January 8, 2015

Alexander Dickow

Alexander Dickow [USA]

Alexander Dickow is a bilingual poet who writes in French and English, a translator, and a scholar of 20th- and 21st-Century French literature. Born in Lexington, Kentucky, on September 23, 1979, he was raised in Moscow, Idaho in the Palouse region of the Pacific Northwest, Dickow completed a dual (cotutelle) PhD at Rutgers University and the University of Paris 8, and now teaches French at Virginia Tech.
     His first book, Caramboles (Paris: Argol Editions, 2008), a collection of poems in French and English, received significant acclaim in France. He has since released a chapbook of experimental poems in English, Trial Balloons (Eindhoven, Netherlands: Corrupt Press, 2012). He has also published Clatters (Minneapolis, Minnesota: Ohm Press, 2014), a chapbook of translations of the work of French contemporary poet Henri Droguet, followed by a critical afterword by Dickow. A scholarly volume in French, Le Po├Ęte innombrable: Blaise Cendrars, Guillaume Apollinaire, Max Jacob (Paris: Editions Hermann), is forthcoming in 2015, and a new collection of poems in English is in preparation.



Caramboles (Paris: Argol Editions, 2008); Trial Balloons (Eindhoven, Netherlands: Corrupt Press, 2012)


First signs will display slow ache against the seam
Soon following with faint agony toward the midst
Moistenings gather all surround the joints
Until thin steam inflicts the skin
Stress provokes to warping the morale
And the ribs to dangerously bulge
A puncture promises escape
Sudden pegs propel and pounce among the vessel
Strain persuades a split between the heart
Venom serenades
The fissure desperate stopgap measures hush
For now

Minutes of fruitless search

Be it hereby noted
That in assortment color plastic containers.
The discovery amount occurred was none.

Allow the evidence mention
That neither in casket or the cradle
Hunts are unyielding.

Let the record flourish
That the panoramas appear no clue
But thirst.

Henceforth concludes
All farther delving
Grows steadily absent.

Poems ©2014 by Alexander Dickow. Printed by permission of the author.

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