August 4, 2011

Carlos Marzal

Carlos Marzal [Spain]

Born in Valencia, Spain in 1961, Carlos Marzal received his college degree in Hispanic Philology from the University of Valencia. For ten years he has edited the journal Quites (Remove).

His first book of poetry, El último de la fiesta (The Last of the Party), was published in 1987, and Marzal has published several volumes since, the fourth volume, Metales pesados (Heavy Metals) winning the Critics Award of Spanish poetry. In 2003 he won the Antonio Machado Poetry Award, and in 2004 the XVI International Poetry Prize.

Marzal's poetry has been grouped with the la poesía de la experiencia "group" (poetry of experience) of the 1980s and 1990s, along with writers such as Luis García Montero, Felipe Benítez Reyes and Vicente Gallego.

The poet has also published a novel Los reinos de la casualidad in 2005 and critical writing.

Marzal continues to reside in Valencia.


El último de la fiesta (Valencia: Renacimiento, 1987); La vida de frontera (Valencia: Renacimiento, 1991); Los países nocturnos (Barcelona: Tusquets, 1996); Metales pesados (Barcelona: Tusquets, 2001); Poesía a contratiempo (ed. by Andrés Neuman) (Maillot Amarillo, 2002); Sin porqué ni adónde (ed. Francisco Díaz de Castro) (Valencia: Renacimiento, 2003); Fuera de mí (XVI Premio de Poesía Fundación Loewe; Visor, 2004); El corazón perplejo (Barcelona: Tusquets, 2005).


No Other North: Selected Recent Poems of Carlos Marzal, trans. by Nathaniel Perry (in manuscript)

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Emblem on the Wind

In this blink of history,
a history which isn't even a blink
in the pages of the astral calendar;
with the strange chisel of language,
language which just barely suggets
a way of feeling the world;
I want to leave a prive emblem written
on the wind, one which requires no further emphasis:
Your love has ennobled all that exists
Your love, which embodies
the entire testimony of love, your language,
the clear blinkthrough which you see
our shared home in the calendar.
Your love, which in itself suggests
the best way to feel the world,
a just emblem
with which love is written on the wind,
and the wind passes through history.

—Translated from the Spanish by Nathaniel Perry

(from Metales pesados, 2001)

O Bird, My Fright, My Fear

O bird, my fright, my fear,
wandering nightingale of shadows,
leave off your migrations for a moment,
abandon your motiveless errancies,
turn your wings in the inhospitable air
and alter your course towards the country
of permanent clear-sightedness,
that fatal landscape where there'll be no excuse
for your endless insomnia.

O bird, my fear, my fright,
delicate nightingale of my unease,
glide gracefully over the dun-colored world,
and alight on the single brach
a tree has reserved for you.

You haven't forgotte, delirious crow,
with you awful knowledge of reallity,
that to lives is a weak illusion,
a phantom incandescence snuffed out in the night.
You haven't forgotten, inconsolable bird,
that the sun will blink out and the universe
will be a tundra, frozen, unaware that it is
a tundra, with no memory of the sun or its failing,
no crow, no bird in inconsolable flight.

For this, O melancholy bird,
I want you now to sing a senseless song,
and for your tiny trill to ring out
in a moment of eternal purity,
like an act of absolute grace—
for your warbling to be a prayer
to the coming god of chaos,
a hymn composed on behalf of oblivion,
a rapture of casual splendor
that will carry over the farthest hills
that will celebrate, in perfect scandal,
the frozen ruins of the future.

If you can do that, I will forgive your wanderings,
warm creature of anguish,
nightingale of my vagabond soul,
O crow, my scarce, my fright,
O bird of fear.

Translated from the Spanish by Nathaniel Perry

(from Metales pesados, 2001)

English language translations copyright ©2011 by Nathaniel Perry. Reprinted from his unpublished manuscript No Other North: Selected Recent Poems of Carlos Marzal


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