October 28, 2016

Tina Darragh (USA) 1950

Tina Darragh [USA]

Tina Darragh was born and raised in Pittsburgh and grew up the suburban community of McDonald, Pennsylvania. She began writing in 1968 and studied poetry in Washington, D.C. at Trinity University from 1970-1972. Between 1975 and 1976, she worked with Some of Us Press and at the Mass Transit community bookstore and writing workshop. She now lives in Greenbelt, Maryland with her husband Peter Inman. They have a son, Jack. 
      She started writing poetry in college after taking a course with the poet Michael Lally, and has been included in several L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E-based poetry anthologies including Ron Silliman’s In the American Tree (National Poetry Foundation 1986) and Douglas Messerli’s  From the Other Side of the Century (Sun & Moon Press, 1994). Darragh makes her living as a librarian. 
       Darragh has written many works of poetry, as while as an early play, My First Play (1974). Among her several books of poetry are Living (with Tim Dlugos) (1974), my hands   to  myself (1975); Pi in the Skye (1980), on the corner   to   off the corner (Sun and Moon Press, 1981), exposed faces (1984), and another play, Opposable Dumbs (2002).

         Tina Darragh with her husband Peter Inman and their son Jack

Part of the poetic group surrounding Washington, D.C.’s 1970s Folio Books meetings, she and her husband have continued to play an important role in Washington’s poetic scene.


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