November 9, 2014

Henri Droguet

Henri Droguet [France]

 Henri Droguet was born in Cherbourg, France on October 29, 1944, the son of Norman father from La Vicomté-su-Rance. Droguet spent his youth in Cherbourg, and attended scholl in Caen, where he also received his certificate of Modern Letters in 1970.

     Since 1972 he las lived in Saint-Malo, where he taught literature until 2004, after which he moved to Breton. Droguet prefers to described himself with the American term, “a Celt-made man.”

     His first collection of poetry, Le Bonheur noir, was published by Mercure de France in 1972, and since then he has continued to publish numerous volumes, including Ventôses (1990), La Main au feu (2001), 48°39’N”01’W (et autres lieux (2003), Avis de passage (2005), Albert&Cie, histoire (2005), Presto con fuoco (2006), and Off  (2007). With artists he also produced several illustrated book. Among his journal contributions are Nouvelle Revue Française, Po&sie, L’animal, Rehauts, Europe, Hopala, Le Nouveau Recueil, and La Revue de Belles Lettres.

     In 2014 the American publisher Rain Taxi published Droguet’s 2010 book Boucans in a translation by Alexander Dickow titled Clatters.


Le Bonheur noir (Paris: Mercure de France, 1972); Chant rapace (Paris: Gallimard, 1980); Le Contre-dit (Paris: Gallimard, 1982); Ventôses (Seyssel, France: Champ Vallon, 1990); Le Passé décomposé (Paris: Gallimard, 1994); Noir sur blanc (Paris: Gallimard, 1998); La Main au feu (Paris: Gallimard, 2001); Pluies, vents, bords perdus (with lithographs by Eric Brault) (Ombre et lumière, 2003) ; Champ du signe (with art by Thierre Le Saëc) (Éditions de la Canopée, 2003) ; 48°39’N”01’W (et autres lieux) (Paris: Gallimard, 2003); Avis de passage (with prints by Dominique Penloup) (Éditions Apogée, 2005); Avis de passage (Paris: Gallimard, 2005); Presto con fuoco (Mona Kerloff, 2006); Off (Paris: Gallimard, 2007); Miroir obscure (with art by Deominique Penloup (Le galet bleu, 2009); {Paix chimëres anamorphoses (with art by Yves Picquet (Toulon: Éditions Double Cloche, 2009); Cantique de l’algue bleue (art by Eric Brault) (Ombre et Lumiëre, 2010); Boucans  (Rennes, France : Éditions Wigwam, 2010) ; « Avis de grand frais » (Éditions Contre-Allées, 2011) ; Ceci n’est pas une fable (with drawings by Thierre Le Saëc) (Éditions de la Canopée, 2011) ; & tout le tremblement (with art by Loïc Le Groumellec) (Éditions Fario, 2012); Maintenant ou jamais (Éditions Belin, 2013) ; Rondes de nuit (with art by Yves Picquet) (Toulon :Éditions Double Cloche, 2013)


Clatters (Minneapolis : Rain Taxi, 2014)

For a selection of Droguet’s poetry, click here:

October 10, 2014

Table of Contents and other potential poets

We have apparently lost our complete listing of poets and poetic subjects. Below I relist my ongoing
listing of poets on which I've written and others I am still proposing. Gradually, I will relink these offerings. But if you can help by offering new entries on any poet or subject listed below, I appreciate your help. Also, I appreciate any updating of current sites, new books, further information, anything you might have to offer. I cannot complete this vast project without the help of the entire poetic community.

All underlined poets and subjects have entries on our site. Others need to me be entered. Please note our standard formats and projects when offering new entries.

Poets are listed by birthdate.

