December 30, 2008

Jayanta Mahapatra

Jayanta Mahapatra [India]

Jayanta Mahapatra was born in Cuttack, India, and has spent most of his life in Orissa, where he lives. Raised among poor people, Mahapatra's life often portrays everyday events in contemporary India, and his work champions those who live in a world of hunger, greif, and injustice.

He attended Ravenshaw College and the Science College at Patna before coming a sub-editor at the Eastern Times. In later years he lectured on physics and other scientific subjects throughout India, and as his poetry became more known, was invited to be a visiting writer at the then-famed University of Iowa International Writer's Program. For his books of poetry─ which include A Rain of Rites (1976), Waiting (1979), The False Start (1980), Relationship (1980), Dispossessed Nests (1986), and Selected Poems (1987)─he has won several awards: the Bisuva Milana Award for Poetry and the Jacob Glatstein Memorial Prize among them. He has also written books of poetry and juvenile works, and translated.


Close the Sky, Ten by Ten (Dialogue Publication, 1971); Svaymvara and Other Poems (Calcutta: Writers Workshop, 1971); A Rain of Rites (Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1976); Father's Hours (Calcutta: United Writers, 1976); Waiting (New Delhi: Samhaleen Prakashan, 1979); The False Start (Bombay: Clearing House, 1980); Relationship (New York: Greenfield Review Press, 1983); Dispossessed Nests (Nirala Publications, 1986); Selected Poems (Delhi: Oxford University Press, 1987); Burden of Waves and Fruit (Washington, D.C.: Three Continents Press, 1988); Temple (Dungaroo Press, 1989)

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