November 20, 2010

Julia Istomina

Julia Istomina [USSR/USA]

Born in Moscow, Julia Istomina spent a happy seven years with her very young parents and a large Russian extended family. Her parents moved to the United States right before the fall of Communism (1990) because of a rare study-abroad opportunity presented to her father.

Istomina began writing poetry at 12 years old, guided by an ex-con English professor who told her she had something going. She studied contemporary and Australian poetry with John Kinsella at Kenyon College, where she first picked up on the political insinuations of utilizing particular forms and styles in writing. Her poetry has appeared in Strand Magazine (UK), Big Bridge, the Bathyspheric Review, DMQ Review, Plum Ruby Review, Shampoo Poetry, Pudding Magazine, Los international Journal of Poesy and Art, Cortland Review and Salt International Journal.

Her translations of Russian poets Mikhail Lermontov and Marina Tsvetaeva have appeared in several issues of Ars Interpres International Journal. Julia's first book, tentatively titled "Americanka," explores bi-culturalism in her experience as an emerging Russo-American, and is currently under review for publication. Presently, Julia is working on a thriller in verse, which attempts to dissect the psychological, biological, social, lingual aspects and implications of human violence and passion. She believes that language is never a static entity, and that the continuing exploration and manipulation of organic and traditional structures of poetics serves to bring new, non-secular possibilities into the heterogeneous communal space.
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