May 16, 2016

Oscar Cruz

Oscar Cruz [1979]

Born in 1979 in Santiago de Cuba, Oscar Cruz studied history before turning to poetry. With the publication of his five books to date, he has earned 10 literary prizes during the last 11 years: the Premio David (2006), Premio Pinos Nuevos (2009), Premio Beca Dador (2009), Premio La Gaceta de Cuba (2010), and the Premio Wolson CubaPoesia (2012).
     Many of his works have been translated, and publications have been printed in Venezuela, Columbia, Costa Rica, India, and Italy. Other individual poems have been translated into English, French, Italian, Hindi, and Portuguese. His poetry, “peppered with sex and violence, is at once both humorous and tragic."
     Cruz has also translated George Bataille’s Le Petit into Spanish.
     He currently works as the editor of the literary journal La Noria.


Los Malos Inquilinos (Havana: Ediciones Unión, 2008); Las Posesiones (Havana: Editorial Letras Cubanas, 2010); Balada del Buen Muñeco (Havana: Sur Editores ENEAC, 2013); Esto el SOLO LO PEOR (San José: University of Costa Rica, 2013); La Maestranza (Havana: Ediciones Unión, 2014).

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