May 21, 2015

Anne Portugal

Anne Portugal [France]

Born in Angers (Maine-et-Loire) on March 29, 1949, Anne Portugal attended Paris 8 University in the suburbs of Paris, and has lived most of her life in Paris.

     Since 1980 (with the publication by Gallimard of La Licence, qu’on appellee autrement parrhésie, Portugal has written 13 books of poetry, many of them influenced by, and referencing contemporary sources such as instruction booklets and video games, as well as numerous literary texts and the majority of them by the publishing house, P.O.L.

     Several of Portugal’s works, including La plus simple appareil (published as Nude), Quisite moment, and people happy to go swimming and absolute bob (as Virtual bob) have been translated into English,. The last work was also presented in a dramatic form by Eric Vautrin at the Théâtre de Ateliers in Lyon (for a lengthy discussion of that performance, in French, go here: http://www.ciao,fr/Par_D_Avis_497400.
     Portugal has also translated literary works.


La Licence, qu’on appellee autrement parrhésie (Paris: Gallimard, 1980); Les Commodités d’une banquette (Paris: P.O.L, 1985); De quoi faire un mur (Paris: P.O.L, 1987); Souris au lait, Messidor-la Farandole (SADAG, 1989); Fichier (Éditions Michel Chandeigne, 1992); Le plus simple appareil (Paris: P.O.L, 1992); La réalité en face/la quoi? [with Caroline Dubois] (Al Danted?RROZ, 1999);  Dans la reproduction en 2 parties égales des plantes et des animaux [with Suzanne Doppelt] (Paris: P.O.L, 2001); Voyer en l’air (Éditions de l’attente, 2001); Et les gens contents de se baigner (RUP&RUD, 2001); Définitif bob (Paris: P.O.L, 2002); Mise en scèce de Eric Vautrin (Paris: P.O.L, 2003)


Nude, trans. by Norma Cole (Berkeley: Kelsey Street Press, 2001); Quisite moment, trans. by Rosmarie Waldrop (Providence, Rhode Island: Burning Deck Press, 2007); and happy people go swimming, trans. by Jean-Jacques Porcel (in POEM, Fishdrum, 2009); absolute bob, trans. by Jennifer Moxley (Providence, Rhode Island: Burning Deck Press, 2010); flirt formula, trans. by Jean-Jacques Porcel (La Presse, 2012)

For a selection of Portugal’s poems, go here:

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