February 17, 2013

Demonsthenes Agrafiotis (Greece) 1946

Demosthenes Agrafiotis (Greece)

 Artist, photographer and poet Demosthenes Agrafiotis was born in Greece in 1946. His poetic focus has been on the intersecting aspects of his various arts.
      From 1980-1990 Agrafiotis edited a series of seven book-art objects with the 60 issues of his bulletin of art, Clinamen. In 1991-2004 he edited to further magazines of the “Clinamen) on Erato Editions. It is now a web magazine that continues to publish books in collaboration with other artists and non-artists: http://www.thetis.gr/services/clinamen

Agrafiotis has also published essays on culture and art, published numerous books of poetry and participated in a number photography and art exhibitions. His work is known throughout Europe and has been published in several languages, including English, French, Italian, German, Danish, Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese.
      Although much of his work appears as more standardized poetry, he is perhaps most interested in visual and concrete poetic work, particularly in works inspired by the Fluxus movement.
      In English his work Maribor has appeared on The Post-Apollo Press (awarded the 2011 Northern California Book Award for Poetry in Translation) and Chinese Notebook published by Ugly Duckling Press. Green Integer recently published his art-poetic manuscript, Writing Dimensions on PDF in 2013.
      Agrafiotis is based in Athens.


Isomorphismes (Athens: Ikaros, 1973); Dimensions of Writing (Athens: Sima/Polyplano, 1976) Distances (Paris, 1977); Micro-cyclo-flux (Athens: Olkos, 1979); Dialytika (Athens: Clinamen, 1982); Chinese Notebook (Athens: Erato Editions, 1989); “Y,es” (Athens: Erato Editions, 1992); Topoems (Athens: Erato Editions, 1997); Lexicones [in collaboration with A. Iacovella] (http://www.ultimania.com/lexicones); Lightly, lightly (Athens: Erato Editions, 2000); Lexicones (special edition), trans. by R. Ruchaud and E.Pinakoulak (Athens: Laboratory of New Technologies, Department of Communication and Media, Panteion University, 2000); Maribor (Athens: Erato Editions, 2004); Monogatari (17 poems inspired by the Japanese), (http://www.greece-japan.com/agrafiotis.htm, 2004); Now, 1/3 (Athens: Erato Editions, 2007); Monogatari I [drawings by Harumi Terao] (Najoya, Japan: Taiyo-Kashisky, 2009); Under Constraints [with music by Mihail Paleologou] (London: Guildhall School of Music and Drama, 2008); Unfamiliar continuit-y (poems and photographies) (Athens: Erato Editions, 2010)


 selections in Nanos Valaoritis and Thanasis Maskaleris, eds. Modern Greek Poetry: An Anthology (Jersey City, New Jersey: Talisman House, 2003); Poetry Networks 3 Translations from the Greek of Demosthenes Agrafiotis and Nikos Phokas, Poetry at Annaghmakerrig, (Trans. by K. Newmann, P. Boran, T. Curtis, Th. Dorgan) (Dublin:  Dedalus Press, 1994); Poetry-Paparty (Oakland, California: New Yipes Reader, No. 23, 2007); Monogatari II [drawings by Harumi Tecao] (Nagoya, Japan, Taiyo-Koshiky, 2008); Maribor (trans. A. Sakkis and J. Sakkis) (Berkeley, California: The Post Apollo Press, 2010); Chinese Notebook (trans. by A. Sakkis and J. Sakkis) (New York: Ugly Duckling Press, 2010); Franticham’s Assembling Box, No. 8 (Achill Island, Ireland: Redfoxpress, 2010) [visual poetry influenced by Fluxus); Artxart (Achill Island, Ireland: Redfoxpress, 2011);  graphies (London: Veer Books, London, no 36, 2011 [CPRC: Contemporary Poetics Research Centre, Birkbeck College, University of London]; “Α/Ω. Beans Abecedary,” Franticham’s Assembling Box, no 15, (Achill Island, Ireland: Redfoxpress, 2011); Writing Dimensions (trans. by Angelos Sakkis and John Sakkis) (Los Angeles, Green Integer, 2013 / www.greenintger.com)

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