February 18, 2013

Tove Meyer (Denmark) 1913-1972

Tove Meyer (Denmark)

Born on July 1, 1913 in Usserød (Bikerød parish) Tove Meyer was the daughter of merchant, Louis August Meyer and his wife Suzanne Hedevig Kathrine.
     After graduation from high school in 1928, Meyer went into “household” training, becoming a gardener and housekeeper. She also translated several books into Danish.

In 1952 she married writer Paul Nakskov, with whom she had one daughter, Sasanne in 1954.
     Meyer’s poetry, beginning with Guds Palet in 1935, was highly influenced by the feminist, faintly surrealist writing of Swedish poet Edith Södergran and her fellow Danish writer Helge Rod.
      A second book of poetry Efter Regn, appeared in 1940, with Skygger paa Jorden and Drømte dage following in 1943 and 1952. Her work, often linked with nature, presented recurring themes of longing, isolation, and childhood.
     Her 1961 collection, Havoffer and her 1967 collection, Brudlinier brought her critical attention and compensation from the Danish National Arts Fund.
     In 1972 Meyer committed suicide in Virum. Her husband collected her collected poems as Tiden og havet. Digte 1935-1967 after her death.


Guds Palet (1935); Efter Regn (1940); Skygger paa Jorden (1943); Drømte dage (1952); Havoffer (Copenhagen: Gyldendal, 1961); Brudlinier (Copenhagen: Gyldendal, 1967); Tiden og havet. Digte 1935-1967 (Copenhagen: Gyldendal, 1969).

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