November 27, 2012

Age de Carvalho

Age de Carvalho [Brazil]

Age de Carvalho was born in Belém, in the Pará state of Brazil, in 1958. He completed his primary and high school studies in Modern College in Bethlehem and graduated in Architecture froom the Federal University of Pará in 1981. His first book of poetry, Arquiteura dos Ossos (Architecture Bones) appeared in 1980.

[Age+de+Carvalho.jpg]      In 1984, de Carvalho moved to Europe, living for a while in Innsbruck and Munich, before settling in Vienna.

      He works primarily as a graphic designer, serving for several Austrian and German magazines as art director.

      His books include Arquiteura dos Ossos (1980), A fala entre parênteses (1982), Arena, areia (1986), and Ror (1990).



Arquitetura de Ossos (Belém: Editora Falângola/Semec, 1980);  A fala entre parênteses (Belém: Ediçōes Grapho/Gráfica Semec, 1982); Arena, areia (Belém: Grafisa/ Ediçōes Grapho, 1986); Ror. 1980-1990 (São Paulo: Duas Cidades, Secretaria de Estado da Cultura, 1990); Móbiles (with Augusto Massi) (Rio de Janiero: 7 Letras, 1998); Caveira 41 (São Paulo: Cosac & Naify/7 Letras, 2003); Seleta, antologia poética (Belém: Editora Paka-Tatu, 2004); Sangue-Gesang (Portuguese and German, trans. by Curt Meyer-Classon) (2006)


For a poetry performance (in Portuguese) by Age de Carvalho, click here:!


It was July
stones were blooming
you hauled the river’s shadow

We were called:
august, north, nobody


 Translated from the Portuguese by Dana Stevens

Negative of Ricardo Reis

Mouths purple (not
with wine),
above the white
brow grass grows

 I don’t call you Lydia: we know
nothing of the river of things.

—Translated from the Portuguese by Dana Stevens

The Age of the Oak

The age of the oak
blossoms from stone
(unwritten circle of stone,
shadow and difference)
points to the desert,
             the branch of a name,
awaits a date,
the answer

—Translated from the Portuguese by the author

“Passage,” “Negative of Ricardo Reis,” “The Age of Oak,” translations ©1997 by Dana Stevens and Age de Carvalho. Reprinted by permission of Green Integer.

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