October 2, 2014


The Difficulties



Edited by Tom Beckett in Kent, Ohio, The Difficulties was a ground-breaking magazine published in six issues from 1980-1989.

     The first two issues were general issues containing new work by Cid Corman, Douglas Messerli, Paul Metcalf, Michael Davidson, John Taggart, Larry Eigner, Susan Howe, Douglas Woolf, James Sherry, Dick Higgins, Rosmarie Waldrop, Frank Samperi, Alan Davies, Charles Bernstein, Robert Ashley, Tom Raworth and others (issue no. 1), with many of the same figures, along with John Perlman, John (Mac) Wellman, Ron Silliman, Gil Ott, Craig Watson, Bob Perlman, Lyn Hejinian, Dennis Barone and others (issue no. 2).

     The last four volumes were single-issue volumes devoted to Charles Bernstein, Ron Silliamn, David Bromige, and Susan Howe.


A complete run of the magazine is available from Eclipse, here:

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