [link]

Karel van de Woestijne (Belgium / writes in Dutch) 1878-1929

Adolf Wölfli (Switzerland) 1864-1930

Karl Wolfskehl (b. Germany / d. New Zealand) 1869-1948

Grzegorz Wróblewski (Poland) 1962

     Grzegorz Wróblewski | five poems [link]

     Grzegorz Wróblewski | two poems [link]

     Grzegorz Wróblewski | poem "Rooms and Gardens" [link]

   "The Passenger Syndrome" | interview with Grzegorz Wróblewski by Piotr Gwiezda [link]

W. B. Yeats (Ireland) 1865-1939

Saúl Yurkievich (Argentina / lived in France) 1931-2005

Adam Zagajewski (Poland) 1945

Herbert Zand (Austria) 1923-1970

Andrea Zanzotto (Italy) 1921-2011

Visar Zhiti (Albania) 1952

     "The Unshackling of Albanian Poetry" | essay  by John Taylor

     "Visar Zhiti: Victim of the Surreal" | essay by Robert Elsie (on Zhiti) [link]

   POETRY FOR READERS | Visar Zhiti : The Condemned Apple: Selected Poetry [link]


Zef Zorba (Albania) 1920-1993

     "The Unshackling of Albanian Poetry" | essay  by John Taylor

Louis Zukofsky (USA) 1904-1978

     "The Poetry of Louis Zukofsky" | essay by Lorine Niedecker [link]

     "Louis Zukofsky and Mikhl Likht, A Test of Jewish American Modernist Poetics, Part One" | essay by Ariel Resnikoff [link]

     "Louis Zukofsky and Mikhl Likht, 'A Test of Jewish American Poetics,'" Part II | essay by Ariel Resnikoff [link]

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