December 17, 2014

Essay "Expatracination" by A. Lincoln Gillespie, Jr.


I. (a) because in Europe I find MeaningScurry in their .Organise-Self-Divert -- hours loll here all simmer-rife-Expect-lush-stat, GET is less-necessary.

(b) because of the absence of Tight-blank faces here. (European Maturity seems of the in-touch-with-YouthPulse ripe sort)

(c) Liquor-Gamme abroad somewhat breatheier.

(d) abroad, as if transplanted to an ideating DreamStanceindef, the me-expatriate remenvisages America-the-Spectacle, initsensing its cosmintegrality, critifocaspecting its Univeering probably for a first time. (local Econs are so intrude-mussuppy.)

II. the Spiritual Future of America is not to evolve till a present diabetes is admit removed, t’wit: America’s total lack of parent-sagacity to exprimply an especially-while-correcting-them goodwill toward, and to cull an early admiration from the children.

(The EffectLoss into Personality is enormous I! -- contrast the majority of French Parents’ Methattitude.)

THEN -- the American Spirit will commence-sing as naive-directelimgoalpursue -- clearly as its present FolkMelod -- “PopularSong”, frequently as blare-OutreFruct-freely as its dynaSaxophoneyc. NeoPolite-ObserveRigors will scourge off-away the become-cloyuseless of our present SklafManners -- survive-a tiff with Russian Defeatindivid-become-CollectiMass output, our EconGrandees will have also residonned the surrealise raiment of skilledlaborer-integraiity -- the SportSense will have been furthalloted into a StreetPass-Calistheno (i. e. Fair, groove-compulsed into an inevitaBanter-Fair -- we are a GoodWill-Collective -- will assume social sensitude, a BodyClap-RazzCourtly deft-joice-skew-Apply-akin (somehow) to the finesse of France’s Golden Period.

The Busybody-GoodWill will have insidAmericanized Europe (thru Dawesian EcoHighPressures, “ Galette “-add vice, constant-rub-away of Europeans’ giving in to the squarepeg-insists of Fringlish-voicestressing (1) travellers and resiDents, spillover-manifest of America’s Nth degree-PRODUCE-Molochism, etc.) Semitised Russia will certainly psych Yap doubly,its individuentsremainingscorn-evadedDefeatists, speaking their present flapdoodleNonDigninholdLiable’d rushout -- heedless-0-Self !-stuff. (Russia’s soon-enormous CollectiOutput will yet lag indef-behind America’s shrewd-ingeniuity’d Get-RichQuick-Fellers I’d individ-catalysing Produce-Outvent.)

III. Communism, Surrealism, Anarchism -- degrees of LyriProtestism -- since Lyrism is based in Individualism the BureauLyrism of C. is an obvious paradox. -- A. ‘s hysterLyr will always ultimately grudgependule -- reactionate, stay the destroy-(to-begin-over)-hand (tho subjectively A.’s applicable into a Recherche for the expression of the Consciousness betwixbeyond the Abstremities of Thought. S., a French (psychanal-flltfree) Try has obviously essayed to continue “ correctness”, has but barely enlarged the GamutPossible of the Hithertooze-“Inadmissible “ -- enlargers Braque, Ernst, Michonze, obviously their Self; the rest, GoodManner’d Dada ? -- S. lacked gutsweat adherent~ collect-able to trek the toothsome of the Psych-RunningDown (In ?) DreamStateProffClimbs~into-Reality which Andre Breton skim-the·FreudSoup-touchly impicts. Possibly S. fail<~d to posit a NeoAgonyProCreate.

IV. My work veer-expresses my relation to 20thCentury Reality, a relation I feel-think to be fillfuller than any hitherto CritiCommunicLiable, i. e., mine, the necessity of lending consciousative LOGICATING to the AromeClashBuild-innerising FORMTrends of Music’s MelodSyntheBuildAlong, the gradaccrue of which (both delib and acciByProd) may-will tot-add sub-et-Supra integerCollects for furthing the Context’simputationise ; at the same time possibuilding, in Englishsole language evophonically free enuf to do so, -- SensationForms rhapsintrest Composenuf to aesthConcomitate these neo-gather-imputes of Thought, i. e., the MarryMomeintentsity matings of hovexpect Indeation & Vehicle-BecomePunct. My Article (transition 12) delineates the techBuild of this.

  1. very important, since the move-forward stress of English wordage is the more battlesurvive-“dominant.”
     There will not be many who will be able to go the whole way, to complete the entire cycle that identifies at its close the ideational world of man, that begins with him, with the presumably impersonal world, that ends with him. If it will be argued that the poets who travel only a portion of the way sing as well and more than those who go beyond, since they are less likely to lose themselves in philosophical pitfalls, that a cheerful poet clears a little road just long enough for rambling but not long enough to lead him astray, and that the way of analysis is the way of destruction, I can only answer that if one is faithful enough, constant enough, the analysis will induce the synthesis, the poet will come home: and he will have tramped the whole road, he will have seen. By taking the universe apart he will have reintegrated it with his own vitality; and it is this reintegrated universe that will in turn possess him and give him rest. If this voyage reveals a futility, it is a futility worth facing.


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