The PIP Anthology of World Poetry of the Twentieth and Twenty-first Century


Théophile Gautier (France) [1811-1872]
Charles-René-Marie Lecomte de Lisle (France) [1818-1891]
Walt Whitman (USA) [1819-1892]
   Preface to Leaves of Grass (1855 edition)
Theodore de Banville (France) [1823-1891]
René François Armand Sully-Proudhomme (France) [1839-1907]
François Coppée (France) [1842-1908]
José María de Herdia (France) [1842-1905]
Paul Verlaine (France) [1844-1896]
Germain Nouveau (France) [1852-1920]
Innokenty Annensky (Russia) [1856-1904]
Francis Jammes (France) [1862-1938]
August Stramm (Germany) [1864-1915]
W. B. Yeats (Ireland) [1865-1939]
Konstantin Balmont (Russia/France) [1867-1942]
Zinaida Gripius (Russia/France) [1869-1945]
Amado Nervo (Mexico) [1870-1919]
Enrique González Martínez (Mexico) [1871-1952]
   Preface “The Book of American Negro Poetry” by James Weldon Johnson
Christian Morgenstern (Germany) [1871-1914]
Tsuchii (Doi) Bansui (Japan) [1871-1952]
Shimazaki Toson (Japan) [1872-1943]
Charles Péguy (France) [1873-1914]
Paolo Buzzi (Italy) [1874-1956]
José María Eguren (Peru) [1874-1942]
   Book Subjoyride [PDF file]
    Essay “On Imagism” by Amy Lowell
Leopoldo Lugones (Argentina) [1874-1938]
   Book Tender Buttons [PDF file]
   Book Stanzas in Meditation [PDF file]  
Johannes Baader (Germany) [1875-1955]
José Santos Chocano (Peru) [1875-1934]
Julio Herrera y Reissig (Uruguay) [1875-1910]
Mikhail Kuzmin (Russia/USSR) [1875-1936]
Noguchi Yonejirō (Yone) (Japan/USA) [1875-1947]
*Rainer Maria Rilke (Germany) [1875-1926]
Theodor Däubler (b. Trieste/Germany) [1876-1934]
Léon-Paul Fargue (France) [1876-1947]
Ferdinand Hardekopf (Germany) [1876-1954]
Max Jacob (France) [1876-1944]
F. T. Marinetti (Italy) [1876-1944]
     Essay “Dramatic Disproportionment” (on Marinetti’s Critical Writings)
        by Douglas Messerli      
Anna de Noailles (France) [1876-1933]
Endre Ady (Hungary) [1877-1919]
Teixeira de Pascoaes (Portugal) [1877-1952]
Maksimilian Voloshin [Maksimilian Kirilenko-Voloshin] (Russia/USSR)
Eino Leino (Finland) [1878-1926]
Joan Pérez-Jorba (France) [1878-1928]
Yosano Akiko (Japan) [1878-1942]
Karel van de Woestijne (Belgium/writes in Dutch) [1878-1929]
Charlotte Gardelle (Romania) [1879]
Han Yong’un (Korea) [1879-1944]
Paul Klee (Switzerland) [1879-1940]
Francis Picabia (France) [1879-1953]
Tudor Arghezi [Ion N. Theodorescu] (Romania) [1880-1967]
Guillaume Apollinaire (France) [1880-1918]
Andrei Bely (Russia/USSR) [1880-1934]
Alexander Blok (Russia/USSR) [1880-1921]
Otto Flake (Alsace) [1880-1963]
George Bacovia [George Vasiliu] (Romania) [1881-1957]
Henri-Martin Barzun (France) [1881-1973]
Juan Ramón Jiménez (Spain) [1881-1958]
Valery Larbaud (France) [1881-1957]
Pablo Picasso (Spain) [1881-1973]
Lü Hsün (China) [1881-1936]
André Salmon (France) [1881-1969]
David Burlyuk (Russia/USA) [1882-1967]
Hendrik Nicolaas Werkman (Netherlands) [1882-1945]
Mihály Babits (Hungary) [1883-1941]
Porfiro Barba Jacob (Columbia) [1883-1942]
Theo van Doesburg (Holland) [1883-1931]
Nikos Kazantzakis (Greece) [1883-1957]
Totò Merúmení (Italy) [1883-1916]
Marie Noël [Marie-Mélanie Rouget] (France) [1883-1967]
Platon Rodhokanakis (Greece) [1883-1919]
Ernst Stadler (Germany/Alsace) [1883-1914]
*Takamura Kōtarō (Japan) [1883-1956]
William Carlos Williams (USA) [1883-1963]
     Essay “A World Detached”  by Douglas Messerli
Yamada Jyosha (Japan/USA) [1883-1969]
Avraham Ben Yitzhak [Avraham Sonne] (b. Galicia [now Poland]/Israel) [1883-1950]
Juana de Ibarbourou (Uruguay) [1884-1979]
Oskar Loerke (Germany) [1884-1941]
Tomás Morales Castellano (Canary Islands) [1994-1921]
Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes (France) [1884-1974]
Angelos Sikelianos (Greece) [1884-1951]
Kostas Varnalis (Greece) [1884-1974]
Pierre Albert-Birot (France) [1885-1967]
Emmy Hennings (Germany) [1885-1948]
Marie Laurencin (France) [1885-1956]
   Newspaper article “D. H. Lawrence’s Poetry Saved from Censor’s Pen” by Dalya
Kinoshita Mokutaro (Japan) 1885-1945]
Clément Pansaers (Belgium) [1885-1922]
Mushanokoji Saneatsu (Japan) [1885-1976]
Sophia Parnok (Russia) [1885-1933]
   Essay “Vorticist Lewis/Vorticist Pound” by Douglas Messerli
Edgar Varèse (France) [1885-1965]
Delmira Agustini (Uruguay) [1886-1914]
Enriqueta Arvelo Larriva (Venezuela) [1886-1962]
Hugo Ball (Germany) [1886-1927]
Francis Carco (New Caledonia/France) [1886-1958]
H. D. [Hilda Doolittle] (USA) [1886-1961]
Albert Ehrenstein (Austria) [1886-1950]
Raoul Hausmann (Germany) [1886-1971]
Max Herrmann-Neisse (Germany) [1886-1941]
Ishikawa Takuboku (Japan) [1886-1912]
Vladislav Khodasevich (Russia/France) [1886-1939]
*Alexei Kruchenykh (Russia/USSR) [1886-1968]
Moyse Legh-Halpern (Russia) [1886-1933]
Wyndham Lewis (England) [1886-1957]
    Essay “Vorticist Lewis/Vorticist Pound,” by Douglas Messerli
Alonso Quesada (Canary Islands) [1886-1925]
Igor Severyamin (USSR/Estonia) [1887-1941]
Georg Trakl (Germany) [1886-1914]
Hans Arp (Germany) [1887-1966]
Gunnar Björling (Finland/writes in Swedish) [1887-1960]
Blaise Cendrars (Switzerland) [1887-1961]
Marcel Duchamp (France) [1887-1968]
Joaquín Edwards Bello (Chile) [1887-1968]
Georg Heym (Germany) [1887-1912]
Jakob van Hoddis [Hans Davidsohn] (Germany) [1887-1942]
Pierre Jean Jouve (France) [1887-1976]
Josep Maria Junoy (Spain) [1887-1955]
Lajos Kassák (Hungary) [1887-1967]
René Maran (French Guiana) [1887-1960]
Nakao Yajin (Japan/USA) [1887-?]
Kurt Schwitters (Germany) [1887-1948]
Xul Solar [Oscar Augustín Alejandro Schulz Solari] (Argentina) [1887-1963]
Irving Berlin [Israel Isidor Baline] [(b. Russia/USA) [1888-1989]
Til Brugman (Netherlands) [1888-1958]
Francesco Cangiullo (Italy) [1888-1977]
Paul Dermée (Belgium) [1888-1957]
Wilhelm Ekelund (Sweden) [1888-1965]
Milán Füst (Hungary) [1888-1967]
Natalya Krandievskaya (Russia/USSR) [1888-1963]
Napoleon Lapathiotis (Greece) [1888-1944]
Paul Morand (France) [1888-1976]
Senke Motomaro (Japan) [1888-1948]
Okamoto Shiho (Japan/USA) [1888-1967]
Fernando Pessoa (Portugal) [1888-1935]
John Crowe Ransom (USA) [1888-1974]
Camillo Sbarbaro (Italy) [1888-1967]
Giuseppe Ungaretti (Italy) [1888-1970]
Jean Cocteau (France) [1889-1963]
Suzanne Duchamp (France) [1889-1963]
Gabriela Mistral (Chile) [1889-1957]
Muro Saisei (Japan) [1889-1962]
Walter Seener (Austria) [1889-c.1942]
Pierre Reverdy (France) [1889-1960]
Alfonso Reyes (Mexico) [1889-1959]
   Essay “Cannibal Manifesto” by Oswald de Andrade
Klabund [Alfred Henschke] (Germany) [1890-1928]
Rafael Lasso del la Vega (Spain) [1890-1959]
Kostas Ouranis (Greece) [1890-1953]
Boris Pasternak (Russia/USSR) [1890-1960]
Man Ray (Emmanuel Radnitzky) (USA/lived France) [1890-1976
    Selection of poems from Adonism of 1914
Mário de Sá-Carneiro (Portugal) [1890-1916]
Franz Werfel (b. Czechoslavakia/Austria) [1890-1945]
Max Ernst (Germany) [1891-1976]
Yvan Goll (Germany) [1891-1950]
Pär Lagerkvist (Sweden) [1891-1974]
Cole Porter (USA) [1891-1964]
     Essay “Pure Poetry” (on the lyrics of Porter’s Anything Goes) by Douglas Messerli
Pedro Salinas (Spain) [1891-1951]
Agustin Ujević (Serbia) [1891-1955]
Johannes Theodor Baargeld (Germany) [1892-1927]
    Book The Book of Repulsive Women [PDF file/freee]
    Essay “Sleeping with the Dogs,” by Douglas Messerli
    Music "Eight Rhythms, Settings by Djuna Barnes" by composer William Anderson [link]
Fortunato Depero (Italy) [1892-1960]
Horiguchi Daigaku (Japan) [1892]
Richard Huelsenbeck (Germany) [1892-1974]
Léon Laleau (Haiti) [1892]
Mo-jo Kuo (China) [1892-1978)
Hugh MacDiarmid (Scotland) [1892-1978]
Sato Haruo (Japan) [1892-1964]
Yannis Skarimbas (Greece) [1892-1984]
Tsunekawa Takako (Japan/USA) [1982-?]
César Vallejo (Peru) [1892-1938]
Mário de Andrade (Brazil) [1893-1945]
Pierre Drieu La Rochelle (France) [1893-1945]
Miroslav Krleža (Croatia) [1893-1981]
Aaro Hellaakoski (Finland) [1893-1952]
Jorge de Lima (Brazil) [1893-1953]
Vladimir Mayakovsky (Russia) [1893-1930]
Herbert Read (England) [1893-1968]
Josef Tress (Germany) [1893-1975]
Claude Cahun (France) [1894-1972]
E. E. Cummings (USA) [1894-1962]
     Essay, “Rethinking E.E. Cummings: An Appeal for a New Reading [redux]” by      
     Jerome Rothenberg
Uri Tsvi Greenberg (b. Galicia [now Poland]/Israel) [1894-1981]
Georgii Ivanov (Russia) [1894-1958]
Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz (Poland) [1894-1980]
Gertrud Kolmar [Gertrud Chodziesner] (Germany) [1894-1943]
Momcilo Nastasijević (Serbia) [1894-1938]
*Nishiwaki Janzaburō (Japan) [1894-1982]
Charles Reznikoff (USA) [1894-1976]
Pablo de Rokha [Carlos Diaz-Loyola] (Chile) [1894-1968]
Tanaka Fuyuji (Japan) [1894]
Joan Salvat-Papasseit (Spain) [1894-1924]
Marina Tsvetayeva (Russia) [1894-1941]
Ilia Zdanevitch (Russia) [1894-1975]
Ion Barbu (Romania) [1895-1961]
Theodoros Dornos (Greece) [1895?-1954]
*Paul Éluard [Eugène Grindel] (France) [1895-1952]
David Jones (England) [1895-1974]
Kaneko Mitsuharu (Japan) [1895-1975]
Nakashima Sho (Japan/USA) [1895-?]
Takis Papatsonis (Greece) [1895-1976]
Albin Zollinger (Switzerland) [1895-1941]
Antonin Artaud (France) [1896-1948
*André Breton (France) [1896-1966]
Gaston Burssens (Belgium) [1896-1965]
Nancy Cunard (England) [1896-1965]
   Essay “The Woman Most Likely to Raise Dogs”  by Douglas Messerli
Gerardo Diego (Spain) [1896-1987]
Elmer Diktonius (Sweden) [1896-1961]
Jacob Glatshteyn (Poland/USA] [1896-1971]
Friedrich Glauser (Switzerland) [1896-1938]
Kostas Karyotakis (Greece) [1896-1928]
Walter Mehring (Germany) [1896-1981]
Francesco Meriano (Italy) [1896-1934]
Paul van Ostaijen (Belgium/writes in Dutch] [1896-1928]
   Book The First Book of Schmoll (PDF file)
Miyazawa Kenji (Japan) [1896-1933]
Eugenio Montale (Italy) [1896-1982]
Bino Sanminiatelli (Italy) [1896-1984]
Tristan Tzara (Romania) [1896-1963]
Jacques Vaché (France) [1896-1979]
Józef Wittlin (Poland/USA) [1896-1970]
Erwin Bloomfield [Erwin Blumenfeld] (b. Germany/USA) [1897-1969]
Joë Bousquet (France) [1897-1950]
Rudolf Henz (Austria) [1897-1987]
Hsü Chih-mo (China) [1897-1931]
Philippe Soupault (France) [1897-1990]
Xu Zhimo (China) [1897-1931]
Dámaso Alonso (Spain) [1898-1984]
Miguel Angel Zambrano (Ecuador) [1898-1969]
Anzai Fuyue (Japan) [1898-1965]
Bertolt Brecht (Germany) [1898-1956]
Paul Colinet (Belgium) [1898-1957]
Julius Evola (Italy) [1898-1974]
*Federico Garcia Lorca (Spain) [1898-1936]
Hedwig Katscher (Austria) [1898-1988]
Concha Méndez (Spain) [1898-1986]
Martinus Nijhoff (Netherlands) [1898-1945]
Nikolai Oleinikov (Russia/USSR) [1898-1937]
Giuseppe Raimondi (Italy) [1898-    ]
J. Slauerhoff (Frisian Island/Netherlands) [1898-1936]
*Giuseppe Steiner (Italy) [1898-1964]
    Book Drawn States of Mind [PDF file/free]
Taniguchi Isamu (Japan/USA) [1898-1992]
Melvin B. Tolson (USA) [1898-1966]
Uyemaruko Shizuku (Japan/USA) [1898-1992]
Yoshida Issui (Japan) [1899-1973]
Jorge Luis Borges (Argentina) [1899-1986]
    Essay “’Out of the Square, the Circle’:Vision in Nightmare”  by Douglas Messerli
