September 14, 2014

Kim Soo-Bok

Kim Soo-Bok [South Korea

 Kim Soo-Bok was born in Hamyang, South Gyeongsang Province, Korea, in 1953. He graduated from the Korean Language and Literature of Dankook University in Seoul, and completed his PhD. there.

     His earliest poems began to appear in 1975, with a collection, Jirisan taryeong (Ballad of Mount Jiri) following in 1977. More volumes followed, including Naje naon bandl (1980, Half moon appearing by day), Saereul gidarimyeo (1988, Waiting for birds),
Gidohaneum namu
(1989, Praying trees); Modeun gildeureun noraereul bureunda (1999, All the roads are singing), Sarajin Pokpo (2003, The vanished waterfall), Umurui nundongja (the eye of the well, 2004), Dareul ttara geonda (2008, Walking after the moon), and Oibak (2012, Sleeping out).

     Kim received the Pyeonun Award and the Award for Lyric Poetry.

     At present, the poet is a professor of Creative writing at Dankook University.



Jirisan taryeong (1977); Naje naon bandl (1980); Saereul gidarimyeo (1988); Gidohaneum namu (1989); Modeun gildeureun norareul bureunda (1999); Sarajin Pokpo (2003); Umurui nundongja (2004); Dareul ttara geonda (2008); Oibak (2012)

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