January 11, 2013


The Project for Innovative Poetry

If you are reading this, you have (perhaps unknowingly) visited The Project for Innovative Poetry, a program of Green Integer publications devoted to a wide range of what might be described as “innovative” poetry writing, expanded to include poets outside of that limited rubric as well.

      The idea behind the Project by its founder, writer, editor, and publisher Douglas Messerli is seen as an attempt to gather, in coherent form, biographies, complete bibliographical listings in both the original languages and in English translation, and a selection of poems by over 2000 major international poets from the turn of the 20th century to the present. To date the Project has gathered in anthologies (published by Green Integer) and on its on-line site (PIPPoetry.blogspot.com) about 600 informational sites on poets, poetic groups, presses, magazines, critics, and numerous other related poetic organizations, along with extensive linkings to internet essays, sound recordings, films, and other commentary aimed at helping students, scholars, and general readers to comprehend the interrelatedness and potential connectivity of poets and writers of/about poetry throughout the world. The listings attempt to be as inclusive as possible, and encourage writers and scholars to contribute to original postings and the updating of its entries. The site also embraces its Gertrude Stein Awards for Innovative Poetry in the English Language, annual selections of new poems by older and younger poets in English language magazines.

     The PIP publications and its site, informed by a group of 50 international figures—which over the years have represented some of the most notable poets and critics of the 20th and 21st century—, encourages not only scholarly study, but attempts to make available its extensive archives and links to high school and university courses, offering students and their teachers an intelligent and inexpensive alternative to classroom teaching by giving students informed summaries about poets, evaluation of some of those figures, and a selection of their poems for no cost. To date, the PIP (the acronym of the Project) has had over 250,000 visitors from nearly every country to its site, along with thousands of book sales for its several PIP anthologies. In several cases the Project has also posted free and low-priced books available through PDF files.

     Below we have listed the current advisory members of our board, along with those members now deceased.


members of our advisory board:

Adonis (Syria/Lebanon)
Ilse Aichinger (Austria)
David Antin (USA)
John Ashbery (USA)
Nanni Balestrini (Italy)
Charles Bernstein (USA)
Elisabeth Borchers (Germany)
Kamu Braithwaite (Barbados)
Nicole Brossard (Canada/writes in French)
Remco Campert (Netherlands)
Andrée Chedid (b. Egypt/France)
Henri Deluy (France)
Tua Förstrom (Finland)
Lars Gustafsson (Sweden)
Paavo Haavikko (Finland)
Oscar Hahn (Chile)
Paal-Helge Haugen (Norway)
Lyn Hejinian (USA)
Ranjat Hoskote (India)
Jóhann Hjálmarsson (Iceland)
Susan Howe (USA)
Kenneth Irby (USA)
Philippe Jacottet (Switzerland)
Susanne Jorn (Norway)
Sarah Kirsch (DDR/Germany)
Ko Un (South Korea)
Gerrit Kouwenaar (Netherlands)
Günter Kunert (DDR/Germany)
Reiner Kunze (DDR/Germany)
Friedericke Mayröcker (Austria)
Jean Métellus (Haiti)
Christopher Middleton (England/lives USA)
Giulia Niccolai (Italy)
Michael Palmer (USA)
Marjorie Perloff (USA)
Tom Raworth (England)
Reina María Rodriquez (Cuba)
Jerome Rothenberg (USA)
Jacques Roubaud (France)
Claude Royet-Journoud (France)
Tomaž Šalamun (b. Croatia/Slovenia)
Roberto Sosa (Honduras)
Takahshi Mutsuo (Japan)
Tomas Tranströmer (Sweden)
Nanos Valaoritis (Greece)
Paul Vangelisti (USA)
Rosmarie Waldrop (USA)
Yang Lian (China/New Zealand)
Yoshimasu Gōzō (Japan)
Visar Zhiti (Albania)

former members [deceased]

Anne-Marie Albiach (France)
Ece Ayhan (Turkey)
Robin Blaser (b. USA/Canada)
André du Bouchet (France)
Aimé Cesaire (Martinique)
Haroldo de Campos (Brazil)
Inger Christensen (Denmark)
Robert Creeley (USA)
Jacques Derrida (France)
Arkadii Dragomoschenko (Russia)
Barbara Guest (USA)
Fiama Hasse de Pais Brandão (Portugal)
Miroslav Holub (Czech Republic)
Mario Luzi (Italy)
Jackson Mac Low (USA)
Nāzik al-Malā’ika (Iraq)
Oskar Pastior (Romania/Germany)
Carl Rakosi (USA)
Gonzalo Rojas (Chile)
Edoardo Sanguineti (Italy)
Abraham Sutzkevver (Lithuania/Israel)
Manuel Ulacia (Mexico)
Saül Yurkievich (Argentina)
Andrea Zanzotto (Italy)

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