Rade Drainac (Serbia) [1899-1943]
Anastasios Drivas (Greece) [1899-1942]
Erich Kästner (Germany) [1899]
Benjamin Péret (France) [1899-1959]
Elisabeth Langgässer (Germany) [1899-1950]
Carlos Pellicer (Mexico) [1899-1977]
Emilio Prados (Spain) [1899-1962]
Shinoda Youko (Japan/USA) [1899-1987]
Anatal Stern (Poland) [1899-1968]
Alan Tate (USA) [1899-1979]
Roger Vitrac (France) [1899-1959]
Wen Yiduo [Wen I-to] (China) [1899-1946]
Karin Boye (Sweden) [1900-1941]
Basil Bunting (England) [1900-1985]
Chu Yohan (Korea) [1900-1980]
Eyvind Johnson (Sweden) [1900-1976]
Robert Desnos (France) [1900-1945]
José Ramón Heredia (Venezuela) [1900]
Fily-Dabo Sissoko (Mali) [1900-1964]
Guillermo de Torre (Spain) [1900-1972]
Inagaki Taruho (Japan) [1900-1977]
Kitagawa Fuyuhiko (Japan) [1900]
Leopoldo Marechal (Argentina) [1900-1953]
Miyoshi Tatsuji (Japan) [1900-1964]
     Essay “City for Failed Acrobats” (on Nezval’s Antilyrik) by Douglas Messerli
Jacques Prévert (France) [1900-1977]
George Seferis (Greece) [1900-1971]
Tu Mo (Viet Nam) [1900-1976]
Alexander Wat (Poland) [1900-1967]
Rosamel del Valle [Moisés Guitiérrez] (Chile) [1901-1965]
Andreas Embirikos (b. Romania/Greece) [1901-1975]
José Gorostiza (Mexico) [1901-1973]
Jacinto Fombona-Pachano (Venezuela) [1901]
Michel Leiris (France) [1901-1990]
Hino Sojo (Japan] [1901-1956]
Marie Luise Kaschnitz (Germany) [1901-1974]
Zoe Karelli (Greece) [1901-1998]
Henriqueta Lisboa (Brazil) [1901-1985]
François Le Lionnais (France) [1901-1984]
Cecília Meireles (Brazil) [1901-1964]
Murilo Mendes (Brazil) [1901-1975]
Murano Shiro (Japan) [1901-1975]
Oguma Hideo (Japan) [1901-1940]
Salvatore Quasimodo (Italy) [1901-1968]
Albert-Marie Schmidt (France) [1901]
Wilhelm Szabo (Austria) [1901-1986]
Jean-Joseph Rabéarivelo (Madagascar) [1901-1937]
     Essay “Poet to Painter” by Douglas Messerli
Carlos Drummond de Andrade (Brazil) [1902-1978]
Hans Bellmer (Germany) [1902-1975]
Chŏng Chiyong (Korea) [1902-?]
Kaisar Emmanuil (Greece) [1902-1969]
Gyula Illyés (Hungary) [1902-1983]
Nazim Hikmet (Turkey/Poland) [1902-1963]
Nakano Shigeharu (Japan) [1902-1979]
Saga Nobuyuki (Japan) [1902]
Kim Sowŏl (Korea) [1902-1934]
Jaime Torres Bodet (Mexico) [1902-1974]
Erich Arendt (Germany) [1903-1984]
Jorge Maateo Cuesta Porte-Petit (Mexico) [1903-1942]
Edwin Denby (USA) [1903-1983]
Jean Follain (France) [1903-1971]
Gérard Francis [Gérard Rosenthal] (France) [1903]
Hayashi Fumiko (Japan) [1903-1951]
Kim Yŏngnang (Korea) [1903-1950]
Kusano Shinpei (Japan) [1903-1988]
Henriqueta Lisboa (Brazil) [1903-1985]
Mathias Lübeck (Germany) [1903-1944]
E. L. T. Mesens [Edouard Léon Théodore] (Belgium) [1903-1971]
César Moro [Alfredo Quíspez Asín]  (Peru) [1903-1956]
Lorine Niedecker (USA) [1903-1970]
Aldo Pellegrini (Argentina) [1903-1973]
Jean Tardieu (France) [1903-1995]
Ono Tozaburo (Japan) [1903-1996]
Raymond Queneau (France) [1903-1976]
Raymond Radiguet (France) [1903-1923]
Carl Rakosi (USA) [1903-2004]
    Book, Rakosi's Poems 1923-1941 (PDF file)
    Essay “Utopia without Poetry” by Douglas Messerli
Tagaki Kyozo (Japan) [1903]
Nikolai Zabolotsky (Russia/USSR) [1903-1958]
George Vafopoulos (Greece) [1903-1996]
Jonas Aistis [Jonas Aleksandravićius] (Lithuania) [1904-1973]
John Beecher (USA) [1904-1980]
Omar Cáceres (Chile) [1904-1943]
Johannes Edfelt (Sweden) [1904-1997]
Damil Kharms (Russia/USSR) [1904-1942]
Gilbert Lély (France) [1904-1985]
Harry Martinson (Sweden) [1904-1978]
Jehan Mayroux (France) [1904-1975]
Salomėja Nėris [Salomėja Bačinskaitė-Bučienė] (Lithuania) [1904-1945]
Moses Rosenkranz (Bukovina/Germany) [1904-2003]
Takenaka Iku (Japan) [1904]
Yi Yuksa (Korea) [1904-1944]
Xavier Villaurrutia (Mexico) [1904-1950]
Avoroth Yshuru (b. Ukraine/Israel) [1904]
Louis Zukofsky (USA) [1904-1978]
Gerrit Achterberg (Netherlands) [1905-1962]
Xavier Abril (Peru) [1905-1990]
Manuel Altolaguirre (Spain) [1905-1959]
Jacques Baron (France) [1905]
Vladimir Holan (Czechoslavkia) [1905-1980]
Iwasa Toichiro (Japan) [1905-1974]
*Atilla József (Hungary) [1905-1937]
Chona Madera (Canary Islands) [1905-1981]
Leonid Martynov (Russia/USSR) [1905-1980]
Kenneth Rexroth (USA) [1905-1982]
Ernst Schönwiese (Austria) [1905]
Louis Scutennaire (Belgium) [1905-1987]
Taniguchi Sadaya (Japan/USA) [1905-?]
Jesse Thoor [Peter Karl Höfler] (Germany) [1905-1952]
Adam Ważyk (Poland) [1905-1982]
Betti Alver (Estonia) [1906-1989]
Daniel Andreyev (Russia) [1906-1959]
Dimitrios I. Antoniou (Greece) [1906-1983]
Aurelio Arturo (Columbia) [1906-1974]
Samuel Beckett (Ireland) [1906-1989]
Achille Chavée (Belgium) [1906-1969]
Birago Diop (Senegal) [1906-1989]
Sait Faik (Turkey) [1906-1954]
Jean Ferry [Jean Lévy] (France) [1906-1976]
Snorri Hjartarson (Iceland) [1906-1986]
Georges Hugnet (France) [1906-1974]
Matsuda Hakisamei (Japan/USA) [1906-1970]
Nagase Kiyoko (Japan) [1906]
Kusano Shinpei (Japan) [1906-1988]
Erika Mitterer (Austria) [1906-2001]
Ellie Papadimitriou (Greece) [1906-1995]
Sandro Penna (Italy) [1906-1977]
Zoltán Zelik (Hungary) [1906]
Werner Zemp (Switzerland) [1906-1959]
W.H. Auden (England/USA) [1907-1973]
   The Auden Group (England)
Rose Ausländer (Bukovina/Germany) [1907-1988]
Bernardas Brazdžionis (Lithuania) [1907-2002]
Nicolaos Calas (Greece) [1907-1985]
Asaf Hâlet Çelebi (Turkey) [1907-1958]
René Char (France) [1907-1988]
Josefina de la Torre (Canary Islands) [1907]
Humberto Díaz-Casanueva (Chile) [1907-1992]
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Solveig von Schoultz (Finland/writes in Swedish) [1907-1996]
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René Daumal (France) [1908-1944]
Im Hwa (Korea) [1908-1953]
George Oppen (USA) [1908-1984]
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Léo Malet (France) [1909-1996]
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Virgil Teodorescu (Romania) [1909-1987]
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Ai Ch’ing (China) [1910-1996]
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Jean Genet (France) [1910-1986]
Sara de Ibáñez (Uruguay) [1910-1971]
Nikos Kavadias (Greece) [1910-1975]
Norman MacCaig (Scotland) [1910]
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Melissánthi (Greece) [1910-1990]
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Charles Olson (USA) [1910-1970]
Charles Pressóir (Haiti) [1910]
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Patrice de Le Tour du Pin (France) [1911-1975]
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Bern Porter (USA) [1911-2004]
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Tennessee Williams (USA) [1911-1983]
John Cage (USA) [1912-1992]
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Léon-Gontran Damas (French Guiana) [1912-1978]
Andrejs Eglītis (Latvia) [1912-2006]
William Everson (Brother Antonius) 1912-1994
    Review of Everson’s The Light the Shandow Casts by James Dunagan
Nikos Gatsos (Greece) [1912-1992]
Enrique Gil Gilbert (Ecuador) [1912-1973]
Jan Hanlo (Netherlands) [1912-1969]
Edmond Jabès (France) [1912-1991]
Jean Lescure (France) [1912-2005]
José A. Llerena (Ecuador) [1912-1977]
Félix Morisseau-Leroy (Haiti) [1912-1998]
Adriaan Morriën (Netherlands) [1912-2002]
No Ch’ŏmyŏng (Korea) [1912-1957]
Pak Sŏk (Korea) [1912-?]
Henri Pastoureau (France) [1912-1996]
Virgilio Piñera (Cuba) [1912-1979]
Dionisio Ridruejo (Spain) [1912-1975]
Juliane Windhager (Austria) [1912-1986]
Antoine-Roger Bolamba (Congo) [1913-2002]
Aimé Césaire (Martinique) [1913-2008]
     Essay “A Life Serving Others,” by Douglas Messerli
Jorge I. Guerrero (Ecuador) [1913]
Gherasim Luca (Romania) [1913-1994]
Tove Meyer (Denmark) [1913-1972]
Vinicius De Morães (Brazil) [1913-1980]
Meret Oppenheim (Switzerland) [1913-1985]
Sabine Sicaud (France) [1913-1928]
Huberto Vacas Gómez (Ecuador) [1913]
Aida Tsunao (Japan) [1914-1990]
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William Burroughs (USA) [1914-1997]
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*Mario Luzi (Italy) [1914-2005]
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Nicanor Parra (Chile) [1914]
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Max Hölzer (Austria) [1915-1984]
Karl Krolow (Germany) [1915-1999]
Christine Lavant (Austria) [1915-1973]
Porfirio Meneses Lazón (Peru/writes in Quechua) [1915]
*Gellu Naum (Romania) [1915-2001]
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Thomas Sessler (Austria) [1915]
Sŏ Chŏngju (Korea) [1915-2000]
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Zikkoku Osamu (Japan) [1915]
Gastón Baquero  (Cuba) [1916-1997]
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Bernard Binlin Dadié (Ivory Coast) [1916]
Pierre Emmanuel (France) [1916-1984]
David Gascoyne (England) [1916-2001]
Anne Hébert (Canada) [1916-2000]
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Pak Mogwŏl (Korea) [1916-1978]
Pino Ojeda (Canary Islands) [1916-2002]
Blas de Otero (Spain) [1916-1979]
Pak Tujin (Korea) [1916-1998]
Takis Varvitsiotis (Greece) [1916]
Wada Hakuro (USA) [1916-?]
Yusaf al-Khal (Lebanon) [1917-1987]
Kazys Bradānas (Lithuania) [1917]
Leonore Carrington (England) [1917]
Robert Conquest (England) [1917]
Nick Joaquin (The Philippines) [1917-2004]
Nikos Karydis (Greece) [1917-1984]
Matsuda Kazue [Violet Kazue de Cristoforo] (Hawaii/USA) [1917-2007]
   Essay “On Alien Land,” by Douglas Messerli
Ricardo Molina (Spain) [1917-1969]
G. M. Mukotodh (India) [1917-1964]
Paul Niger (Guadeloupe) [1917-1962]
Augusto Roa Bastos (Paraguay) [1917-2005]
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Martin Bell (English) [1918-1978]
İlhan Berk (Turkey) [1918-2008]
Cees Buddingh’ (Netherlands) [1918-1985]
César Dávila Anddrade (Ecuador) [1918-1967]
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Du Yunxie (Malaysia/China) [1918]
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Yun Tongju (Korea) [1918-1945]
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Ivan Blatný (Czechoslavakia/England) [1919-1990]
Iason Depountis (Greece) [1919]
Robert Duncan (USA) [1919-1988]
     Poem "My Mother Would Be a Falconress," by Duncan [link]
France Filipič (Slovenia) [1919]
Vicente Gaos (Spain) [1919-1980]
Michael Guttenbrunner (Austria) [1919-2004]
José Luis Hidalgo (Spain) [1919-1947]
Michalis Katsaros (Greece) [1919-1998]
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Ku Sang (Korea) [1919-2004]
Yoshioka Minoru (Japan) [1919-1990]
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Tatamkhulu Afrika (b. Egypt/South Africa) [1920-2002]
Ayukawa Nobuo (Japan) [1920-1986]
Mario Benedetti (Uruguay) [1920-2009]
*Paul Celan (Bukovina (Romania)/France) [1920-1970]
   Book Lightduress [PDF file]
Cho Chihun (Korea) [1920-1968]
Hanns Cibulka (DDR/now Germany) [1920]
Adonis Decavalles (Greece) [1920]
   Essay “A Quiet Man in the Vast and Chattering Desert,” by Douglas Messerli
D. J. Enright (England) [1920-2002]
Alfred Gong (Bukovina/USA) [1920-1981]

