November 9, 2014

Henri Droguet (France) 1944

Henri Droguet (France)

 Henri Droguet was born in Cherbourg, France on October 29, 1944, the son of Norman father from La Vicomté-su-Rance. Droguet spent his youth in Cherbourg, and attended school in Caen, where he also received his certificate of Modern Letters in 1970.

Since 1972 he las lived in Saint-Malo, where he taught literature until 2004, after which he moved to Breton. Droguet prefers to described himself with the American term, “a Celt-made man.”
     His first collection of poetry, Le Bonheur noir, was published by Mercure de France in 1972, and since then he has continued to publish numerous volumes, including Ventôses (1990), La Main au feu (2001), 48°39’N”01’W (et autres lieux (2003), Avis de passage (2005), Albert&Cie, histoire (2005), Presto con fuoco (2006), and Off  (2007). With artists he also produced several illustrated book. Among his journal contributions are Nouvelle Revue Française, Po and sie, L’animal, Rehauts, Europe, Hopala, Le Nouveau Recueil, and La Revue de Belles Lettres.
     In 2014 the American publisher Rain Taxi published Droguet’s 2010 book Boucans in a translation by Alexander Dickow titled Clatters.


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Clatters (Minneapolis : Rain Taxi, 2014)