June 30, 2015

Christian Uetz

Christian Uetz [Switzerland]

 Born in Egnach, Switzerland on August 8, 1963, Christian Uetz received his teacher training in Kreuzlinger, after studying philosophy, comparative literature, and ancient Greet at the University of Zurich.
     His first book of poetry, Luren appeared in 1993, and since then he has published several other collections of poetry.
     Since 1998 he has lived as a freelance writer in Zurich, where he also become a poet-performer. In 2011 he published two fictions, Nur Du, und nur Ich and Federer für alle. Since then he has continued to work in fiction, penning Sunderwarumbe (2012) and Es passierte (2015). Besides poetry and fiction, he has published several audio works, Nichte und andere Gedichte (1999), Live im Schiffbau (2002), and Mysterienspiel live in der Jesuitenkirche (2003).
     Uetz has won several major literary awards, including the Prize of the Ingeborg Backmann Competition in 1999, the Internationa Lake Constance Conference Award in 2001, an Award from the City of Zurick in 2002, the Thurgau Cultural Award in 2005, and The Prize of the Federation of German Industry in 2005.


Luren. (Frauenfeld: Im Waldgut, 1993); Luren und Reeden. Zwei Gedichtbände in einem (Frauenfeld: Im Waldgut, 1994); M.T. (Teil 2 von 7) (Siegendorf,:NN-Fabrik, 1998)[with a CD]; Nichte (Graz: Droschl, 1998); Zoom Nicht (Graz: Dorschl, 1999); Don San Juan (Frankfurt am Main: Suhrkamp, 2002); Das Sternbild versingt (Frankfurt am Main: Suhrkamp, 2004)

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