Stefán Hörður Grímsson (Iceland) [1920-2002]

   Essay “The Countess of Berkeley,” by Douglas Messerli
Ernst Herbeck (Austria) [1920-1991]
Ishigaki Rin (Japan) [1920]
Lêdo Ivo (Brazil) [1920]
Ektor Kaknavatos (Greece) [1920]
Jaan Kross (Estonia) [1920-2007]
Paul Laraque (Haiti/USA) [1920]
Pedro Lezcano (b. Spain/Canary Islands) [1920]
Kaliju Lepik (Estonia) [1920-1999]
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Pierre Martory (France) [1920-1998]
Edwin Morgan (Scotland) [1920]
Doris Mühringer (Austria) [1920]
Henrikas Nagys (Lithuania) [1920]
Alfonsas Nyka-Niliūnas (Lithuania) [1920]
Arshi Papa (Albania) [1920-1997]
Marcel and Gabriel Piqueray (Belgium) [1920-1992 (Gabriel)] [1920-1997 (Marcel)]
Gisèle Prassinos (France) [1920]
Franz Richter (Austria) [1920]
Nelo Risi (Italy) [1920]
Carlos de Rokha (Chile) [1920-1962]
Györrgy Somlyó (Hungary) [1920]
Idea Vilariño (Uruguay) [1920]
Zhou Mengdie (China) [1920]
Zef Zorba (Albania) [1920-1943]
[H]ans [C]arl Artmann (Austria) [1921-2000]
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Wolfgang Borchert (Germany) [1921-1947]
Andonis Dimoulas (Greece) [1921-1985]
Erich Fried (Austria) [1921-1988]
Margherita Guidacci (Italy) [1921-1992]
Helmut Heissenbüttel (Germany) [1921-1996]
     “The Dilemma of Being High and Dry”
     “Schematic Development of Tradition”
Radovan Ivsic (Croatia) [1921-2009]
Tymoteusz Karpowicz (Poland) [1921]
Aina Kraujiete (Latvia) [1921]
Miguel Labordeta (Spain) [1921-1969] 
Eeva-Liisa Manner (Finland) [1921-1995]
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Aris Alexandrou (Greece) [1922-1978]
Nāzik al-Malā’ka (Iraq) [1922-2007]
Kingsley Amis (England) [1922-1995]
Miron Białoszewski (Poland) [1922]
Donald Davie (England) [1922-1995]
Blaga Dmitrova (Bulgaria) [1922]
Stefan Doinaş [Stefan Popa] (Romania) [1922-2002]
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Jack Kerouac (USA) [1922-1969]
Kim Ch’unsu (Korea) [1922]
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Kitamura Taro (Japan) [1922]
Philip Larkin (England) [1922-1985]
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Hanny Michaelis (Netherlands) [1922-2007]
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Jan Skácel (Czechoslavkia/now Czech Republic) [1922-1989]
Salette Tavares (Mozambique/Portugal) [1922]
Aharon Amir (Israel) [1923-2008]
Eugenio de Andrade (Portugal) [1923-2005]
Mandó Aravandinoú (Greece) [1923-1998]
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Carlos Bousoño (Spain) [1923]
Stefan Brecht (b. Germany/USA) [1923-2009]
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Cristina Campo [Vittoria Guerrini] (Italy) [1923-1977]
Ion Caraion (Romania) [1923-1986]
Mário Cesariny de Vasconcelos (Portugal) [1923-2006]
Elena Clementelli (Italy) [1923]
Christine D’haen (Belgium/writes in Dutch) [1923-2009]
Carlos Edmundo de Ory (Spain) [1923]
Fina García Marruz (Cuba) [1923]
Pablo García Baena (Spain) [1923]
Chaim Gouri (Mandatory Palistine/Israel) [1923]
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Mirsolav Holub (Czech Republic) [1923-1998]
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George Makris (Greece) [1923-1968]
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Herbert Zand (Austria) [1923-1970]
Yehuda Amichai (Israel) [1924-2000]
André du Bouchet (France) [1924-2001]
Dennis Brutus (Zimbabwe) [1924-2009]
Nina Cassian (Romania) [1924]
Cid Corman (USA/lives Japan) [1924-2004]
Jorge Gaitán Durán (Colombia) [1924-1962]
Jorge Eduardo Eielson (Peru) [1924]
Nissim Ezekiel (India/writes in English) [1924-2004]
Jerzy Ficowski (Poland) [1924-2006]
Gerhard Fritsch (Austria) [1924-1969]
Janet Frame (New Zealand) [1924-2004]
Gust Gils (Belgium/writes in Dutch) [1924-2002]
Epameinondas Gonatas (Greece) [1924-2006]
Zbigniew Herbert (Poland) [1924-1998]
Hans Lodeizen (Netherlands) [1924-1950]
*Lucebert (Netherlands) [1924-1994]
    Book Collected Poems, Volume 1 [PDF file]
Pavel Matev (Bulgaria) [1924-2006]
Friederike Mayröcker (Austria) [1924]
Aila Meriluoto (Finland) [1924]
Walther Nowotny (Austria) [1924]
Alexandre O’Neill (Portugal) [1924-1986]
George Pavlópoulos (Greece) [1924]
António Ramos Rosa (Portugal) [1924]
Alexandros Skinas (Greece) [1924]
Olga Votsi (Greece) [1924-1998]
Karl Wawra (Austria) [1924]
Sonja Åkesson (Sweden) [1925-1977]
Manólis Anagnostákis (Greece) [1925]
   Essay “The Fire Behind Myself” (on Blaser’s The Fire: The Collected Essays) by   
    Douglas Messerli (with note)
Heimrad Bäcker (Austria) [1925-2003]
Ernesto Cardenal (Nicaragua) [1925]
Rosario Castellanos (Mexico) [1925-1974]
Arif Damar (Turkey) [1925]
Ian Hamilton Finlay (b. Bahamas/Scotland) [1925-2006]
François Garnung (France) [1925]
Claude Gauvert (Canada) [1925-1971]
Ángel González (Spain) [1925-2008]
Alois Hergouth (Austria) [1925-2002]
Hong Yunsuk (Korea) [1925]
Philippe Jaccottet (Switzerland) [1925]
Ernst Jandl (Austria) [1925-2000]
Roberto Juarroz (Argentina) [1925-1995]
Bob Kaufman (USA) [1925-1986]
Kenneth Koch (USA) [1925-2002]
Inge Müller (Germany) [1925-1966]
Nīkuni Seiichi (Japan) [1925-1979]
Heinz Piontek (Germany) [1925-2003]
Jack Spicer (USA) [1925-1965]
Östen Sjöstrand (Sweden) [1925-2006]
Thor Vilhjálmsson (b. Scotland/Icleand] [1925]
John Wain (England) [1925-1994]
Emmett Williams (USA) [1925-2007]
Yamamoto Taro (Japan) [1925]
Sonja Åkesson (Sweden) [1926-1977]
Hans Andreus (Netherlands) [1926-1977]
Abdul Wahab Al-Bayati (Iraq) [1926-1999]
Paul Blackburn (USA) [1926-1971]
Elisabeth Borchers (Germany) [1926]
George Brecht (USA) [1926-2008]
José Manuel Caballero Bonald (Spain) [1926]
Bo Carpelan (Finland) [1926]
Ángel Crespo (Spain) [1926-1997]
René Depestre (Haiti) [1926]
J. Eijkelboom (The Netherlands) [1926]
Landis Everson (USA) [1926]
Robert Filliou (USA) [1926-1987]
Luciana Frezza (Italy) [1926-1994]
Lorenzo García Vega (Cuba) [1926]
Allen Ginsberg (USA) [1926-1996]
Elizabeth Jennings (England) [1926-2002]
Ibaragi Noriko (Japan) [1926]
Astride Ivaska (Latvia) [1926]
Frank Jæger (Denmark) [1926-1977]
Nikos Karouzos (Greece) [1926]
Kuroda Kio (Japan) [1926]
Ivan Malinowski (Denmark) [1926-1989]
Sigmund Mjelve (Norway) [1926-1995]
Pak Inhwan (Korea) [1926-1956]
Christa Reinig (DDR/Germany) [1926]
Jean Sénac (Algeria) [1926-1973]
Badr Shākir al-Sayyāb (Iraq) [1926-1964]
Cleva Solis (Cuba) [1926-1997]
Kostas Steriopoulos (Greece) [1926]
Blanca Varela (Peru) [1926]
Pierre Alechinsky (Belgium) [1927]
Tuomas Anhava (Finland) [1927-2001]
   Review of Ashbery’s Wakefulness by Marjorie Perloff
   Essay “The Pick-up,” by Douglas Messerli
Carlos Germán Belli (Peru) [1927]
Edwin Brock (England) [1927]
Klaus Demus (Austria) [1927]
David Diop (Senegal) [1927-1960]
Jacques Dupin (France) [1927-2012]
*Larry Eigner (USA) [1927-1996]
     Essay-review “Broadcasting Silence” by Douglas Messerli
Luis Feria (Canary Islands) [1927]
Günter Grass (Germany) [1927]
Fu’ad Haddad (Egypt) [1927-1985]
Fritzi Harmsen van Beek (Netherlands) [1927]
Pentti Holappa (Finland) [1927]
Folke Isaksson (Sweden) [1927]
Kim Nanjo (Korea) [1927]
Philip Lamantia (USA) [1927-2005]
Nakamura Minoru (Japan) [1927]
Oskar Pastior (Romania/Germany/writes in German) [1927-2006]
Nikos Photkas (Greece) [1927]
Taurig Rafat (Pakistan) [1927-1998]
Tomás Segovia (b. Spain/Mexico) [1927]
Kostis Taktsis (Greece) [1927-1988]
Charles Tomlinson (England) [1927]
Turgut Uyar (Turkey) [1927-1985]
Miroslav Válek (Czechslovakia/now Slovakia) [1927-1991]
Wiktor Woroszylski (Poland) [1927-1996]
Ludwig Zeller (Chile) [1927]
Lionel Abrahams (South Africa) [1928-2004]
Laís Corrêa de Araújo (Brazil) [1928-2006]
Affonso Ávila (Brazil) [1928]
Chawki Baghdadi (Syria) [1928]
Carlo Barral (Spain) [1928-1989]
Pino Betancor (Canary Islands) [1928]
Edip Cansever (Turkey) [1928-1986]
Sigfús Daðason (Iceland) [1928-1996]
Lars Forssell (Sweden) [1928-2007]
Günter Bruno Fuchs (Germany) [1928-1977]
Vera Gherarducci (Italy) [1928]
Edouard Glissant (Martinique) [1928]
Kurt Klinger (Austria) [1928]
Anise Koltz (Luxembourg) [1928]
Herta Kräftner (Austria) [1928-1951]
Ingemar Leckius (Sweden) [1928]
Lo Fu [Mo Luofu] (Taiwan) [1928]
Lars Lundkvist (Sweden) [1928]
Jayanta Mahapatra (India) [1928]
Joyce Mansour (England/France) [1928-1986]
Giancarlo Marjarino (Italy) [1928]
Slavko Mihalic (Croatia) [1928]
Munir Niazi (Pakistan) [1928]
Lassi Nummi (Finland) [1928]
Títos Patríkos (Greece) [1928]
Miodrag Pavlović (Yugoslavia/now Serbia and Montenegro) [1928]
Hasegawa Ryusei (Japan) [1928]
Genrikh Sapgir (USSR / now Rusia) [1928]
Per Højholt (Denmark) [1928]
Nathaniel Tarn (England/USA) [1928]
Al-Munsif al-Wahaybi (Tunisia) [1929]
René Altmann (Austria) [1929-1978]
José Ángel Valente (Spain) [1929-2000]
Armando [Herman Dirk von Dodeweerd] (Netherlands) [1929]
Jaime Gil de Biedma (Spain) [1929-1990]
Walter Buchebner (Austria) [1929-1964]
   Essay-review “Sparse Song Dark Thread” (on Claus’ Desire) by Douglas Messerli
   Essay-review “A Simplicity of Saying” (on Campert’s This Happened Everywhere) by
     Douglas Messerli
Haraldo de Campos (Brazil) [1929-2003]
Corrado Costa (Italy) [1929-1991]
    Essay “Finding It Hard to Navigate,” by Douglas Messerli
Edward Dorn (USA) [1929-1999]
     Review of Dorn’s Two Interviews by James Dunagan
Hans Magnus Enzensberger (Germany) [1929]
Walter Helmut Fritz (Germany) [1929]
Thomas Gunn (England/USA) [1929-2004]
Gabor Görgey (Hungary) [1929]
François Jacqmin (Belgium) [1929-1992]
Sándor Kányádi (Hungary) [1929]
Joseph Julien Gugliemi (France) [1929]
Paul-Marie Lapointe (Canada/writes in French] [1929]
Ed Leeflang (Netherlands) [1929]
Carlos Obregón (Columbia) [1929-1963]
Peter Porter (Australia/England) [1929]
A. K. Ramanujan (India/writes in Tamil] [1929-1993]
Wieland Schmied (Austria) [1929]
André Schmitz (Belgium) [1929]
Shinkawa Kazue (Japan) [1929]
*Gilbert Sorrentino (USA) [1929-2006]
   Book The Orangery [PDF file]
Nivarita Tejera (b. Cuba/Canary Islands/France) [1929]
Ilse Tielsch (Austria) [1929]
Kateb Yacine (Algeria) [1929-1989]
Dane Zajc (Slovenia) [1929]
Chinua Achebe (Nigeria) [1930]
Horst Bienek (Germany) [1930-1990]
Kamau Brathwaite (Barbados) [1930]
Claude Michel Cluny (France) [1930]
Gregory Corso (USA) [1930]
Sandor Csoóri (Hungary) [1930]
Michel Deguy (France) [1930]
Jean-Pierre Duprey (France) [1930-1959]
Kjell Espmark (Sweden) [1930]
Mário Faustino (Brazil) [1930-1962]
Roy Fisher (England) [1930]
Mihal Hanxhari (Albania) [1930-1999]
Hans-Jürgen Heise (Germany) [1930]
