January 8, 2015

Joseph Donahue

Joseph Donahue [USA]


Born in Dallas, Texas on September 22, 1954, Joseph Donahue grew up in Lowell, Massachusetts. Donahue attended Dartmouth University where he received a B.A. before moving to Columbia University to finish his graduate studies. For many years he lived in New York City before becoming a senior lecturing fellow at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.

     Donahue is the author of over eight collections of poetry, beginning in 1989 with Before Creation. Several books followed throughout the 1990s, including Monitons of the Approach (1991), World Well Broken (1995), Terra Lucida (1998) along with Terra Lucida XVI-XX (1999), a series of poems continued in 2004 with In This Paradise: Terra Lucida XXI-IX (2004) and in 2012 with Dissolves: (Terra Lucida IV-VII).
    The poet has also co-edited two anthologies, Primary Trouble: An Anthology of Contemporary American Poetry (1996, co-edited with Edward Foster and Leonard Schwartz) and The World in Time and Space: Towards a History of Innovative American Poetry in Our Time (2002, co-edited with Edward Foster).


Before Creation (New York: Central Park Editions, 1989); Monitions of the Approach (1991); World Well Broken (Jersey City, New Jersey: Talisman House, 1995); Terra Lucida (1998); Terra Lucida XVI-XX (Brooklyn: Meeting Eyes Bindery, 1999); Incidental Eclipse (Jersey City, New Jersey: Talisman House, 2003); In This Paradise: Terra Lucida XXI-XL (2004); The Copper Scroll (2007); Terra Lucida (Jersey City: New Jersey: Talisman House, 2009); Dissolves (Terra Lucida IV-Viii) (Greenfield, Massachusetts: Talisman House, 2012)


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