February 22, 2013

The New Review of Literature | magazine (USA) 2003-2008

The New Review of Literature (Magazine) (Los Angeles, USA) (2003-2008)

The New Review of Literature, a magazine produced by the Otis College of Art’s M.F.A Graduate Writing Program, was edited by Paul Vangelisti, with Douglas Messerli (fiction editor), Dennis Philllips and Martha Ronk (poetry editors), Guy Bennett (translation editor), and Standard Schafer (nonfiction editor).

     The magazine, which featured both USA and international writing, along with, in each issue, a substantial number of essays and literary reviews, lasted for 10 issues from 2003 to 2008, creating a significant dialogue between American and world writing. In the end, as with numerous other such journals, the high cost of printing (each issue was covered with a laid paper featuring a color banner—excepting the first three issues) and the closing of distribution sources in the US, forced the lively journal to cease, Vangelisti replacing it with the more newspaper-formated journal Or, resembling in several respects his early Los Angeles magazine,
Invisible City. Or was sent free to numerous US writers and literary locations.
     Dozens of poets were published in the journal, including work by Mohammed Dib, Aaron Shurin, Stephen Racliffe, Giuseppe Goffredo, George Albon, Deborah Meadows, Nathaniel Tarn, Barbara Guest (including her last published poems), Claudia Roquette-Pinto, Jean Day, Jacques Roubaud, Osip Mandel’shtam, Ray DiPalma, Timothy Liu, Ameilia Rosselli, Diane Ward, Aaron McCullough, John Latta, Cole Swenson, a selection of Quebecois poets (edited by Nicole Brossard and Jean-Éric Riopel, Philip Whalen, Luigi Ballerini, Allyssa Wolf, Molly Bendall, Elizabeth Robinson, Rosmarie Waldrop, Octavio Paz, Mohammed Bennis, Alice Notley, Jerome Rothenberg, Paul Hoover, Bruna Mori, Ece Temelkuran, Rae Armantrout, Catherine Wagner, Mark Wallace, Leslie Scalapino, John Ashbery, Adrienne Rich, Corrado Costa, Liz Waldner, Norma Cole, Susan M. Schultz, Anselm Hollo, Spencer Shelby, Ben Lerner, and Dennis Barone.
     Noted fiction writers included Frederic Tuten, Valère Novarina, Steve Katz, Murray Pomerance, Brian Evenson, Øystein Lønn, Peter Rosei, Ascher/Straus, Michael Disend, Peter Ferry, Jacques Jouet, Len Jenkin, Martin Nakell, Toby Olson, Stacey Levine, Jorge Miralales, Chris Kerr, Christopher Middleton, H. E. Francis, Mac Wellman, David Antin, Sam Eisenstein, Wilfrido Nollendo, David Matlin, Arkady Averchenko, Domício Coutinho, Wendy Walker, and Elizabeth MacKiernan.
     Several of these writers also appeared in readings at Otis, creating deep links between the faculty and students with the writers, as well as with others in the Los Angeles community.

—Douglas Messerli

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