July 2, 2015

Risto Ahti (Finland) 1943

Risto Ahti [Finland]

Risto Ahti was born on August 27, 1943 in Lahti, Finland. He is the author of over 37 books of poetry, and has had one book, Narcissus in Winter, translated into English.

Although his poetry is often described as being the tradition of Blake and other poet-prophets, Ahti’s poetry is also, at times, quite comical. As critic Herbert Lomas has observed of his work:

“He writes like someone who has woken up in a brilliant lucid dream, which sleepers call reality, and now he can't get out of it. 'Listen!' he says. He is not talking to himself, he is talking urgently to the reader, as a needed companion. It is a dialogue, and the reader knows it and knows something is expected of him, something self-renewing. The reader is left to be creative, to solve the riddles and paradoxes that torment Ahti.
      Ahti's favourite form is the little narrative – a tale of miracle or foolishness, a surrealistic fantasy, a dream – fables and proverbs that suggest Sufi stories or Zen koans. He uses simple words and sentences; the complexity is in the mind-play, the wit, the spaces between non-sequiturs and the silence between sentences. He creates aphorisms effortlessly, almost proverbs: 'Children flattened at school can only speak as pages of a book.' His humour, though obviously a natural gift, is to disturb the reader into a defamiliarising look at the familiar. 'I said, The sun must have struck her face so strangely I remembered my own face's light'.
      But he is not superior to us, nor didactic. The persona dramatises his own dilemmas, using all the resources of playfulness to illuminate himself and us. He incorporates the opposite to what may be his main point: with thesis and antithesis he moves wittily and dialectically towards synthesis. Philosophically, like Blake, Coleridge and Yeats, he is basically a Berkeleyan (a philosopher who's not been disproved, only dismissed)."

     Ahti has written of his own writing: “Most poetry is closer to science and culture, trade and industry than to life… Words that hit you right in the face, words that force you to hide or demand that you come out, that is poetry, appearing everywhere, perhaps most seldom in books of poetry [is what I seek].…I hate skill, I NEED. I live out of necessities.”
     Ahti’s poetry has won several awards, including the Eino Leino Prize in 1994, the Runebert Prize in 2002, and the Pro Finlandia Medal in 2003.
     The poet lives in Oulu.


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Narcissus in Winter (Guildford, Surrey, England: Making Waves, 1994)

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