September 26, 2013

Request for Postings

Once again, I invite innovative poets with national or international reputations to send me information that will help me post their existence on our major PIP (Project for Innovative Poetry) site. You can post for yourself or another poet. Please send a complete and detailed biography (check the site for what we are seeking), plus a complete list of books in the original language (with city, publisher name and date), a list of English language translations (if any have been done), and a selection of 4-6 poems in English, along with a photograph.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at my email ( I will get back to you on your potential posting as soon as possible.

I am eager to include all major, serious poets from around the world. I'll also help to rewrite your bios, etc., but the final decision upon inclusion will be mine.

I also would like to encourage poets whom we have already posted to please update their sites.

We have now had over 300,000 visits to our site, many of our visitors being students, young and older, studying or reading poetry.

Douglas Messerli, Publisher

This site is created and maintained by poet and publisher Douglas Messerli, working very much alone. Eventually, I hope to be able to post over 2,200 international poets, but it is a vast project taking a great deal of work each month.
If you would like to contribute to the effort, you might send a financial contribution, however large or small, to the project directly (The PIP Poetry Project or to our Green Integer publishing company through Paypal.) If you email me at, I can help you to select a payment method. I truly appreciate any help that individuals or organizations can provide.

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