January 19, 2012

José Emilio Pacheco (Mexico) 1939-2014

José Emilio Pacheco (Mexico) 1939-2014

José Emilio Pacheco was born on June 30, 1939 in Mexico City. He was educated at the Autonomous National University of Mexico. Upon graduation he worked as the Assistant Editor for Revista de la Universidad de Mexico for two year from 1959 to 1960. Later he became Associated Editor of La Cultura en Meixco.
     In the following years, Pacheco traveled extensively, teaching literature at the University of Essex in the UK as well as the University of Maryland in College Park.
     His first book of poetry, Los elementos de la noche, was published in 1963, followed by his the same year by the fiction, El viento distante. Over the next several years Pacheco continued to publish numerous volumes of poetry, including El reposo del fuego (1966), No me preguntes cómo pasa el tiemp (1970), Islas a la deriva (1976), Desde entonces (1980), Trabajos en el mar (1983), and La arena errante: Poemas 1992-1998 (2009). He also published several other works of fiction, including the famed novel Morirás lejos of 1967, along with collections of stories and essays.
     Pacheco is also well known in Mexico as the translator of many others, including Samuel Beckett, Yevgeny Yevtuschenko, and Albert Eisnstein.
     The poet has been awarded nearly every major Spanish language prize, including the Premio Octavio Paz, Premio Pablo Neruda, Premio Alfonso Reyes, and the XVIII Premio Reina Sofia de Poesía Iberoamericana (2009).
     Pacheco died at age 74 in 2014.


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