November 26, 2016

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Having once again lost our Table of Contents I will, in the next few weeks, try to rebuild the site, this time in alphabetical order, to make it easier for my readers to access its references. Unfortunately, it will take a great deal of time to make all the links again. I don't comprehend why we have twice lost the Contents page, but we will persist.

The PIP Anthology of World Poetry of the Twentieth and Twenty-first Century


Helen Adam (b. Scotland/USA) [1909-1993]
      Helen Adam's "The Cheerless Junkie's Song" [link]
*Adonīs [Alī Ahmad Sa’īd] (Syria/Lebanon) [1930]
     Book If Only the Sea Could Sleep [PDF file]
     Essay "Syrian-born Poet Adonis on President Assad of Syria" [link]
Endre Ady (b. Austria-Hungary Empire / Hungary) [1877-1919]
Ilse Aichinger (Austria) [1921]
Delmira Augustini (Uruguay) [1886-1914]
*Demosthenes Agrafiotis (Greece) [1946]
      Book Writing Dimensions [PDF file]Delmira Agustini (Uruguay) [1886-1914]
Naja Marie Aidt (Denmark) [1963]
Anna Akhmatova (Russia) [1889-1966]
Risto Ahti (Finland) [1943]
Albanian Poetry
      Essay “The Unshackling of Albanian Poetry” by John Taylor
Rafael Alberti (Spain) [1902-1999]
      Essay “Poet to Painter” by Douglas Messerli
Anne-Marie Albiach (France) [1937-2012]
      Obituary on Albiach by Charles Bernstein
      “In Memory of Anne-Marie Albiach 1937-2012 by
          Robin Tremblay-McGraw
Will Alexander (USA) [1948]
George Albon (USA) [1954]
Pierre Alferi (France) [1963]
Francisco Alvim (Brazil) [1938]
Yehuda Amichai [Ludwig Pfouffer] (b. Germany/Israel) [1924-2000]
Mário de Andrade (Brazil) [1893-1945]
Oswald de Andrade (Brazil) [1890-1954]
     Essay “Cannibal Manifesto” by Oswald de Andrade
Bruce Andrews (USA) [1948]
     Essay-review “Wordscape Poets” (on works by Bernstein, Andrews, and Perelman)
       by Douglas Messerli
Ralph Angel (USA) [1951]
*David Antin (USA) [1932-2016]
      Essay “David Antin” Cultural Icon” (on David Antin’s death) by Douglas Messerli [link]
      Essay-review “Answering the Sphinx” (on Antin’s I Never Knew What Time It Was) by Douglas Messerli
      Interview-essay "Conversational Critic, Talking Poet David Antin," by Robert Pincus
      Essay “Fractures of Self” (on Antin’s Radical Coherency) by Douglas Messerli
Arnaldo Antunes (Brazil) [1960]
Guillaume Apollinaire (France) [1880-1918]
Braulio Arenas (Chile) [1913-1988]
Walter Conrad Arensberg (USA) [1878-1954]
*Rae Armantrout (USA) [1947]
      Essay “The Present’s Chronic Revision,” by Douglas Messerli
      Review TLS review of Rae Armantrout and Susan Howe [link]
Edda Armas (Venezuela) [1955]
Tammy Armstrong (Canada) [1974]
Céline Arnauld [Carolina Goldstein] (b. Romania/France) [1885-1952]
H[ans] C[arl] Artmann (Austria) [1921-2000]
John Ashbery (USA) [1927]
      Review of Ashbery’s Wakefulness by Marjorie Perloff
      Essay “The Pick-up,” by Douglas Messerli
Nelson Ascher (Brazil) [1958]
      Essay “The Professor of Everything and the Professor of Nothing” (on Ascher in São
        Paulo) (with note)
The Atom Poets (Iceland)
W.H. Auden (England/USA) [1907-1973]
      The Auden Group (England)
Carlos Ávila (Brazil) [1955]
Kofi Awoonor (Ghana/formerly Gold Coast) [1935-2013]
      One of Awoonor’s last poems
Gennadi Aygi (Russia/Chuvash) [1934-2006]
      Essay-review “Word-faces” (on Aygi’s Child-and-Rose) by Douglas Messerli
*Ece Ayhan (Turkey) [1931-2002]
      Book A Blind Cat Black / Orthdoxies (and PDF file)
      Essay “Flying” (on Ayhan’s The Blind Cat Black and Orthodoxies) by Douglas

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