March 10, 2013

VORT (magazine)

VORT (magazine) (USA)

Vort was a USA poetry magazine, borrowing part of the word “Vorticism,” for its title. Edited by Washington, D.C. book collector and editor, Barry Alpert, Vort lasted for nine issues from 1972-1976.

     Each of the nine issues, except volume 5, was devoted to only two writers, consisting of interviews by Alpert and the selected poets, selections of poems and essays and materials about the writers. The editions of the typewritten publication included the following:
Vol 1  Ed Dorn and Tom Raworth
Vol 2 Anselm Hollo and Ted Berrigan
Vol 3 David Bromige and Kenneth Irby
Vol 4 Fielding Dawson and Jonathan Williams
Vol 5 Robert Kelly
Vol 6 Gilbert Sorrentino and Donald Phelps
Vol 7 David Antin and Jerome Rothenberg
Vol 8 Jackson Mac Low and Armand Schwerner
Vol 9 Guy Davenport and Ronald Johnson

Because of its in-depth coverage of these writers, copies of the issues were greatly treasured by both scholars and readers of poetry.

-Douglas Messerli

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