Herberto Helder (Madeira Islands, Portugal) [1930]
Kawasaki Hiroshi (Japan) [1930-2004]
Iijima Kōichi (Japan) [1930]
Salah Jahin (Egypt) [1930-1986]
Fayad Jamis (Cuba) [1930]
Mattias Johannessen (Iceland) [1930]
Majken Johansson (Sweden) [1930]
Gabriella Leto (Italy) [1930]
Harry Mathews (USA/lives France) [1930]
Bernard Noël (France) [1930]
Tadeusz Nowak (Poland) [1930]
Andreas Okopenko (b. Czechoslovakia/Austria) [1930-2010]
Heberto Padilla (Cuba) [1930-2000]
Dan Pagis (b. Bukovina/Israel) [1930-1986]
   Book War Variations [PDF file]
Gerhard Rühm (Austria) [1930]
Edoardo Sanguineti (Italy) [1930-2010]
Shang Quin (b. China/Taiwan) [1930]
Gary Snyder (USA) [1930]
Peter Sandelin (Finland/writes in Swedish) [1930]
Anthony Thwaite (England) [1930]
Shin Tongyŏp (Korea) [1930-1969]
Martial Sinda (Congo) [c. 1930]   
Lennart Sjögren (Sweden) [1930]
Jude Stéfan (France) [1930]
Jörg Steiner (Switzerland) [1930]
Yagawa Sumiko (1930-2002]
Taha Muhammad Ali (b. Mandatory Palestine/Israel) [1931]
    Essay “Flying” (on Ayhan’s The Blind Cat Black and Orthodoxies) by Douglas
Vizma Belševica (Latvia) [1931]
Jacques Bens (France) [1931-2001]
Thomas Bernhard (Austria) [1931-1989]
Jack Collum (USA) [1931]
Henri Deluy (France) [1931]
   Book Carnal Love [PDF file]
José Pascuel Buxó (Spain/Mexico) [1931]
Paavo Haavikko (Finland) [1931]
Manfred Peter Hein (Germany) [1931]
Margarethe Herzele (Austria) [1931]
Alda Merini (Italy) [1931]
Conny Hannes Meyer (Austria) [1931]
Horikawa Masami (Japan) [1931]
Irizawa Yasuo (Japan) [1931]
Alfred Kolleritsch (Austria) [1931]
Urszula Kozioł (Poland) [1931]
Edouard J. Maurick (Mauritius) [1931]
Ōoka Makoto (Japan) [1931]
Rossana Ombres (Italy) [1931]
Göran Palm (Sweden) [1931]
Hughes C. Pernath [Hugo Wouters] (Belgium/writes in Dutch) [1931-1975]
Göran Printz-Påhlson (Sweden) [1931]
Mirrka Rekola (Finland) [1931]
Klaus Rifbjerg (Denmark) [1931]
    Essay “A Vigorous Medley of Voices” (on a reading of Rothenberg’s and Jeffrey   
       Robinsons’ anthology The University of California Book of Romantic and Post-
       Romantic Poets) by Douglas Messerli
Shang Qin (China) [1931]
Shiraishi Kazuko (b. Canada/Japan) [1931]
Lasse Söderberg (Sweden) [1931]
Olafs Stumbrs (Latvia) [1931]
Cemal Süreya (Turkey) [1931-1990]
Tanikawa Shuntarō (Japan) [1931]
Abdelkarim Tabbal (Morocco) [1931]
Tchicaya U Tam’Si (Congo) [1931-1988]
   Essay-review “Answering the Sphinx” (on Antin’s I Never Knew What Time It Was) by
   Douglas Messerli
   Essay “Fractures of Self” (on Antin’s Radical Coherency) by Douglas Messerli
Konrad Bayer (Austria) [1932-1964]
Jürgen Becker (Germany) [1932]
Francisco Brines (Spain) [1932]
Andrzei Bursa (Poland) [1932-1957]
Michel Couturier (France) [1932-1987]
Ernest David (Austria) [1932]
Mosheh Dor (Israel) [1932]
Werner Dürrson (Germany) [1932]
Elfriede Gerstl (Austria) [1932]
Philip Hobsbaum (England) [1932]
Hermann Jandl (Austria) [1932]
Vyron Leondaris (Greece) [1932]
George Macbeth (Scotland) [1932-1992]
Michael McClure (USA) [1932]
Roal’d Mandelshtam (USSR) [1932-1961]
Marco Antonio Mortes de Oca (Mexico) [1932]
René Philoctète (Haiti) [1932-1995]
Christopher Okigbo (Nigeria) [1932-1967]
Peter Redgrove (England) [1932-2003]
Jacques Roubaud (France) [1932]
C. K. Stead (New Zealand) [1932]
Thanasis Tzoulis (Greece) [1932]
Ya Xian (China) [1932]
Keith Waldrop (USA) [1932]
Riekus Waskowsky (Netherlands) [1932-1977]
Annemarie Zonnack (Germany) [1932]
Gültan Akin (Turkey) [1933]
Ruy Belo (Portugal) [1933-1978]
Jacques Brault (Canada/writes in French) [1933]
David Bromige (b. England/Canada] [1933-2009]
    Essay “Changing Hands,” by Douglas Messerli
Ágnes Gergely (Hungary) [1933]
Jerzy Harasymowicz (Poland) [1933-1999]
Peter Härtling (Germany) [1933]
Jovan Hristić (Serbia) [1933]
*Ko Un (Korea) [1933]
    Book Himalaya Poems [PDF file]
    Book Songs for Tomorrow [PDF file]
    Book Ten Thousand Lives [PDF file]
    Essay “At the Edge of the Continent,” by Douglas Messerli
*Reiner Kunze (DDR/now Germany) [1933]
    Book Rich Catch in an Empty Creel [PDF file]
John Leefman (Surinam/Netherlands) [1933]
Edward Lucie-Smith (Jamaica/England) [1933]
Roland Morisseau (Haiti) [1933]
Pak Chaesan (Korea) [1933-1997]
Rezső Keszthelyi (Hungary) [1933]
Peter Orlovsky (USA) [1933-2010]
Marcelin Pleynet (France) [1933]
Manuel Padorno (Canary Islands) [1933]
Alkesandar Ristović (Serbia) [1933]
Nichita Stănnescu (Romania) [1933-1983]
Farrokh Tamimi (Iran) [1933]
Frank Samperi (USA) [1933-1991]
*(8) Paul Snoek [Edmond Schietekat] (Belgium/writes in Dutch) [1933-1981]
Guillermo Sucre (Venezuela) [1933]
Ojars Vacietis (Latvia) [1933-1983]
Vasilis Vassilikos (Greece) [1933]
Andrei Voznesensky (USSR) [1933]
Imants Ziedonis (Latvia) [1933]
Fleur Adcock (New Zealand/England) [1934]
Gennadi Aygi (Russia/Chuvash) [1934]
   Essay-review “Word-faces” (on Aygi’s Child-and-Rose) by Douglas Messerli
David Avidan (Israel) [1934]
Muhammad al-Maghut (Syria) [1934]
Ted Berrigan (USA) [1934-1983]
Joseph Ceravolo (USA) [1934-1988]
Jayne Cortez [Sallie Jayne Richardson] (USA) [1934-2012]
Adam Czerniawski (Poland) [1934]
Tasos Denegris (Greece) [1934]
Diane di Prima (USA) [1934]
Stanisław Grochowiak (Poland) [1934-1976]
Judith Herzberg (Netherlands) [1934]
Anselm Hollo (b. Finland/USA) [1934-2013]
Naná Isaia (Greece) [1934]
Wulf Kirstein (German Democratic Republic/now Germany] [1934]
Rutger Kopland (Netherlands) [1934]
Gerrit Krol (Netherlands) [1934]
Johannes Kühn (Germany) [1934]
Otto Laaber (Austria) [1934-1973]
Branko Miljkovic (Serbia) [1934-1961]
Vsevolod Nekrasov (USSR / now Russia) [1934]
David Malouf (Australia) [1934]
Piera Oppezzo (Italy) [1934]
Rafael Pérez Estrada (Spain) [1934-2000]
Claudio Rodríguez (Spain) [1934]
Kedarnath Singh (India/writes in Hindu) [1934]
Kerstin Thorék (Sweden) [1934]
Volker von Törne (Germany) [1934]
*John Wieners (USA) [1934-2002]
    Book 707 Scott Street: The Journal of John Wieners [PDF file/free]
    Essay “Between Visions” (on several Wieners works) by Douglas Messerli (with
Itamar Ya’oz-Kest (b. Hungary/Israel) [1934]
Ahmad ‘Abd al-Mu’ti Hijazi (Egypt) [1935]
Nanni Balestrini (Italy) [1935]
    One of Awoonor’s last poems
László Bertók (Hungary) [1935]
   Essay “The Danish ‘It’ Girl,” by Douglas Messerli
Heinz Czechowski (DDR/now Germany) [1935]
Claude Esteban (France) [1935]
Ion Gheorghie (Romania) [1935]
Zulfikar Ghose (Pakistan/England/USA) [1935]
John Giorno (USA) [1935]
Rolf Haufs (Germany) [1935]
Stratis Haviaras (Greece) [1935]
Georg Johannesen (Norway) [1935]
Ronald Johnson (USA) [1935-1998]
Sarah Kirsch (DDR/Germany) [1935]
José Antonio Labordeta (Spain) [1935]
Claire Malroux (France) [1935]
Muhammad ‘Afifi Maţar (Egypt) [1935]
Christoph Meckel (Germany) [1935]
Karl Mikel (DDR/now Germany) [1935]
Helga M. Novak (DDR/now Germany/Iceland/lives Poland) [1935]
Halina Poswiatowska (Poland) [1935-1967]
Ali Püsküllüoğlu (Turkey) [1935]
Shin Kyŏng-Nin (Korea) [1935]
Ljubomir Simović (Serbia) [1935]
Tomioka Taeko (Japan) [1935]
Willem van Toorn (Netherlands) [1935]
Radoslav Vojvodić (Yugoslavia) [1935]
Gösta Ågren (Finland) [1936]
Taner Baybars (Cyprus/England) [1936]
Ori Bernstein (Israel) [1936]
Wolf Biermann (DDR/now Germany) [1936]
Gerald Bisinger (Austria) [1936]
Joseph Miezan Bognin (Ivory Coast) [1936]
Ferruccio Brugnaro (Italy) [1936]
Georges Castera (Haiti) [1936]
Saqi Farooqi (Pakistan/writes in Urdu and English) [1936]
Frankétienne [Franck Étienne] (Haiti) [1936]
Lars Gustafsson (Sweden) [1936]
Özdemir İnce (Turkey) [1936]
C. O. Jellema (Netherlands) [1936]
Roland Jooris (Belgium/writes in Dutch) [1936]
Ismail Kadare (Albania) [1936]
Väjnö Kristinä (Finland) [1936]
Aleksandr Kushner (Russia) [1936]
Onat Kutlar (Turkey) [1936-1995]
Lyubomir Levchev (Bulgaria) [1936]
Dacia Maraini (Italy) [1936]
Marcelijus Martinaitis (Lithuania) [1936]
Mohammed Meimouni (Morocco) [1936]
Anatoly Naiman (USSR/now Russia) [1936]
Ottó Orbán (Hungary) [1936]
Alejandra Pizarnick (Argentina/France) [1936-1972]
J. H. Prynne (England) [1936]
Dahlia Ravikovitch (b. Mandatory Palestine/Israel) [1936-2005]
K. Schippers (Netherlands) [1936]
Shin Kyŏngnim (Korea) [1936]
Marin Sorescu (Romania) [1936]
Nikos Stangos (Greece) [1936]
Anne-Marie Albiach (France) [1937-2012]
   short obituary on Albiach by Charles Bernstein
   “In Memory of Anne-Marie Albiach 1937-2012 by Robin Tremblay-McGraw
Claes Andersson (Finland) [1937]
Unsi al-Haj (Lebanon) [1937]
Bai Qiu (China) [1937]
Kurt Bartsch (DDR/now Germany] [1937]
Chris Bezzel (Germany) [1937]
Nicolas Born (Germany) [1957-1979]
Arnold de Vos (b. Netherlands/Italy) [1937]
Kathleen Fraser (USA) [1937]
Ivan Gadjanski (Serbia) [1937]
Félix Grande (Spain) [1937]
Susan Howe (USA) [1937]
   Review “Keeping History a Secret” (on early Howe books) by Douglas
Jolanda Insana (Italy) [1937]
Krzystof Kerasek (Poland) [1937]
Serge Legagneur (Haiti) [1937]
Jean Métellus (Haiti) [1937]
Yunna Morits (Russia) [1937]
Vijaya Mukhopadhyay (India) [1937]
Jean Orizet (France) [1937]
Lily Flores Palomino (Peru/writes in Quechua) [1937]
Michalis Papenicolaou (Greece) [1937]
Tom Phillips (England) [1937]
Pentti Saarikoski (Finland) [1937-1983]
Jutta Schutting (Austria) [1937]
    Book Distancias [PDF file]
Judita Vaičiūnaitė (Lithuania) [1937]
Tomas Venclova (Lithuania) [1937]
Mikhail Yeryomin (USSR / now Russia) [1937]
Francisco Alvim (Brazil) [1938]
Guy R. Beining (USA) [1938]
Nic van Bruggen (Belgium) [1938]
Günter Brus (Austria) [1938]
Chŏng Hyŏnjong (Korea) [1938-1991]
Elke Erb (DDR/ now Germany) [1938]
Dominique Fourcade (France) [1938]
Gösta Friberg (Sweden) [1938]
Oscar Hahn (Chile) [1938]
Fiama Hasse de Pais Brandão (Portugal) [1938-2007]
Hwang Tonggyu (Korea) [1938]
Esmail Khoi (Iran) [1938]
Torgny Lindgren (Sweden) [1938]
Kito Lorenc (DDR/now Germany/writes in Sorbic) [1938]
Dom Moraes (India) [1938-2004]
Eva Mylona (Greece) [1938]
Peter Ortman (Sweden) [1938]
*Tom Raworth (England) [1938]
Ajip Rosidi (Indonesia) [1938]
*Azem Shkreli (Yugoslavia/Kosova) [1938-1997]
  Review-essay “The Unshackling of Albanian Poetry” by John Taylor
Dezső Tandori (Hungary) [1938]
Jean-Baptiste Tati-Loutard (Congo) [1938]
H. C. ten Berge (Netherlands) [1938]
George Thaniel (Greece) [1938-1991]
Gabrielle Althen (France) [1939]
Katerina Angelaki-Rooke (Greece) [1939]
Leonid Aranzon (USSR/Russia) [1939-1970]
Tobias Berggren (Sweden) [1939]
Volker Braun (DDR/now Germany) [1939]
Beat Brechbüh (Switzerland) [1939]

