December 6, 2008

Jaime Sabines (Mexico) 1926-1999

Jaime Sabines (Mexico) 

Jaime Sabines was born in Tuxtla Guitérrez province, Chiapas, Mexico, where he has spent most of his life. Although he studied mdicine and literature in Mexico City, he has focused most his writing upon his provincial home. 

     In Mexico City in the late 1940s and early 1950s, he became involved with the so-called "América" group of writers, which included Rosario Castellanos and Emilio Carballido. During this period he published his first collection, Horal (1950), which revealed some of his major concerns in all of his later writing: the theme of death and despair, a strong sense of alienation and, despite these, a faith in living.
    His second book, La señal, published a year later was even darker in tone. Tarumba, of 1956, gained him national attention, in part because of its impassioned and confessional outpouring of violence and aggression, and because of its experimental nature. 
     In the years following, Sabines wrote both poetry and prose, including Recuento de poemas (1962)─a volume of collected poems─Yuria (1967), Nuevo recuento de poemas (1977), Poemas sueltos (1981), and his "other" collected poems, Otro recuento de poemas (1950-1995) (1995). 

BOOKS OF POETRY Horal (Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas: Departamento de Prensa y Turismo, 1950); La señal (Mexico City: Talleres de la Impresora Económica, 1951); Tarumba (Mexico City: Coleción Metaáfora, 1956); Diario semanario y poemas en prosa (Xalapa: Universidad Veracruzana, Serie Ficción no. 27, 1961); Recuento de poemas (Mexico City: UNAM, 1962); Yuria (Mexico City: Mortiz, 1972); Maltiempo (Mexico City: Mortiz, 1972); Poemas sueltos (Mexico City: Ediciones Papeles Privados, 1981); Otro recuento de poemas 1950-1991 (Mexico City: Moritz, 1995). 

ENGLISH LANGUAGE TRANSLATIONS Pieces of Shadow: Selected Poems of Jaime Sabines, trans. by W. S. Merwin (Mexico City: Ediciones Papeles Privados, 1995). 

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