July 29, 2014

Gastón Baquero

Gastón Baquero (Cuba)




Born in Banes, Cuba in 1916 (his birth date varies in different sources from 1914 to 1918), poet Gastón Baquero grew up in the countryside that would be a major element in his urbane poetry.

     Baquero worked as a journalist for several newspapers connected to the Batista regime, leaving Cuba at the time of the 1959 revolution. He exiled himself to Madrid, living there until is death in 1997. Many commentators fell that his poetry written in Spain was far more powerful than his earlier, Cuba-based writing.

     Before he left Cuba, Baquero was involved with the Cuba Orígenes group, which included a wide range of poetic masters, including José Lezama Lima, Eliseo Diego, Cintio Vitier, and Fina Garcia Marruz, who together collaborated of the journal of that name between 1946 and 1956. That group worked toward a major renovation of Cuban poetry, moving away from 19th Century models to a new range of aesthetics, particularly the neo-baroque movement posited by Lezama Lima.

     While still in Cuba, Baquero co-founded the magazine Clavileño (1942-1943).

     Baquero also wrote volumes of essays and commentary on poets such as Darío and Cernuda.


The information above is based on a biography written by Peter Boyle. ©2013 by Peter Boyle.




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