October 29, 2016

P[eter] Inman

P[eter] Inman [USA]

Born in Bronxville, New York in 1947, and began writing poetry in the early 1970s. He graduated from Georgetown University, and for years worked at the Library of Congress while married to fellow poet Tina Darragh, who together raised their son Jack. Inman has also been involved with Unions.
      Focused on an anti-representational linguistic system, Inman’s poems centered more on sound that literal meaning, although often his works betrayed traces of narrative.

      His first book, What happens next? was published in 1974, with P. Inman U.S.A. following in 1975, and Sun and Moon Press’ Platin in 1979.
      Since there is he published numerous other books, including the long summary volume, Written 1976-2013 published in 2014.
      His poems have also been included in several anthologies, including None of the Above (Crossing Press, 1976); In the AmericanTree (National Poetry Foundation, 1986); “Language” Poetries (New Directions, 1987); La lingua radical (Gramma Poesia, 1992); From the Other Side of the Century (Sun and Moon Press, 1994); and Other Room Anthology (Other Room Press, 2010).


What Happens Next? (Washington, D.C.: Some of Us Press, 1974); P. Inman U.S.A. (Washington, D.C.); (Dry Imager, 1975); Platin (College Park, Maryland: Sun & Moon Press, 1979); Ocker (Tuumba, 1982); Uneven Development (Jimmy & Lucy, 1984); Think of One (Elmwood, Connecticut: Potes & Poets, 1986); Red Shift (New York: Roof Books, 1988); criss cross (New York: Roof Books, 1994); vel (Oakland: O Books, 1995); ply (Elmwood, Connecticut: Potes & Poets, 1997); at. least.; (Krupskaya Collective, 1999); amounts. to. (Elmwood, Connecticut: Potes & Poets, 2000); now/time (Bronze Skull, 2006); Ad finitum (Manchester, England: if p then q, 2008); per se (Providence, Rhode Island: Burning Deck, 2012); Written 1976-2013 (Manchester, England: if p then q, 2014)

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