Chonggi Mah (Korea) [1939]

Malay Roy Choundhary (Hungary) [1939]
*Clark Coolidge (USA) [1939]
   Book Rova Improvisations [PDF file]
   Book Solution Passage: Poems 1978-1981 [PDF file]
   Essay “Trying to Leave” (on Coolidge in the USSR) by Douglas Messerli
Jacques Darras (France) [1939]
Luisa Futoransky (Argentina) [1939]
Hermann Gail (Austria) [1939]
Bogomil Gjuzel (Yugoslavia/Macedonia) [1939]
Jacques Hamelink (Netherlands) [1939]
Lee Harwood (England) [1939]
Alain Lance (France) [1939]
Rakel Liehu (Finland) [1939]
Frank Lima (USA) [1939]
Luiza Neto Jorge (Portugal/lived France) [1939-1989]
José Emilio Pacheco (Mexico) [1939]
Giovanni Quessap (Columbia) [1939]
Aharon Shabtai (Mandatory Palestine/Israel) [1939]
Göran Sonnevi (Sweden) [1939]
Sirkka Turkka (Finland) [1933]
Quincy Troupe (USA) [1939]
Liesl Ujvary (Czechoslavakia/Austria) [1939]
Hans Verhagen (Netherlands) [1939]
Jan Erik Vold (Norway) [1939]
Elisabeth Wandeler-Deck (Switzerland) [1939]
Peter Paul Wiplinger (Austria) [1939]
Yoshimasu Gōzō (Japan) [1939]
Vito Acconci (USA) [1940]
Fadhil Al-Azzawi (Iraq) [1940]
Homero Aridjis (Mexico) [1940]
Kari Aronpuro (Finland) [1940]
Luigi Ballerini (Italy/lives USA) [1940]
Birgitta Boucht (Finland/writes in Swedish) [1940]
Rof Dieter Brinkmann (Germany) [1940-1975]
Tobias Berggren (Sweden) [1940]
Jacques Crickillon (Belgium) [1940]
Māris Čaklais (Latvia) [1940]
César Calvo (Peru) [1940]
Danielle Collobert (France) [1940-1978]
Harald Gerlach (Germany) [1940]
Katerina Gogou (Greece) [1940-1993]
Niko Grafenauer (Slovenia) [1940]
Kyríákos Haralambídis (Greece) [1940]
Gunnar Harding (Sweden) [1940]
Emmanuel Hocquard (France) [1940]
Bernd Jentzsch (DDR/now Germany) [1940]
Adil Jussawalla (India/writes in English) [1940]
Kawata Ayane (China) [1940]
Osvaldo Lamborghini (Argentina) [1940]
Ileana Mălăncioiu (Romania) [1940]
Jan Östergren (Sweden) [1940]
Yamba Ouloguem (Mali) [1940]
Heidi Pataki (Austria) [1940]
Dimitry Prigov (USSR / now Russia) [1940]
Thamnaret (Laos) [c 1940]
Ottó Tolnai (b. Yugoslavia/Hungary) [1940]
Robert Yeo (b. Malaya/Singapore) [1940]
Elly de Waard (Netherlands) [1940]
Yang Mu (Taiwan) [1940]
Xiong Hong [Hu Meizi] (Taiwan) [1940]
Elolongue Epanya Yondo (Cameroon) [1940]
Ioan Alexandru (Romania) [1941]
Aziz al-Samawi (Iraq) [1941]
Anthony Barnett (England) [1941]
Antonín Brousek (Czechslovakia/now Czech Republic) [1941]
Anna Cascella (Italy) [1941]
Tom Clark (USA) [1941]
Jean Daive (France) [1941]
Mahmād Darwīsh (Palestine) [1941-2008]
Jean-Claude Fignolé (Haiti) [1941]
Barbara Frischmuth (Austria) [1941]
Dick Gallup (USA) [1941]
Melisa Gürpinar (Turkey) [1941]
Michelle Grangaud (France) [1941]
Hedva Harechavi (Madatory Palestine/Israel) [1941]
*Lyn Hejinian (USA) [1941]
   Book The Cell [PDF file]
   Book My Life [PDF file]
Luis Hernández (Peru) [1941-1977]
Wolfgang Hilbig (Germany) [1941-2007]
Rodolfo Hinostroza (Peru) [1941]
Wim Hofman (Netherlands) [1941]
Svetlana Hristova-Jocić (Macedonia) [1941]
Jaan Kaplinski (Estonia) [1941]
Chiha Kim (Korea) [1941]
Claude Mouchard (France) [1941]
Charles North (USA) [1941]
Jyrki Pellinen (Finland) [1941]
Joan Retallack (USA) [1941]
Claude Royet-Journoud (France) [1941]
Tomaž Šalamun (Slovenia [b.Croatia]) [1941]
Pentti Saaritsa (Finland) [1941]
*Adriano Spatola (Italy) [1941-1988]
   Essay “Investigative Procedures: Publishing Spatola,” by Douglas Messerli
Mario Suško (Croatia) [1941]
Günter Unger (Austria) [1941]
Stefaan van den Brent (Belgium/writes in Dutch) [1941]
Guntram Vesper (DDR/now Germany) [1941]
Tom Veitch (USA) [1941]
Guntram Vesper (DDR/Germany) [1941]
Nurit Zarch (Mandatory Palestine/Israel) [1941]
Mariella Bettarini (Italy) [1942]
Ana Blandiana (Romania) [1942]
James Brodey (USA) [1942]
Antonio Cisneros (Peru) [1942]
Anne Duden (Germany) [1942]
Fujii Sadakazu (Japan) [1942]
Vasco Graça Moura (Portugal) [1942]
Ted Greenwald (USA) [1942]
     Essay “The Rhythms of the ‘Language’ Poets” (on Charles Bernstein and Ted  
        Greenwald) by Douglas Messerli
Peter Handke (Austria) [1942]
Javier Héraud (Peru) [1942-1963]
Katalin Ladik (b. Yugoslavia/Hungary) [1942]
(9) Peter Laugesen (Denmark) [1942]
Ann Lauterbach (USA) [1942]
Egidio Molinas Leira (Paraguay/Italy) [1942]
Marco Martos (Peru) [1942]
Hugo Mujica (Argentina) [1942]
Paul-Eerik Rummo (Estonia) [1942]
Ali Podrimja (Albania) [1942]
Dine Petrik (Germany) [1942]
Peter Schjeldahl (USA) [1942]
Geoffrey Squires (Ireland/England) [1942]
Alain Veinstein (France) [1942]
Caetano Veloso (Brazil) [1942]
     Interview, "The Sung Word: Caetano Veloso in 1979" between Veloso and Regis Bonvicino [link]
Eddy van Vliet (Belgium/writes in Dutch) [1942-2002]
Tom Weatherly (USA) [1942-2014]
Risto Ahti (Finland) [1943]
Nicole Brossard (Canada/writes in French) [1943]
Michael Brownstein (USA) [1943]
*Chang Ts’o [Dominic Cheung] (Taiwan/lives USA) [1943]
Argyris Chionis (Greece) [1943]
Ray DiPalma (USA) [1943]
Luigi Fontanella (Italy) [1943]
Sigitas Geda (Lithuania) [1943]
Hsi Muren [see Xi Murong]
Peter Henisch (Austria) [1943]
Im Yŏngjo (Korea) [1943]
Leslie Kaplan (b. USA/France) [1943]
Yánnis Kontós (Greece) [1943]
Michael Krüger (Germany) [1943]
Árni Larsson (Iceland) [1943]
Hannu Mäkelä (Finland) [1943]
Miguel Martinón (Canary Islands) [1943]
Nguyễn Khoa Điễm (Viet Nam) [1943]
Mostafa Nissabouri (Morocco) [1943]
Lars Norén (Sweden) [1943]
Imre Oravecz (Hungary) [1943]
Maureen Owen (USA) [1943]
Justo Jorge Padrón (Canary Islands) [1943]
Michael Palmer (USA) [1943]
György Petri (Hungary) [1943-2000]
Ángel Sánchez (Canary Islands) [1943]
Youcef Sebti (Algeria) [1943]
Eira Stenberg (Finland) [1943]
Borben Vladović (Croatia) [1943]
*Xi Murong (Hsi Muren) (b. China/Taiwan) [1943]
Ioanna Zervou (Greece) [1943]
António Franco Alexandre (Portugal) [1944]
Zsófia Balla (b. Romania/Hungary) [1944]
Dario Bellezza (Italy) [1944-1996]
Tahar Ben Jelloun (Morocco) [1944]
J. Karl Bogartte (USA) [1944]
Predrag Bogdanović Ci (Serbia) [1944]
Michael Davidson (USA) [1944]
J. A. Deelder (Netherlands) [1944]
Moma Dimić (Yugoslavia/now Serbia and Montenegro) [1944]
Péter Dobai (Hungary) [1944]
Henri Droguet (France) [1944]
Jörg Fauser (Germany) [1944-1987]
Christoph Hein (Germany) [1944]
Hannu Helin (Finland) [1944]
Franz Hodjak (Romania/Germany) [1944]
Gerrit Komrij (Netherlands) [1944]
Viktor Krivulin (USSR / now Russia) [1944]
K. Curtis Lyle (USA) [1944]
Duda Machado (Brazil) [1944]
Nitin Mehta (India/writes in Gujarti) [1944]
Michail Mitras (Greece) [1944]
Nancy Morejón (Cuba) [1944]
Torquato Neto (Brazil) [1944]
bpNichol (Canada) [1944-1988]
Lars Norén (Sweden) [1944]
Ernst Nowak (Austria) [1944]
Heleno Oliveira (Brazil/Italy) [1944]
Kees Ouwens (Netherlands) [1944-2004]
Lefteris Poulios (Greece) [1944]
Armando Romero (Columbia) [1944]
André Roy (Canada/writes in French) [1944]
Waly Salomão (Brazil) [1944-2003]
Dino Siotis (Greece) [1944]
Staffan Söderblom (Sweden) [1944]
Sergey Stratanovsky (USSR / now Russia) [1944]
Johann P. Tammen (Netherlands/Germany] [1944]
Hans Tentije (Netherlands) [1944]
Jürgen Theobaldy (Germany) [1944]
Lorenzo Thomas (b. Panama/USA] [1944-2005]
Galsan Tschinag [Irgit Shynykbai-oglu Dshurukuwaa] (Mongolia) [1944]
Peter Turrini (Austria) [1944]
Paulina Vinderman (Argentina) [1944]
Paul Violi (USA) [1944]
Marjorie Welish (USA) [1944]
Wen Jianliu (Taiwan) [1944-1976]
Ý Nhí (Viet Nam) [1944]
Ad Zuiderent (Netherlands) [1944]
Peter Zumpf (Austria) [1944]
Ilse Brem (Austria) [1945]
Maurizio Cucchi (Italy) [1945]
Denis Desautels (Canada/writes in French) [1945]
Anna Enquist (Netherlands) [1945]
Rainer Maria Fassbinder (Germany) [1945-1972]
Ákos Fodor (Hungary) [1945]
Pere Gimferrer (Spain) [1945]
John Godfrey (USA) [1945]
    Essay-review “Pretending Swagger” (on Godfrey’s City of Corners) by Douglas
Manuel Gusmão (Portugal) [1945]
Kang Ŭn’gyo (Korea) [1945]
Hédi Kaddour (Tunisia/France) [1945]
Irén Kiss (Hungary) [1945]
Frank Koenegracht (Netherlands) [1945]
Mohomed Loakira (Morocco) [1945]
Paulo Leminski (Brazil) [1945-1989]
Ewa Lipska (Poland) [1945]
Bernadette Mayer (USA) [1945]
    Essay-review “Anatomy of Self,” by Douglas Messerli
Rajo Petrov Nogo (Serbia) [1945]
*Henrik Nordbrandt (Denmark) [1945]
Alice Notley (USA) [1945]
Athiná Papadaki (Greece) [1945]
Pradodh Parikh (India/writes in Gujarti) [1945]
Reinhard Priessnitz (Austria) [1945]
Margarita Renberg (Sweden) [1945]
Aleksandr Thachenko (Russia) [1945]
Násos Vayenás (Greece) [1945]
André Velter (France) [1945]
Nazih Abou-Afach (Syria) [1946]
*Demosthenes Agrafiotis (Greece) [1946]
   Book Writing Dimensions [PDF file]
Hazem Al-Azmeh (Syria) [1946]
Robert Anker (Netherlands) [1946]
Octavio Armand (Cuba) [1946]
Aicha Arnaout (Syria/Fance) [1946]
Stanisław Bazańczak (Poland) [1946]
William Cliff (Belgium) [1946]
   Short memory of Coleman by Juan Felipe Herrera
   Essay "Writing to Communicate" (on Coleman's life) by Douglas Messerli
Antonio Colinas (Spain) [1946]
    Book Xenia [on PDF file]
    Essay “Lives of the Artists” (on being with Dragomoschenko in Leningrad) by    
Biancamaria Frabotta (Italy) [1946]
Lilianne Giraudon (France) [1946]
Natasa Hadzidaki (Greece) [1946]
Ulla Hahn (Germany) [1946]
William Hurtado de Mendoza (Peru/writes in Quechua) [1946]
Pierre Joris (b. Luxembourg/lives USA) [1946]
Hester Kribbe (Netherlands) [1946]
Julian Kornhauser (Poland) [1946]
Vivian Lamarque (Italy) [1946]
Vivi Luik (Estonia) [1946]
Gérard Macé (France) [1946]
Nicole Malinconi (Belgium) [1946]
Marina (Rena Hadjidhaki) (Greece) [1946]
Abdelwahab Meddeb (Tunisia/France) [1946]
Debarati Mitra (India/writes in Bengali) [1946]
Ilma Rakusa (Switzerland) [1946]
Peter Reading (England) [1946]
Fahmida Riaz (Pakistan) [1946]
