July 31, 2014




Los Cuadernícolas was a group of primarily Colombian poets beginning in 1949. Origianally the poets followed the works of Spanish poet Jorge Guillen, arguing for an aesthetics of perfection and stylistic order. Most of the so called “Sky and Stone” poets published in Revista Semana and later in Jorge Gaitán Durán’s Mito. Their goal was also centered upon presenting the “sweaty, smelly peasant in the immediate social reality.”

      Among the members of this loosely-formed group were Andrés Holguín, Fernando Charry Lara, Álvaro Mutis, Rogelio Eschavarria, Payan William Archer, Jaime Ibáñez, Maruja Vieira, Julio Fajardo, and Jorge Gaitán Durán.

      Because of their interconnections between Revista Semana and the later journal Mito, these poets have also been described as La generacioncita.


For an academic essay in Spanish on Mito and its relationships with Los Cuadernícolas, go to this site: http://pendientedemigracion.ucm.es/info/especulo/numero28/mitocol.html

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