August 1, 2014

Jorge-Enrique González Pacheco

Jorge-Enrique González Pacheco (Cuba/USA)


Born in the District of Marianao, Havana, on September 9, 1969, Jorge Enrique González Pacheco, grew up in Cuba, moving to the United States in 2003. Since 2006 he has been living in Seattle, working as a writer.
     Pacheco studied Philosophy and Hispanic Literature in Cuba and in Spain. For several years he worked for the Cuban Film Institue in Havana, beginning to publish works of poetry and prose in Cuban magazines, collections, and newspapers, as well as journals in the US and elsewhere.     His first collection, Poesia Illustrada, was published in New York in 1992. In 2003, his Antologia de la Decima Cosmica de La Habana appeared in Mexico City. Notaciones del inocente was published in Spain in the same year. His most recent collection of poetry, Habitante Invisible (Invisible Dweller) is yet to be published.
       Pacheco also edited a collection of poetry by Cuban poet Serafina Nuñez, for which he also collaborated on the introduction, a book published in Madrid.
     A bi-lingual collection of his work, translated by Vanesa Cresevich and Martin Boyd, was published as Bajo la luz de mi sangre / Under the light of my blood by Trafford publishers in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada in 2009.
      In Cuba, Pacheco received the Delia Carrera Poetry Prize, a national award, in 1996.
      At present he is also curator and Artistic Director of the Seattle International Latino Film Festival.

     Critic Flor Fernandez Barrios described his work as a poetry that “draws on and expresses our deep and ancient heritage of language, lyric, and even son, capturing and recreating a hidden power of words, images, and rhythm. …I see Jorge Enrique as embracing the moder archetype of the “mystic Poet.”


Poesia Ilustrada (New York: 1992); Antologia de la Decima Cosmica de La Habama (Mexico City, 2003); Notaciones del inocente (Andalucia, Spain: Moguer, 2003); Bajo la luz de mi sange / Under the light of my blood (Victoria, B.C., Canada: Trafford, 2009


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