Peter Rosei (Austria) [1946]
Excilia Saldaña (Cuba) [1946-1999]
K. Satchidanandan (India/writes in Kerala) [1946]
Ron Silliman (USA) [1946]
José Watanabe (Peru) [1946]
   Essay “The Present’s Chronic Revision,” by Douglas Messerli
Mohammed Bentalha (Morocco) [1947]
Patrizia Cavalli (Italy) [1947]
Eugenio De Signoribus (Italy) [1947]
Peter Finch (Wales) [1947]
Tua Forsström (Finland) [1947]
Rhea Galanaki (Greece) [1947]
Robert Gluck (USA) [1947]
Guy Goffette (Belgium/France) [1947]
Elena Ignatova (Russia) [1947]
Peter Inman (USA) [1947]
    Franck André Jammes (France) [1947]
Jacques Jouet (France) [1947]
Ursula Krechel (Germany) [1947]
Maria Laina (Greece) [1947]
Jarkko Laine (Finland) [1947]
Mirko Lauer (Peru) [1947]
Liz Lochhead (Scotland) [1947]
Nathaniel Mackey (USA) [1947]
Steve McCaffery (Canada/lives USA) [1947]
Zvonko Maković (Croatia) [1947]
    Book Dark [PDF file]
    Essay “Poetry and Perception” by Douglas Messerli
    Essay “Between: the Art of Collaboration,” by Douglas Messerli
    Interview with Douglas Messerli by Marjorie Perloff
    Essay “Giving Poetry ‘Back to People,’” by Douglas Messerli
    Interview “The Future of Poetry Publishing” by Jeffrey Slide with Douglas Messerli
    Introduction to The PIP Anthology of World Poetry, Volume 4, “American Values” by
        by Douglas Messerli
    Poem "The Stars Offer the Trees Their Confident Shade" by Douglas Messerli [link]
Agi Misho (b. Hungary/Israel) [1947]
Charles Mungoshi (Zimbabwe) [1947]
Rafael Patiñ (Columbia) [1947]
Yannis Patilis (Greece) [1947]
Sebastien Reichmann (Romania/France) [1947]
Lev Rubinshtein (Russia) [1947]
Said (b. Iran/Germany) [1947]
Abelardo Sánchez Léon (Peru) [1947]
Aaron Shurin (USA) [1947]
Sony Labou Tansi (Zaire) [1947-1995]
Habib Tengour (Algeria) [1947]
Miloslav Tešić (Serbia and Montenegro) [1947]
Agim Vinca (Albania) [1947]
Hans Vlek (Netherlands) [1947]
Jacques Werup (Sweden) [1947]
Mikhail Aizenberg (USSR / now Russia ) [1948]
Urs Allemann (Switzerland) [1948]
Dvora Amir (Israel) [1948]
Bruce Andrews (USA) [1948]
   Essay-review “Wordscape Poets” (on works by Bernstein, Andrews, and Perelman)
       by Douglas Messerli
Eqrem Basha (Albania) [1948]
Claude Beausoleil (Canada/writes in French) [1948]
Ahmed Belbdaoui (Morocco) [1948]
Mohammed Bennis (Morocco) [1948]
Arie van den Berg (Netherlands) [1948-1986]
Rosita Copioli (Italy) [1948]
F. van Dixhoorn (Netherlands) [1948]
Eva Gerlach (Netherlands) [1948]
Dimitis Kalokyris (Greece) [1948]
Natasha Lako (Albania) [1948]
Raša Livada (Serbia) [1948]
Bardhyl Londo (Albania) [1948]
Ljubica Miletić (Serbia) [1948]
Jit Narain (Surinam/writes in Sarami) [1948]
Sigúrdur Pálsson (Iceland) [1948]
Pavlina Pampoudi (Greece) [1948]
Elena Shvarts (USSR / now Russia) [1948]
Thangjam Ibopishak Singh (India/writes in Manipuri) [1948]
Piotr Sommer (Poland) [1948]
Milorad Stojević (Croatia) [1948]
Milko Valent (Croatia) [1948]
Juhan Viiding (Estonia) [1948]
Dušan Vukajlović (Serbia) [1948]
*Barrett Watten (USA) [1948]
Annie Zedek (France) [1948]
Ivan Zhadanov (USSR / now Russia) [1948]
Joseph Anouma (Ivory Coast) [1949]
Braulio Arenas (Chile) [1949]
Tatiana Bek (USSR / now Russia) [1949]
Bei Dao (China/lives Hong Kong) [1949]
Normand de Bellefeuille (Canada/writes in French) [1949]
Horacio Benavideo (Columia) [1949]
Maria Efstathiadi (Greece) [1949]
Ivo Frbéžar (Slovenia) [1949]
Jean Chepdelaine Gagnon (Canada/writes in French) [1949]
Pedro Guitérrez Revuelta (Spain) [1949]
Tsjêbbe Hettinga (Netherlands) [1949]
Inagawa Masato (Japan) [1949]
Jiang He [Yu Youze] [1949]
Nuno Júdice (Portugal) [1949]
Péter Kánton (Hungary) [1949]
Gerhard Kofler (Austria) [1949-2005]
Lee Si-young (Korea) [1949]
    Book [PDF file] Lee Si-young's Patterns
Oleh Lysheha (Ukraine) [1949]
János Marno (Hungary) [1949]
Monzer Masri (Syria) [1949]
Jenny Mastoraki (Greece) [1949]
Eileen Myles (USA) [1949]
Andreas Pagoulatos (Greece) [1949]
Anne Portugal (France) [1949]
   Essay-review “At Point Zero” (on Portugal’s Nude) by Douglas Messerli
Nestor Perlongher (Argentina) [1949]
Olga Sedakova (USSR / now Russia) [1949]
Stephanos Stephanides (Cyprus) [1949]
Novica Tadić (Serbia) [1949]
Pierre Voélin (Switzerland) [1949]
Helmut Zenker (Austria) [1949]
Moikom Zeqo (Albania) [1949]
   Book Dark City [PDF file/free]
   Book The Nude Formalism (with Susan Bee) [PDF file]
   Essay “Talking in Circles” (on Bernstein’s The Attack of the Difficult Poems) by    
 Douglas Messerli
   Essay-review “The Possibility of Rectitude” (on Bernstein’s Let’s Just Say) by
Douglas Messerli
   Essay “Making the Mind Whole” (on Bernstein’s Controlling Interests) by
Douglas Messerli
   Essay-review “Wordscape Poets” (on works by Bernstein, Andrews, and Perelman)
by Douglas Messerli
   Essay “The Rhythms of the ‘Language’ Poets” (on Charles Bernstein and Ted Greenwald) by Douglas Messerli
   Essay-review (on Bernstein's Republics of Reality) by Allen Mozek
   Interview, "Nina Zivancevic's 1983 interview with Charles Bernstein and Douglas Messerli,
with a postscript by Messerli
   Review "Micro-Review: On Charles Bernstein's Recalculating" by Adam Fitzgerald
Rosa Alice Branco (Portugal) [1950]
Veroniki Dalakouri (Greece) [1950]
Tina Darragh (USA) [1950]
     Essay “Pat Nixon’s Cloth Coat” (on being with Darragh) by Douglas Messerli
Mircea Dinescu (Romania) [1950]
Aleksandr Eremenko (Russia) [1950]
Olvido García Valdés (Spain) [1950]
Elvira Hernandez (Chile) [1950]
Hiraide Takashi (Japan) [1950]
Walidl Khazindar (Palestine) [1950]
Mang Ke (China) [1950]
Michèle Métail (France) [1950]
Bratislav Milanović (Serbia) [1950]
A. L. Nielsen (USA) [1950]
Jean Portante (Luxembourg/France) [1950]
Zsuzsa Rakovszky (Hungary) [1950]
Martin Reints (Netherlands) [1950]
Gabriella Sica (Italy) [1950]
Michael Speier (Germany) [1950]
Enrique Verástegui (Peru) [1950]
Jean-Luc Wauthier (Belgium) [1950]
Raúl Zurita (Chile) [1950]
Bernardo Atxaga (Joseba Irazu Garmendia) (Spain) [1951]
Faraj Bayraqdar (Syria) [1951]
Alberto Blanco (Mexico) [1951]
Tahar Bekri (Tunisia) [1951]
Coral Bracho (Mexico) [1951]
Jean-Marc Desgent (Canada/writes in French) [1951]
Duo Duo (Li Shizheng) (China) [1951]
Júlio Castañon Guimarães (Brazil) [1951]
Alamgir Hasmi (Pakistan) [1951]
Ashfaq Hussain (Pakistan) [1951]
Nina Iskrenko (USSR / now Russia) [1951-1995]
Svetlana Kekova (USSR / now Russia) [1951]
Endre Kukorelly (Hungary) [1951]
Kata Kularkova (Macedonia) [1951]
Li Gang (China) [1951]
Rachida Madani (Morocco) [1951]
Mang Ke (Jiang Shiwei) (China) [1951]
Marianne Larsen (Denmark) [1951]
Yorgos Markópoulos (Greece) [1951]
María Negroni (Argentina) [1951]
Maggie O’Sullivan (England) [1951]
Willem Jan Otten (Netherlands) [1951]
Lidia Amalia Palazzolo (Argentina/Italy) [1951]
Mirta Rosenberg (Argentina) [1951]
Hélène Sanguinetti (France) [1951]
Ronny Someck (b. Iraq/Israel) [1951]
Fiona Templeton (b. Scotland/USA) [1951]
Raúl Zarita (Chile) [1951]
Gerald Zschorsch (Germany) [1951]
Medhi Akhrif (Morocco) [1952]
Károly Bari (Hungary) [1952]
Enis Batur (Turkey) [1952]
Ana Cristina Cesar (Brazil) [1952-1983]
Pura López Colomé (Mexico) [1952]
Franz Josef Czernin (Austria) [1952]
Stig Dalager (Denmark) [1952]
Nichita Danilov (Romania) [1952]
Esther Dischereit (Germany) [1952]
Sergey Gandlevsky (USSR / now Russia) [1952]
Hwang Jiwoo (Korea) [1952]
Adrianna Ierodiaconou (Greece) [1952]
Hanif Janabi (Iraq) 1952
   Essay-review “Between Gesticulation and Thought” (on Janabi’s Questions of Retinue)
      by Douglas Messerli
Kama Kamanda (The Congo/now Zaire) [1952]
Waqas Ahmad Khwaja (Pakistan) [1952]
Antjie Krog (South Africa) [1952]
Ndjock Ngana Ygo Ndjock (Cameroon/Italy) [1952]
Kim Sŭnghŭi (Korea) [1952]
Joke van Leeuwen (Netherlands) [1952]
Ivana Milankova (Serbia) [1952]
Grzegorz Musiał (Poland) [1952]
Antoni Pawlak (Poland) [1952]
Jorge Santiago Peradnik (Argentina) [1952-2011]
Lutz Rathenow (DDR/now Germany) [1952]
*Reina María Rodríguez (Cuba) [1952]
Andrés Sáchez Roboyna (Canary Islands) [1952]
Amina Saïd (Tunisia/France) [1952]
Blanca Strepponi (Veneuzuela) [1952]
Pia Tafdrup (Denmark) [1952]
Shu Ting [Gong Peiyu] (China) [1952]
Miriam Van hee (Belgium/writes in Dutch) [1952]
Richard Wagner (b. Romania/Germany) [1952]
   Review-essay “The Unshackling of Albanian Poetry” by John Taylor
Atsuko Nagami (Japan) [1953-1985]
Lenora de Barros (Brazil) [1953]
Roberto Bolaño (Chile) [1953-2003]
*Chen I-chih (Taiwan) [1953]
Kinga Fabó (Hungary) [1953]
Adónis Fostiéris (Greece) [1953]
Katarina Frostenson (Sweden) [1953]
Christian Ide Hintze (Austria) [1953-2012]
Thea Laitef (Iraq/Italy) [1953]
Bonisław Maj (Poland) [1953]
Salman Masalha (Israel) [1953]
Lajos Parti Nagy (Hungary) [1953]
Tonnus Oosterhoff (Netherlands) [1953]
Ralf Rothmann (Germany) [1953]
Erse Soteropoulou (Greece) [1953]
Edvin Sugarev (Bulgaria) [1953]
Sabine Techel (Germany) [1953]
Jeet Thayil (India / writes in English) [1953]
Manuel Ulacia (Mexico) [1953-2001]
Patrizia Valduga (Italy) [1953]
Zoran Ančevski (Macedona) [1954]
Yuri Arabov (USSR / now Russia) [1954]
Elma van Aren (Netherlands) [1954]
Carlos Ávila (Brazil) [1954]
Ella Bat-Tsion (Israel) [1954]
Béla Bodor (Hungary) [1954]
Miguel Casado (Spain) [1954]
José Carlos Cataño (Canary Islands) [1954]
Vera Čejkovska (Macedonia) [1954]
Horácio Costa (Brazil) [1954]
Tahar Djaout (Algeria) [1954-1993]
Sylviane Dupius (Switzerland) [1954]
Fang Eghen (Malaysia/Taiwan) [1954]
Gőyőz Ferencz (Hungary) [1954]
Joy Goswami (India/writes in Bengali) [1954]
Yves di Manno (France) [1954]
Hassan Al Nassar (Iraq/Italy) [1954]
Lyubomir Nikolov (Bulgaria) [1954]
Ysabel Novillo (Venezuela) [1954]
Alexei Parshchikov (USSR / now Russia) [1954]
Irina Ratushinskaya (USSR / now Russia) [1954]
