August 2, 2014

Fuck You: A Magazine of the Arts (magazine) (USA)

Fuck You: A Magazine of the Arts (magazine) (USA)
Edited by the poet Ed Sanders and published in “a secret location” on the Lower East Side, New York City, Fuck You: A Magazine of the Arts was one of the most important mimeo publications of the 1960s. Begun in 1962, the magazine quickly gained attention, Sander’s Peace Eye Bookstore being raided by police on January 1966. Because of the magazine’s title and its contents, Sanders was charged with obscenity. The arrest, however, led it the his appearance on the cover of the popular picture magazine, Life on February 17, 1967, which proclaimed him “a leader of New York’s Other Culture.”
     Among the magazines numerous contributors were Charles Olson, Allen Ginsberg, Normal Mailer, Tuli Kupferberg, Diane Wakoski, Jackson Mac Low, John Weiners, Michael McClure, Paul Blackburn, George Ecomomou, Peter Orlovsky, Tom Veitch, Rochelle Owens, Ted Berrigan, Gerard Malanga, Robert Kelly, Carol Berge, Joel Oppenheimer, Julien Beck, and Lenore Kandel.
     The magazine’s last issue appeared in June 1965.
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