Elisabeth Rynell (Sweden) [1954]
Tatiana Shcherbina (USSR / now Russia) [1954]
Hans Thill (Germany) [1954]
Aleksandr Tkachenko (USSR / now Russia) [1954]
Anka Zagar (Croatia) [1954]
Tibor Zalán (Hungary) [1954]
Kurt Aebli (Switzerland) [1955]
Antonella Amedda (Italy) [1955]
Edda Armas (Venezuela) [1955]
Carlos Avila (Brazil) [1955]
*Régis Bonvicino (Brazil) [1955]
   Essay “The Professor of Everything and the Professor of Nothing” (on Bonvicino in São Paulo) (with note)
   Interview "The Sung Word: Caetano Veloso in 1979" between Veloso and Régis Bonvicino [link]
Magda Cârneci (Romania) [1955]
Peter Cater (England) [1955]
Bo Green Jensen (Denmark) [1955]
Eva Jensen (Norway) [1955]
Ahmet Güntan (Turkey) [1955]
Hirata Toshiko (Japan) [1955]
Ann Jäderlund (Sweden) [1955]
Kim Hyesun (Korea) [1955]
Ito Hiromi (Japan) [1955]
Mark Insingel (Beligum/writes in Dutch) [1955]
Jayant Kaikini (India/writes in Kannada) [1955]
Stig Larsson (Sweden) [1955]
Sabine Macher (b. Germany/France) [1955]
Julián Malatesta (Columbia) [1955]
Julio Monteiro Martins (Brazil/Italy) [1955]
Lui Zhicheng (Taiwan) [1955]
Erin Mouré (Canada) [1955]
Brigitte Oleschinski (Germany) [1955]
Chus Pato (María Xesús Pato Díaz) (Spain) [1955]
Olivier Salon (France) [1955]
Robert Sheppard (England) [1955]
*Cole Swensen (USA) [1955]
    Reading at Brown University 10/8/13 [link]
Veronica Volknow (Mexico) [1955]
Wang Xiaoni (China) [1955]
Mubarak Wassat (Morocco) [1955]
*Yang Lian (China [b. Switzerland]/China/New Zealand] [1955]
María Auxiliadora Alvarez (Venezuela) [1956]
Jan Baeke (Netherlands) [1956]
Attila Balogh (Hungary) [1956]
Haydar Ergülen (Turkey) [1956]
Rajendra Ghandari (India/writes in Nepali) [1956]
*Olivier Cadiot (France) [1956]
Michael Donhauser (Austria) [1956]
Arjen Duinker (Netherlands) [1956]
László Garaczi (Hungary) [1956]
Gu Cheng (China) [1956-1993]
Ha Jin (China) [1956]
Tomás Harris (Chile) [1956]
Jiao Tong (Taiwan) [1956]
Laus Lynggaard (Denmark) [1956]
Marianna Marin (Romania) [1956]
Arto Melleri (Finland) [1956]
Hala Mohammad (Syria) [1956]
Lale Müldür (Turkey) [1956]
Amir Or (Israel) [1956]
Bert Papenfuss (b. East Germany/now Germany) [1956]
Jean-Baptiste Para (France) [1956]
Park Kyong-Mi (Korea/Japan) [1956]
Karen Press (South Africa) [1956]
Tahar Riyadh (Jordan) [1956]
María Sanz (Spain) [1956]
Božidar Stanišić (Bosnia/Italy) [1956]
Søren Ulrik Thomsen (Denmark) [1956]
Jotie T’Hofft (Belgium) [1956-1977]
Mark van Tongele (Belgium/writes in Dutch) [1956]
Carlos Vásquez (Columbia) [1956]
Peter Waterhouse (Germany/Austria) [1956]
Mario Wirz (Germany) [1956]
Xia Yu [Tong Dalong] (Taiwan) [1956]
Josely Vianna Baptista (Brazil) [1957]
Ulrich Johannes Beil (Germany) [1957]
Jan Baetens (Belgium) [1957]
Maréad Byrnne (Ireland/USA] [1957]
Alessando Cenci (Italy) [1957]
Chou Ping (China) [1957]
Adam Fehti (Tunisia) [1957]
Patrizia Gattaceca (France) [1957]
Gëzim Hajdari (Albania/Italy) [1957]
Pap Khouma (Senegal/Italy) [1957]
Myung Mi Kim (USA) [1957]
    Review of Myung Mi Kim's Penury by John Herbert Cunningham
Thomas Kling (Germany) [1957-2005]
Uwe Kolbe (DDR/now Germany) [1957]
Valeria Magrelli (Italy) [1957]
Patricia de Martelaere (Belgium) [1957]
Jürgen Nendza (Germany) [1957]
Pak Nohae (Korea) [1957]
Pascal Nottet (Belgium) [1957]
Fabio Pusterla (Switzerland) [1957]
Manuel Rivas (Spain) [1957]
Hansjörg Schertenleich (Switzerland) [1957]
Tran Tien Dung (Viet Nam) [1957]
Nina Zivanćević (Serbia/lives France) [1957]
Haris Vlavianós (Greece) [1957]
Nelson Ascher (Brazil) [1958]
   Essay “The Professor of Everything and the Professor of Nothing” (on Ascher in São
      Paulo) (with note)
Pieter Boskma (Netherlands) [1958]
Age de Carvalho (Brazil/lives Austria) [1958]
Ariane Dreyfus (France) [1958]
Vladimir Druk (Russia) [1958]
Janko Ferk (Slovenia) [1958]
Luis García Montero (Spain) [1958]
Piet Gerbrandy (Netherlands) [1958]
Esther Jansma (Netherlands) [1958]
Abdullah Konushevci (Albania) [1958]
Tom Lanoye (Belgium/writes in Dutch) [1958]
Pascalle Monnier (France) [1958]
Laura Mullen (USA) [1958]
Charl-Pierre Naudé (South Africa) [1958]
Susan Schultz (USA) [1958]
Anne Vegter (Netherlands) [1958]
Robert Fitterman (USA) [1959]
Tamir Greenberg (Israel) [1959]
   Essay “Journey to the House of Shaws” (on Kinloch’s My Father’s House) by Douglas
Barbara Köhler (Germany) [1959]
Erik Menkveld (Netherlands) [1959]
Emmanuel Moses (Morocco/France) [1959]
Hassan Najmi (Morocco) [1959]
Lauri Otonkoski (Finland) [1959]
András Petőcz (Hungary) [1959]
Satu Salminiitty (Finland) [1959]
Song Chanho (Korea) [1959]
Andrej Sosnowski (Poland) [1959]
Leo Tuor (Switzerland/writes in Sursilvan) [1959]
Mustafa Ziyalan (Turkey) [1959]
Eugenijus Ališanka (Lithuania) [1960]
Daniel Bănulescu (Romania) [1960]
Ahmed Barakat (Morocco) [1960-1994]
Felipe Benítez Reyes (Spain) [1960]
Angela de Campos (Brazil) [1960]
Eduardo Chirinos (Peru) [1960]
*Dieter M. Gräf (Germany) [1960]
Bruno Grégoire (France) [1960]
Ilya Kutik (b. Ukraine / Russia) [1960]
Wafaa Lamrani (Morocco) [1960]
Boiko Lambovski (Bulgaria) [1960]
Adília Lopes (Portugal) [1960]
Hélène Monette (Canada/writes in French) [1960]
Ian Monk (England) [1960]
Hrvoje Pejankovic (Croatia) [1960]
Lysandros Pitharas (Cyprus) [1960-1992]
Olga Popova (USSR / now Russia) [1960]
Delimir Rešicki (Croatia) [1960]
    Book Wordlick [PDF file]
Erik Spinoy (Belgium/writes in Dutch) [1960]
Wilfried Steiner (Austria) [1960]
Peter Theunynck (Belgium) [1960]
Dirk van Bastelaere (Belgium/writes in Dutch) [1960]
Anamika (India/writes in Hindi) [1961]
Martine Audet (Canada/writes in French) [1961]
Carlito Azevedo (Brazil) [1961]
Federico Tavares Bastos Barbosa (Brazil) [1961]
Aleš Debeljak (Slovenia) [1961]
Anne Feddema (Netherlands) [1961]
Mohammed Fouad (Syria) [1961]
Alojz Ihan (Slovenia) [1961]
István Kemény (Hungary) [1961]
David McLean (Wales) [1961]
    Poems by McLean [link]
Zohra Mansouri (Morocco) [1961]
José Antonio Mazzotti (Peru) [1961]
Jorge Palma (Uruguay) [1961]
Zafer Şenocak (b. Turkey/Germany) [1961]
Marcin Świetlicki (Poland) [1961]
Nachoem M. Wijnberg (Netherlands) [1961]
Anna Aguilar-Amat (Spain) [1962]
Annemette Kure Andersen (Denmark) [1962]
Radu Andriescu (Romania) [1962]
Sami Baydar (Turkey) [1962]
Finuala Dowling (South Africa) [1962]
Ulrike Draesner (Germany) [1962]
Seyhan Erözçelik (Turkey) [1962]
Juan Carlos Flores (Cuba) [1962]
Durs Grünbein (Germany) [1962]
Norbert Hummelt (Germany) [1962]
Karel Logist (Belgium) [1962]
Maran Masri (Syria) [1962]
Rosano Rosi (Belgium) [1962]
Sjón (Iceland) [1962]
Tang Yaping (China) [1962]
Paulo Teixeiro (Mozambique) [1962]
Eugeniusz Tkaczyszyn-Dycki (Poland) [1962]
Sádor Tatár (Hungary) [1962]
Peter Verhelst (Belgium/writes in Dutch) [1962]
Nathan Wasserman (Israel) [1962]
Mimoza Ahmeti (Albania) [1963]
Pierre Alferi (France) [1963]
Andreas Altmann (Germany) [1963]
Ruxandra Cesereanu (Romania) [1963]
MTC Cronin (Australia) [1963]
  Poems from The Law of Poetry by Cronin [link]
Kristin Dimitrova (Bulgaria) [1963]
*Oswald Egger (Austria) [1963]
Niels Frank (Denmark) [1963]
Frédérique Guétat-Liviani (France) [1963]
Abed Ismaïl (Syria) [1963]
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Uche Nduka (Nigeria) [1963]
Mete Özel (Turkey) [1963]
Jacek Podsiadło (Poland) [1963]
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Bart Meuleman (Belgium/writes in Dutch) [1965]
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Pilote le Hot (France) [1966]
*Hsu Hui-chih (Taiwan) [1966]
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Belázs Simon (Hungary) [1966-2001]
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Brian Blanchfield (USA) [1973]
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Levente Király (Hungary) [1976]
Aliona Karimova (Russia) [1976]
Els Moors (Belgium/writes in Dutch) [1976]
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Vlado Bulić (Croatia) [1979]
Kim Doré (Canada/writes in French) [1979]
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Ana Gorría (Spain) [1979]
Ben Lerner (USA) [1979]
Uljana Wolf (Germany) [1979]
Lucía Estrada (Columbia) [1980]
Robert Fernandez (USA) [1980]
Kuba Mokrosinski (Poland/England) [1980]
Andrea Cote (Columbia) [1981]
Valzhyna Mort (Belarus) [1981]
Ann Cotton (b. USA/Austria) [1982]
Nora Sossong (Germany) [1982]


Acmeism (Russia)
The Antwerp Pink Poets (Belgium)
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    Essay “The Unshackling of Albanian Poetry” by John Taylor
The Atom Poets (Iceland)
The Auden Group (England)
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From the Other Side of the Century: A New American Poetry 1960-1995 (USA)
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   Book I Novissimi [PDF file]
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Japanese American Concentration Camp Kaiko Haiku (USA)
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The “Language” Poets (USA)
   Essay “Language Poetries” [with note] by Douglas Messerli
   Essay “The Rhythms of the ‘Language’ Poets” (on Charles Bernstein and Ted Greenwald) by Douglas Messerli
   Essay-review “Wordscape Poets” (on works by Bernstein, Andrews, and Perelman)
       by Douglas Messerli
L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E  (magazine) (USA)
The League of Independent Vietnamese Writers (Vietnam)
Littéraire Movement (Haiti)
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The Negritude Movement (international)
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   Review “Phantom of the Arts” (on Timothy Matrerer’s Vortex Pound, Eliot, and Lewis) by Douglas Messerli
   see also Blast magazine/Vorticism
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